Beware of Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis in Winter

Beware of Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis in Winter

In colder and drier weather, it is often common for outpatients to “scratch their heads” from time to time, and even the whole body is itchy and crooked. If it is only occasional, it generally does not matter. If it is chronic, it may even cause skin damage, peeling and subsequentIf you have an infection, you must seek medical treatment.

  Here I want to talk to Members about one of the diseases commonly seen in the field of pediatric Chinese medicine: “atopic dermatitis”.

  Atopic dermatitis may occur at any age. The most common and most obvious feature is itchy skin. It is a common allergic disease in children with an incidence rate of about 10%. Most children occur before the age of 5 years., Especially in infants, often because it is very itchy, at the beginning, atopic dermatitis occurs on the incision side of the limbs, ears, complications, and these affected areas are scratched, and over a long period of time, the affected area will become mossy., The phenomenon of desquamation.

  Is there a relationship between pediatric atopic dermatitis?

How to prevent it?

In fact, if it’s just itchy skin, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that children with atopic dermatitis often have respiratory allergies, including asthma and allergic rhinitis, which seem to imply this and hereditary constitution.Allergies are greatly related.

  How to prevent it?

The most important thing is of course to find the cause of the disease, followed by avoiding the factors that cause itching, such as reducing the number of baths in winter, using less soap, lowering the temperature of hot water, and using Chinese herbal moisturizer after bath to prevent excessive dryness of the skin, dietAdd more vitamin A. You can eat more carrots and various dark vegetables. Avoid allergic foods such as lychee and bamboo shoots. Underwear should be loose and soft. Do not wear wool products, fish, crab, shrimp and other susceptible foods., Or must be fresh to eat.

  With the above prevention, what should I do if atopic dermatitis still occurs frequently?

It is recommended that when the symptoms are severe, you may seek Western medicine for symptom reduction and treatment. When the symptoms are relieved, you may find suitable Chinese medicine for physical adjustment.

  How does western medicine treat atopic dermatitis?

Antihistamines are mainly used internally, while topical steroids are mainly used externally to reduce symptoms.

  The method of traditional Chinese medicine for treating pediatric atopic dermatitis, based on its own clinical experience, must be based on the children’s physical condition accompanied by the clinical symptoms, which can be roughly divided into the following types of syndromes:Period) Clinical symptoms: When the quilt is too warm, it will be interrupted immediately, itching drops, or even bleeding. The occurrence is beginning, dry mouth, thin yellow fur, and pulse count.

  Treatment method: Xiaofengsan is the main prescription. If children’s upper extremity atopic dermatitis is severe, add mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, and cicadas. If it is severe, lower limbs, add psyllium, atractylodes, and corkAnd other drugs, if you also see constipation, add Huang and other drugs as appropriate.

  (II) Clinical symptoms of blood deficiency and liver-blooming type (chronic phase): Atopic dermatitis recurs repeatedly, such as the onset of emotional agitation, dry mouth, bitter mouth, and poor sleep.

  Treatment method: Dihuang Yinzi as the main prescription. If both have severe blood deficiency, you can add Siwu Tang as appropriate. If the liver is very hot (bitter, dry mouth), add Longdan Xiegan Decoction.

Moisture is indispensable in fitness

Moisture is indispensable in fitness


Pay attention to the amount of water a healthy person should drink at least 8 a day?
10 glasses of water (2.

5 liters / day), if you exercise a lot or in a hot environment, the amount of drinking water will increase accordingly.

The formula for daily water consumption provided by the Los Angeles International Medical Research Institute in Los Angeles, California is: For people who are not exercising, they need to drink 15 ml of water per half kilogram of body weight. If they are athletes, they should add 20 ml / day for every half kilogram of body weight.


Drinking water must also pay attention to the best moments ★ After getting up in the morning: One night, the body loses about 450 ml of water, you need to replenish in time in the morning.

And getting up is the critical moment when the body starts to work on a new day. It is best to drink fasting on an empty stomach, drink 450 ml of water at a slow speed with a small mouth, and if you can walk a hundred steps slowly or do some simple exercises after drinkingIt’s better, it’s better not to sit still.

  ★ Drink water at around 10am to kill the water lost during replenishment.

  ★ Around 3 pm is the time to drink afternoon tea and drink some water to supplement your body needs.

  ★ You must drink water before going to bed, because the blood concentration will increase during sleep, drinking water can dilute the blood.


