Yoga six poses cause annoying excess meat

Yoga six poses cause annoying excess meat

It’s time for physical recovery.

In the sunny and sunny weather, let’s fully stretch the lazy bones of the winter, and make yourself “excess meat” in the most gentle way, showing your graceful figure!

  Triangular method: 1. Extend the distance of three shoulders between the legs, open the rib cage flat and parallel, lift the entire pelvis to avoid collapse of the waist, and maintain natural breathing.

  2. Extend the right foot by 90 degrees, keeping the heel and the left foot in a straight line.

  3. The entire pelvis moves to the left as you inhale, your body moves to the upper right, tilts your body as you exhale, and your right hand rests on your foot.


The left arm is tilted directly upwards, and the eyes look upwards, keeping 7?
9 breaths, return to the original position, and do the other side.

Note: Do not force the contraction beyond its own limit, see if there is discomfort at the top of the head, look at the instep of the lower foot.

Efficacy: Eliminate the stiffness of the legs and tibia, adjust the shape of the legs, can reset the legs, fatigue and soreness during placement.

  Eagle approach: 1. Close your legs, support your waist with both hands, bend your legs, lift your left leg and coil the bent right leg, try to hook your left leg with your right leg.

  2. After keeping the body balanced, stretch your elbows flat, with your arms crossed in front, and bend and coil until the palms are opposite.

  3. Push the elbows forward as far as possible, away from the thorax, and keep your eyes steady on the forearms.

Keep 7?
9 breaths.

  4. Release your arm and put it on your waist, then release your legs, and do the other side in the same way.

  Note: Do not force your legs to coil, it is very important to sink your weight and bend your legs.

Efficacy: Strengthen the leg muscles and stretch the shin; relieve the muscles from the outside of the forearm to the middle back and eliminate shoulder and neck fatigue.

  Boat-style approach: 1. Sit on the ground with your legs closed, your back straight, and your hands on your thighs.

  2. Slightly tilt your body backwards, raise your legs to 45 degrees, and extend your arms parallel to the ground.

Keep 5?
7 breaths.

  Note: For women with weak abdomen, it is necessary to start step by step. You can start by bending your legs and putting your hands behind your body with a little support. Avoid practicing during menstruation.

Efficacy: Eliminate lumbar and abdominal diarrhea, stimulate peristalsis in the body, strengthen kidneys and internal organs in the abdomen.

  Bridge method: 1. Lie on your back, bend your legs, separate your feet and shoulder width, try to stretch your arms to touch the heel.

  2. As you inhale, push the pelvis and lower hips next to each other in turn.

  3. Bend both arms, the tiger’s mouth is extended to support the hips, keep 7?
9 breaths.

  4. When restoring, first fall back to the arm, and then return to the body from top to bottom to relax and breathe.

  Note: Do not open your feet into an “eight” shape; do not leave the heel and shoulders off the ground; let the thoracic cage look for the chin instead of the chin up or excessive depression, keep relaxed; keep the thigh parallel to the ground;Avoid practicing when you are.

  Efficacy: Stretch the muscles from chest to abdomen, improve blood circulation; reduce tibia.

  Simple rolling method: 1. Sit on the ground with your legs closed, your back straight, bend your right leg, and place your right foot against your left thigh.

  2. Turn your body to the right, support your right leg with your left hand, and your right arm up.

  3. While keeping the front of the right side away from the ground, slowly tilt it forward so that the arms are straightened and the arms are fully extended.

Keep 7?
10 breaths, do the other side after reduction.

  Note: This action is suitable for everyone. If you have the ability, you can complete the position of grasping your feet.

  Efficacy: Good for body circulation, reduce obesity, stimulate blood circulation in the spine, and relieve back pain.
  Bow-style method: 1. Prone on the mat, touch your forehead to the ground, bend your legs, straighten backwards, and hold your ankles with both hands.

  2. Try to keep your feet close together, lift your legs with inhalation, and then lift your head and chest.

Keep 3?
After 5 breaths, it returns to relaxation.

  Note: This posture is not easy to maintain for a long time, for good results, it can be done twice; people with stiff bodies can separate their legs, do not separate too much for height, otherwise it will increase the pressure on the waistWeight is placed on the abdomen near the navel; avoid exercise during menstruation.

  Efficacy: It has a contraction effect on the entire spine and promotes intra-abdominal blood circulation; it reduces the front muscles of the thighs and relieves the stiffness of the lower tibia.