How to practice Song Jinggong?

How to practice Song Jinggong?

Song Jinggong is a further practice than relaxation.

Relaxing the feat is the relaxation of the mind and body, and the core of Song Jinggong is based on the relaxation of the work, the consciousness is more and more quiet, and gradually reaches the qigong state.

  The so-called tranquility and qigong state of consciousness means that the consciousness enters from a normal awake state to a special state that seems to be asleep and not awake.

In this state, in addition to knowing that he is practicing Qigong, other parts of the cerebral cortex enter the active rest inhibition state.

When the practitioner is in this state, the body will produce a sense of comfort.

The feeling of the body has changed dramatically.

Taking hearing as an example, it will feel that the sound of the outside world becomes far weaker or even completely disappeared, presenting the phenomenon of “despite the thunder and inconsistency”, and it can be extremely clear and sensitive to the object to be actively perceived, reaching the “golden needle landing”.Can also smell the extent of it.

The above state is referred to as a “static state” or a “qigong state” by the qigong boundary.

From the perspective of modern psychophysiology, it belongs to the state of self-hypnosis, which is a transitional state between mutual waking and sleep.

  The most commonly used method is a variety of law-abiding methods.

This method is to actively focus on certain specific objects on the basis of relaxation and relaxation.

This object can be a part of the body, such as a local viscera, meridians, acupuncture points, or a beautiful object, such as a pot of flowers, a mural, an intoxicating past.

This kind of law-abiding method should be presented naturally after the body and mind are truly relaxed, rather than forced to pursue what can be achieved.

The object of the intention is to be “intentional, unintentional.”

It is impossible to have no idea, and the idea is too heavy to be a good thing, or the content of the reset idea disappears, or the object that is connected when the qigong state is connected cannot disappear when the consciousness returns to the awake state, and is transformed into a practice deviation.

  Practice and experimental research have proved that when the human body is in qigong state, the body is in an automatic adjustment state, which is characterized by the combination of deficiency and diarrhea, and suppression of the weak balance.

For example, it can pressurize and reduce blood pressure for hypertension, and can pressurize and boost blood pressure for hypotension.

Song Jinggong has obvious functions of adjusting the body, enhancing the body’s resistance and treating various psychosomatic diseases.

Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, digestive tract ulcers, bronchial dialysis, diabetes, neurosis and other complications can choose to use the method of relaxation as the main treatment.

  What needs to be more outstanding is that after practicing Song Jinggong to achieve Qigong state, some people will have hallucinations – an appearance that exists in the mind but in the mind.

This is equivalent to the most common occurrence in the hypnotic period when consciousness enters a special period – super-abnormal phase.

The way to prevent it is to appear once, do not pursue, do not care to turn around, and at the same time be able to change the consciousness to the awake state, the illusion can disappear automatically.