Some special moments require special supplements of water. ★ After exercise: Although we are not athletes and the amount of exercise is not that great, no matter what sports we do, we should drink water even after cleaning the room, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and not easily fatigue.It is not easy for back pain.

  ★ In an air-conditioned environment, it is especially necessary to replenish water. Replenishing water at any time can balance the amount of water consumed by the body.

  ★ It is especially necessary to drink water when losing weight. Drinking water can consume your aunt. ★ It is easy to lack water when flying, so drink plenty of water.

  Keep these points in mind for proper hydration, which will not only make you healthier and more beautiful, but also make your figure slimmer.

Two Winter Lip Care Meals

Two Winter Lip Care Meals

Cucumber and kiwi juice: Wash and remove the cucumber, peel and cut into small pieces, peel and cut the kiwi into a juicer with the cucumber, add cold water, squeeze the juice and mix it with honey.Yes the previous hour.

This vegetable and fruit juice will always moisturize the lips, but also beauty and weight loss.

  Cauliflower in tomato sauce: cut the cauliflower into small flowers and soak in salt water for 5?
10 minutes, wash with boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes; wash the celery, cut into sections, put in boiling water and simmer for a while, remove and control the moisture; wash the carrots and onions, cut into slices, and shred;Stir-fry the onion shreds, add pepper, carrot flakes and tomato sauce when it’s slightly yellow. Continue to fry until dark red. Add cauliflower and celery segments. Add the seasonings to taste and stir well.

If you eat this dish often, your lips will always be moisturized and your face will be tender and tender.

  Spleen and Lip-Lip Yam Porridge: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the spleen opens its mouth to its mouth and its lip blossoms”, which means that the temper is healthy and the lips are naturally rosy and shiny. Therefore, to prevent chapped lips, strengthening the spleen is the key.

Chinese yam is a kind of spleen food that is not dry and greasy. It can be used to make porridge with the previous spleen or glutinous rice.

The method is very simple, wash and peel the yam, cut into small dices, add soaking water for a while, prevent the rice or glutinous rice from being washed into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add the yam, red dates after the fire is boiled, and then use smallIt’s OK if the fire burns.

Case: Boy with a big face

Case: Boy with a big face

J, a handsome-looking boy, is 16 years old and is in the second grade of junior high school. He has been away from school for more than a year because he hates his better face.

When he entered the ward, his expression was shy and worried.

When he walked, he covered his face with his hands, and always slipped and hurried past.

He answered the doctor’s question in a low voice, and spoke very little.

In the ward, he often appeared restless.

The doctor asked him, “Why come to hospital?

“He replied that it was because he didn’t like his face and disliked his own face.

However, in the eyes of the doctor, he did not see what he called “big face”.

In the past, he did not like his father very much, and rarely took the initiative to communicate with his father.

Some things that must be said are also conveyed through the mother.

He didn’t like that his father always loved drinking, and Xinjiang was often drunk.

And do not like father and mother quarrel and lose their temper.

This hostile feeling towards his father has been more prominent since his onset.

Before he was hospitalized, he had not lived with his parents for a long time. He always lived at his grandmother’s house. Even so, he had less communication with his grandmother.

The relationship with my mother is a bit better, but I also speak to my mother when I need her to do things for him.

The MMPI test results at admission were: D72, Pd71, Si64.

The two-point front end is 24.

Neurosis may be 92.


  Strangely, he didn’t stay in the ward for a long time, and he began to get acquainted with several girls of the same age who were hospitalized at the same time. When he was with them, he was particularly excited, had many words, and had a loud voice.
Within 20 days of hospitalization, he began to fall in love with a girl five years older than him, and the patient was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Seeing everyone else’s eyes were straight and intent.

There is no usual shyness at all.

Although people made it clear that he couldn’t fall in love with him, he was still the same and was extremely distressed.

For a long time after the girl was discharged from the hospital, he was distressed by the incident.

Later, the matter subsided, but the hospital stay took four or fifty days.

  After the girl was discharged from the hospital, he was concerned about his “face” again. He asked for a “thinning face cream”. Without the doctor’s consent, he bought a “thinning face cream” to apply.With a bottle, if it doesn’t work, I don’t think about “face” anymore.

  In order to ease their father-son relationship, the doctor did a lot of work for him.

Asked his father to come to accompany him, and did such a job for a month, but he just couldn’t figure it out.

