Three types of vegetables cannot be placed in the microwave

Three types of vegetables cannot be placed in the microwave

Microwave ovens have become a necessity of daily life, but a large number of citizens are worried that microwave ovens will bring certain harm to heating food.

Experts say its harmful effects have not yet been confirmed in some official bulletins.

On the contrary, there is a scientific overview that microwave does not cause carcinogenesis to humans, does not cause food to be carcinogenic, and even helps to avoid the production of food carcinogens.

For fish and other foods, traditional heating, especially grilling, is prone to produce some carcinogens.

  Experts say that traditional cooking and microwave heating are not comparable!

As long as it is operated in accordance with specifications, normal microwave heating of food will not cause the carcinogenic hazards of food mutation when directly grilled.

  Asparagus Fresh asparagus is expected to include multiple antioxidant nutrients inside Vitamin C.

A new study published in the Norwegian “Journal of Scandinavian Agriculture” found that heating in a microwave oven causes vitamins to be lost from asparagus.

Because vitamin C and B vitamins belong to vitamins, their stability is worse, and they are easily damaged by water, heat and light.

  Broccoli Broccoli is the most common microwave food.

However, a study published in the American Journal of Science in Food and Agriculture found that cooking broccoli in the oven resulted in a 97% reduction in antioxidants.

Cooking broccoli with a gas stove will only reduce its antioxidants by 11%.

  A study published by the American Journal of Nutrition of Garlic found that heating in a microwave oven for one minute would destroy the active thioallyl compounds in garlic and cause it to lose its anti-cancer effect.

Experts remind that if most vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are heated in a microwave oven, there may be a problem of excessive nutrient loss, because vitamin C and other nutrients in vegetables are sensitive to light and heat.

The meat, eggs, and staple foods are heated with microwaves to reduce nutritional losses.