Not to be underestimated, trotters have good effects on hemostasis

Not to be underestimated, trotters have good effects on hemostasis

Trotter claws are not fat, but a high protein resource, especially collagen (it becomes frozen when cooled, and its gelatin can be seen). It has good effects on uterine bleeding and nosebleeds caused by physical weaknessHemostasis and coagulation.

  Case 1 The wife had more than ten days of menstrual bleeding, and the amount of bleeding was more than usual. She was dizzy, weak, and unable to work normally.

Go to the hospital for a diagnosis of functional uterine bleeding.

The doctor ordered him to take a hemostatic needle and take a hemostatic medicine. At the same time, he asked a Chinese medicine practitioner to prescribe a traditional Chinese medicine to stop bleeding.

I searched the medical books and saw a prescription, and immediately tried it: take a pair of trotters and claws, and add 5 grams of black fungus soup after washing.

The wife had two meals.

The next morning, my wife told me “blood stop”.


hzh {display: none; }  病例2 老友有个十多岁的孙子,经常莫明其妙地淌鼻血,看了西医、中医很多次,用了很多方法,吃了不少药,只能是Temporary hemostasis is the root.

One day, when he knew his grandson was running nosebleeds, he immediately passed on one party and made him judge: buy a pair of pig’s claws, wash them and add black fungus 5?
10 grams of soup, divided into two meals.

When my old friend came home, he immediately did as I said.

Early the next morning, an old friend told me: Your recipe is true spirit, the grandson’s nosebleed has stopped.

I tell you again: You buy the trotters and black fungus for your grandson once a month, even 3?
In 5 months, it will be eradicated.

My old friend did as well.

Two years later, when my old friend met me, he praised me and said, “The formula you transmitted is really a magic formula. After I did it the way you said, for more than two years, my grandson’s nosebleed has not flowed.

It seems to be rooted out.

  Evaluation: Trotter claws are not fat, but they are also a high-protein resource, especially collagen (it becomes frozen when it cools down, and it can be seen as much gelatin).Good hemostasis and coagulation.
The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is also known as “stopping when the blood is black.”

Black fungus is also a top-quality hemostatic and tonic, cooperating with each other and complementing each other to overcome ill health.

The medicine and food are in the same furnace, the price is low, the disease is cured, the disease is not replenished, no impurities, safe and reliable, the sick family may wish to try.