A few days before his father was ready to accompany him, he called many times, asking his grandma not to let his father come, and threatened that if his father came, he would no longer cooperate with the treatment.

At the insistence of the doctor, his father came to the ward and came with his mother, allowing his mother to play a buffer role in it.

The moment he saw his father, he was like a mouse afraid of cats, hiding, avoiding, and hiding in the entertainment room to watch TV.

It was the doctor who just dragged him to meet his father, and reluctantly said hello to his father.

Thereafter, according to the doctor’s plan, his mother left, and the father was alone with him, and later they were actually better.

But there are still problems.

  In a flash, he had been hospitalized for two months, and his thoughts of “face” remained unshakable.

The doctor decided to announce to him the date of discharge and use a time-limited method to promote a “change” in his mind.

During this short period of time, his heart was more turbulent. After being hospitalized for so long, his “face” problem was still not completely solved, and he had to make the last effort.He proposed to the doctor to reshape his “face”, and the doctor agreed to “consult” the cosmetic department.

The result was that the doctor there said that there was nothing wrong with his face.

If the result of the plastic surgery is not satisfactory to him, the doctors there will take a “lawsuit” and they do not agree to plastic surgery for him.

He also said that he had not reached adulthood, and even they agreed to achieve plastic surgery, and they had to be over 20 years old. After returning from the plastic surgery consultation, he thought for two hours, and then came to the doctor’s office to tell the doctor his decisionNo plastic surgery, decided to go home and study hard.

After entering high school, let’s talk.

He seemed happy and suddenly relaxed, and I knew he was making a big decision.

I encouraged him to say that as a “man”, you should be able to take responsibility for your decisions.

You have to sign an agreement with your parents. You can tell them what you want from your parents, and ask them to gradually stop arguing at home.

But make a commitment to your parents.

What he promised was this: 1. After returning home, he immediately started school and followed closely his previous class.

(Before he got sick, he was the best student in the year group. He always took the first test, and his learning ability should not be a problem.) 2. He no longer paid attention to the “face” problem, at least before he was admitted to high school. 3. After he went back.Living with parents, no longer fled to grandma’s house, but only occasionally visited the grandma’s house.

The parents promised him: 1. Provide convenience for his studies, his father no longer cares about staying up and wasting electricity while studying, and 2. his parents no longer quarrel in front of him.

3. The parents promised that when he still needs plastic surgery when he is an adult, he will save some money for him to use at that time.

(This is a trick to slow down).

During the more than ten days of further discharge, the doctor’s requirements for him were: 1. Try loudly and calmly communicate with his father and doctor, including other adults in the ward; 2. Self-taught for more than 6 hours a day to adapt toThe need to go to school after home, 3, can not do both, can not be discharged.

People in several areas have promised to honor the content of these agreements.

  In the following days, he became happy, and he communicated with each other as frankly as an adult man.

Study hard every day.

Interaction with father and doctor is more natural than before.

He left the ward and was hospitalized for 72 days.

I hope he can grow up healthy.

The doctor hopes to get good news of his continuous improvement.

The patient, just discharged, has not received follow-up news.

  About the patient’s treatment summary: 1. The patient’s poor cognition, that is, he cannot learn without doing a good job of the “face”, and cannot do what normal people do.

It is a kind of bad cognition.

  2. The doctor has the right to “do not open the pot,” the principle of requiring the patient to face whatever they are facing, encourage the patient to grow, and promote the socialization of the patient.

Including him while in hospital, fell in love with a girl 5 years older than him.

The doctor did not criticize him, but expressed understanding.

And guide him to get a correct view of love, and fade away his past mystery of the opposite sex.

Although this process took nearly 40 days, it was worth it to the doctor.

Requires to interact with his father and ask patients not to evade. Although it is very difficult, it still partially solves the problems between their father and son, and makes a good start.

Explain to him that his son agreed with his father and became a man.

On the 20th day after admission, he wrote in his diary that he loved to speak and made friends more than when he was just hospitalized.

On the day of discharge, he also took the initiative to go to a girl patient who had been discharged to say goodbye to her.

  3. Encourage the patient to interact with others and trust others, and point out to him that not communicating with the doctor is “empathy”, which is to transplant the usual attitude towards the father to the doctor.

Therefore, in the process of treatment, stubbornly resist the help of the doctor.

