Massage three big to go to the fire to let you say goodbye to sore throat

Massage three big to go to the fire to let you say goodbye to sore throat

[内庭穴]The inner court is the xing point of the foot-yangming stomach.

Acupoints can be said to be fever, the nemesis of the fire.

If you have bad breath, constipation, sore throat, toothache, bloating, sore water, etc., you can press the inner court.

Massage technique: The inner court hole is at the intersection of the gap between the second toe and the third toe. You can use your thumb to lick 100 times every morning and evening.

[Tai Chong]The Tai Chong point is located in the gap between the big toe and the second toe.

5 cm depression.

Because it belongs to the foot and yin and liver, the massage of this point has a very good effect on the fire caused by the liver fire.

If you put your hand on the Taichong Point, you will feel very painful when you use a little force, which means that the liver fire is more vigorous, so you need to massage this acupuncture point more.

Massage technique: Before massage Taichong, use hot water for about 10 minutes, then use your thumb to push it from bottom to top for 3 minutes.

[Hegu point]Hegu point is best to find, we usually say that the tiger mouth is.

Hegu points belong to the hand-yangming large intestine, and the Chinese medicine speaks “the lungs and the large intestines.”

If you have toothache, tinnitus, red eyes, nosebleeds, headache, sore throat, constipation, fever, dry mouth, or pimples on your face, one by one, you can use the Hegu to eliminate fire.
Massage technique: Because this acupoint massage is more convenient, there is no fixed number of times. When you have time, press the Hegu point.

Zhaohai Point – let you say goodbye to sore throat and insomnia. I have a friend who sings Peking Opera. I called in the middle of the night one day, and there was a hoarse voice coming from the phone. I am embarrassed to follow me.Said, Dr. Wu, my nephew can’t stand it. If there is a performance tomorrow, I won’t be bothering you so late. See if you have any good way to help me solve it!