Married i can’t find a job

Married i can’t find a job

Before getting married, I had a smooth job hunting, because I was young, had a diploma, a good looks, and was unmarried.

Now that I have been married for six months, the migrant workers have no time to spend their honeymoon, and are so anxious that they haven’t even set up a banquet, so they hurried to Shenzhen.

I thought it was as easy to find a job as before, but almost two hundred days have passed, and I am still at home.

     My age is no longer young among professional women in the SAR.

However, I still want to seize the tail of youth and fight again to make the family more solid. Who knows that I have tasted job hunting for more than half a year.

     Shenzhen was already in full swing in June, and I applied for some companies in the talent market, one as general manager secretary and the other as sales director.

Although I can apply for a few more, I asked his address, how many transfers to the place he rented, but did not hand in his resume.

My husband works as an engineer in an electronics factory. His salary is not much and it is unnecessary. He hopes that I can find a job closer to home, which is not a heavy burden, and it is convenient for the family.

     When interviewing the first company, the first oral test, then the written test, and a psychological test, all items passed, and finally the general manager interviewed.

After asking about the work experience in detail, the general manager pondered a bit and said, “My secretary here needs to work overtime often. I usually have some entertainment. I wonder if you can adapt?

“Until I answered, he pointed to my ID card with a clear veto, saying,” I am a little older.

“I took the ID and sadly left the company.

     When he got home, he fell sadly on the bed.

Since graduating, I have always been very happy to find a job. I never imagined that a fork will now be planted by my age.

My husband has been comforting me by the side, encouraging me to continue working hard, isn’t there another family who has not interviewed?

     When interviewing a second company, there was only one step to success.

A few people interviewed for this position. After several rounds of assessment, I have passed the test in terms of appearance, temperament, education, business level and foreign language ability.

When only me was left in the lobby, the sales manager and deputy general manager came forward for the final negotiation.

As usual, the two asked me about my previous work experience and experience, and then talked about the amount of salary.

In my experience, note that this step has been more than half successful.

  While I was immersed in joy, the vice president Leng Buding asked: “Are you married?

“I hesitated a moment, remembering the lesson of the last failure.

The vice president polished my concerns, and the uncle called: “It doesn’t matter, we just want to know your personal situation.

“Seeing him say this, he felt relieved, honestly,” This year ended.

The two leaders looked at each other and said euphemistically: “Let’s think about it, let’s inform you at that time, OK?

“But half a year has passed and that company has not yet contacted me.

I know it is the result of “married”.

     The consecutive double rooms are so hit, how can I feel better.

The weather changed from heat to cold, and the work was still inconclusive.

Although I no longer insist on salary and work place, and my marital status is correctly avoided and concealed, almost all companies will ask, “Do you get married?”

. No, it won’t, it seems like they are quite old.

“I’m ashamed and angry, but helpless.

     In the process of looking for a job, I met many married women who were the same as me.

Although we have some understanding of the restrictions on age and marital status of enterprise recruitment, after all, young unmarried women are highly malleable, have a high degree of enthusiasm for work and are easy to accept new things.

But who can ignore the soundness, solidity, and tenacity of married women?

In this flashy city, since a woman with a marriage certificate can bear the responsibilities of continuous marriage, what else can’t she bear at work?

     Leave a door for responsible women.

If I were a business owner, I would definitely do that.