  4. Time-limited treatment.

At the end of the extended treatment period, tell the patient the approximate date of discharge and accelerate the patient’s inner change.

Make patients “responsible” for lack of progress in treatment.

Force the patient to make the right choice at the fork.  5. Strengthen psychological treatment.

The total time of psychotherapy is about 40 times / half an hour.

These psychological treatments will change the patient’s ideological understanding, the role of psychological maturity mechanism, and even its long-term effects will easily occur after discharge.

During the treatment, the patient had fewer words and asked the patient to keep a diary. His diary was very detailed and rich in content. He basically obtained the required materials.

The patient rarely spoke to the doctor in language, but he kept a diary for the doctor.

This behavioral characteristic of patients is worth thinking about and is an interesting phenomenon.

  6, using flexible, comprehensive treatment.

Medication, pre-hospitalization, chlorpromazine 75 mg / day, orally.

In the first 20 days of treatment, the patient wrote in his diary that he was in a better mood than before and was able to communicate with others (referring to those girls).

One month after hospitalization, the combined use of Vestone was started at a maximum dose of 3 mg / day, hoping to have an impact on the pathological understanding of patients’ stubborn body image disorders.

In the end, a valid score cannot be given yet.

But the doctor decided to stick with the app.

Discharge medication: clomipramine 50 mg / day, Vestone 2 mg / day.

  Discussion on body image disorder: 1. Body image disorder is named as physical deformity disorder in DSM-IV, also known as Ugly Syndrome.

From the characteristics of the disease, it should belong to the scope of suspected neurosis.

It is also characterized by neurotic conflict.

Like the patient mentioned earlier, he has had conflicts with his father for a long time. He does not like his father’s drinking and vulgarity.

not educated.

He doesn’t agree with his father’s male character, speaks and acts like a little girl.


Study pressure is high, always want to win the battle.

Never be reconciled to the second, school is always ranked first in class performance.

During the hospital stay, I fell in love with a female patient who was 5 years older than myself. Just 16 years old, I had to engage in a subject, and I was extremely distressed about this matter.

This also shows that in adolescence, he has a longing for sex.

Therefore, beauty reflects the psychological needs of the time.

  2, the pathological understanding of body image disorders, most people believe that it is the concept of overpriced.

However, some people think that it is a paranoid disorder, and it is difficult for many patients to shake this kind of thinking in clinical practice.

Some people believe that the pathological understanding of body image disorder is a “spectrum”, from the overpriced concept that can be solved by reasoning to the delusion that cannot be solved by reasoning.

Clinically, people can indeed see that some patients’ ideas can be loosened or even disappeared.

They may return to their pre-ill levels, or they may have only a few ideas, but they can do normal things, social functions are not affected too much, or all pathological concepts have disappeared.

But some are very stubborn and cannot be shaken at all.

A book in the United States records a patient’s obsessive attention to the face for 15 years, and continues to pay attention.

Seriously affected his quality of life.

Many patients put this awareness of the disease into action and require plastic surgery.

  3. The formation of such suspected overpriced concepts or delusions is, of course, related to the patient’s personality before illness, and may be introverted and suspected personality qualities.

The little patient mentioned earlier is an extremely introverted person: introverted, at school and at home, showing a lack of talk, bad communication, and not actively revealing his inner thoughts.

At home, he had not communicated with his father for a long time, and only used very few words to answer his father’s inquiries.

Although it is better to associate with a mother than with a father, it is also insufficient.

Very strong in learning.

Learn until late at night.Don’t delay a bit.

Little interest.

Even knowledge of the liberal arts must be recited many times.

  4. The focus of psychotherapy should be: (1) Reduce excessive attention to body image and accept that your body and appearance are healthy and normal.

Encourage patients’ hobbies and social interactions.

(2) Eliminate neurotic conflicts and reduce social stress.

Exploring the psychological roots of the onset, including fear, inappropriateness, rejection or abuse, and sexual depression.

Relieve the adverse factors of family disease.

(3) Encourage socialization of patients and promote social interactions among patients.

Express your inner experience with more words, rather than express your psychological needs with this “narrative disorder”.

(4) The patient’s “secondary obesity” is lifted, and the patient is required to take responsibility for his own affairs.

(5) Reward patients for social participation.

  5. Drug treatment of body image disorders: At present, it is uncertain about the role of drug treatment.

There have been claims of antidepressants and well-known antipsychotics.

It is intended to improve the patient’s depression, anxiety, and pathological understanding of body image.

Sweat is resistant to bacteria, God!

Sweat is resistant to bacteria, God!

When you are in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, people’s temperature regulation function will be degraded, and the sweating function may be distorted. When it is above the high temperature environment, it will not sweat, and it is easy to heatstroke.

Therefore, in order to maintain your normal temperature regulation function, you should also create the right sweat in the summer.

  Chinese medicine, you know the sweat hole called “Xuanfu” in Chinese medicine, the human sweat hole called “Xuanfu”, is the channel of communication between the body and the outside.

Under normal circumstances, when the human body encounters high temperature, Xuanfu will open, and the transformation and some metabolites will be discharged through the sweat; and once the person is cold, Xuanfu will naturally occlude, so that the cold evil can not invade the human body from the body.

Therefore, the normal closure of Xuanfu plays a role as a “barrier” to the balance of the human body.

  In the summer, when the Chinese medicine belongs to the “yang qi” season, the yang of the human body is emitted from the viscera. At this time, the proper wicking effect is not small: first, the summer is high and the sweat can regulate the body temperature because of the sweat.Evaporation can take away the toxins of the human body to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation; secondly, sweat can moisturize the skin; again, the human body sweat has a certain pH, which is beneficial to resist bacterial infection of the skin.

  Little knowledge “sweat” – one of the eight methods of Chinese medicine treatment, do you know that sweating is still a treatment method, “sweat method” is widely used as one of the eight methods of Chinese medicine treatment.

Chinese medicine believes that “evil in the body” can use the way of sweating to drive away evil.

  Common diseases that can be treated by the “sweat method” include: 1.

For the fever of patients with fever.

“If the body is charcoal, sweat out and spread.”


Eliminates edema for patients with partial edema.

Sweating makes the lungs clear, and the waterways in the human body are tuned.


It is used for pain relief in part of joint pain.

In some patients, joint pain is caused by wind-heat stagnation and can be eliminated by sweating.

Yoga: make women ever more beautiful

Yoga: make women ever more beautiful

Your wish: Strengthen your physique without feeling exhausted!

Exercise: Of course yoga. Reason: Maybe you’ve heard too many amazing stories about yoga. It can really strengthen your body and relax your body and mind.

  Yoga involves many different forms such as Hasa, jnana, Raja and Bhakti, but yoga instructors usually recommend Astanga-a yoga technique designed to strengthen and maintain your body.

  Effect: In her book “Magic Yoga”, Swedish AStanga yoga expert Liz Lak said that yoga can readjust your body’s functions, make muscles and bones completely balanced and relaxed, and nervous nerves can alsoGet calm.

By practicing yoga, you will get extraordinary physical strength, gentleness and endurance, and get unexpected physical relaxation.

  Expert advice: “Astanga is like a psychotropic agent,” said Luck. “With it, you can get nervous and anxious before and get mentally stretched and focused.

We awaken our own body consciousness in this way, so pay close attention to the subtle feelings and breathing changes of the body at each step during the exercise.

“How it works: The best way to practice yoga is to attend a yoga training class.

You can wear any outfit that makes you feel flexible in stretching your limbs.

It is best to find a companion to practice together, and some venues also provide affordable trainers.

  Find a newspaper with classified ads for publications, yoga classes that are closer to home or office, or where transportation is more convenient. Call for a consultation.

Usually this training class is free for the first lesson so you can start.

  If you want to practice at home, you can find a teaching tape or movie about yoga at the bookstore, buy it for yourself, or log on to the Internet to find some useful information about yoga to read.

  Yoga, the achievement of a woman’s beautiful mind is right. Mike walks with his right leg forward, turns his left foot 45 ゜, raises his right leg, his right knee and his toenails are in a line, and his right thigh is parallel to the ground.

  Keep your body in a modest sense of tension and lift, with your arms extended to your shoulders.

Stare at the tip of your right hand while breathing deeply.

Job Interview overlooked 12 kinds of advanced error

Ignored job interview 12 kinds of “advanced” error

Not good at breaking the silence: At the beginning of the interview, the candidate was not good at breaking the ice (that is, breaking the silence), and waited for the interviewer to open the conversation box.
During the interview, the test taker was reluctant to speak out due to various concerns, which made the interview cold.
Even if I can barely break the silence, the tone of voice is extremely rigid, making the scene even more awkward.
In fact, whether before or during the interview, the interviewer’s active compliments and conversations will leave the interviewer with a good impression of enthusiasm and good conversation.
  ”Interacting with interviewers”: Interviewers with a certain degree of professionalism are taboo about being interviewed with candidates, because the relationship between the two parties in the interview is too casual or too nervous will affect the interviewer’s judgment.
Excessive “approach” will also objectively prevent candidates from making professional statements and skills in a short interview time.
Smart candidates can show one or two well-founded things to praise the recruiter and show your interest in the company.
  Influenced by prejudice or prejudice Sometimes, the negative evaluation about the interviewer or the recruitment unit that you know before the interview will influence the thinking in the interview.
The interviewer who was mistaken for seemingly indifferent was either severe or unsatisfactory, so he was very nervous.
At other times, the interviewer was a young lady who looked much younger than herself, and began to mutter, “How can she be qualified to interview me?
“In fact, in a special procurement relationship such as recruitment interviews, candidates as suppliers need to actively face different styles of interviewers, namely customers.
When facing a customer, a real salesperson cannot choose his attitude.
  慷慨陈词,却举不出例子  应试者大谈个人成就、特长、技能时,聪明的面试官一旦反问:“能举一两个例子吗”?Candidates are speechless.
The interviewer believes that facts speak louder than words.
In the interview, candidates should trust their people with their so-called communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, etc. There are only examples.
  缺乏积极态势  面试官常常会提出或触及一些让应试者难为情的事情。Many people are red in the face, or evasive, or lying perfunctory, not the honest answer, positive interpretation.
Let’s say the interviewer asked: Why are you five years for the three times work?
Some people might talk about how to work hard, superiors do not support, rather than telling the interviewer: Although the work is very difficult, then he thus learned a lot, but also matured a lot.
  丧失专业风采  有些应试者面试时各方面表现良好,可一旦被问及现所在公司或以前公司时,就会愤怒地抨击其老板或者公司,甚至大肆谩骂。Among the many international big companies, or the availability of professionalism in front of the interviewer, this behavior is very taboo.
  不善于提问  有些人在不该提问时提问,如面试中打断面试官谈话而提问。Some people before the interview did not have enough ready to ask questions, turn to have opportunity to ask questions Shique do not know what to say.
In fact, a good question, than the resume of numerous pen and ink, will make the interviewer admiration.
  对个人职业发展计划模糊  对个人职业发展计划,很多人只有目标,没有思路。For example, when asked “Are you in the next five years development plan how?
“When a lot of people will answer,” I hope to do the National Director of Sales within five years.
“If the interviewer then asked” why “, candidates often feel baffled.
In fact, any specific career goals without your assessment of the personal current skills and broad-brush skills development programs you need worked out for competent career goals.

  假扮完美  面试官常常会问:“您性格上有什么弱点?You suffered setbacks do in your career?
“Some people will not hesitate to answer: no.
In fact, this answer is often of their own irresponsible.
Nobody no weakness, no one not suffered setbacks.
Only fully aware of their weaknesses, and only the correct understanding of their own suffered setbacks, to create truly mature personality.
  被“引君入瓮”  面试官有时会考核应试者的商业判断能力及商业道德方面的素养。For example: the interviewer after the presentation the company honest and trustworthy corporate culture or simply nothing to reports, asked: “You as a financial manager, if I (General Manager) requires you within 1 year of tax evasion of 10 million, then you how to do?”Think tax evasion scheme, or if you are on the spot Evans Quan caught the ear scratching cheek, and immediately sided out a lot of programs, have proven that you on their trap.

In fact, in almost all the large international companies, law-abiding is the most basic requirements of employee behavior.

[Page]  主动打探薪酬福利  有些应试者会在面试快要结束时主动向面试官打听该职位的薪酬福利等情况,结果是欲速则不达。具备人力资源专业素养的面试者是忌讳这种行为的。
In fact, if recruiters for some place candidate known then natural to ask their reward situation.

  I do not know how to end a lot of job candidate’s interview ended, or because of the success of excitement, or because of fear of failure, will be incoherent, helpless.

In fact, at the end of the interview, as a candidate, you may wish to express your understanding of candidate positions; passion to tell the interviewer you are interested in this position, and asked what the next step; smiling and the interviewer handshake and thank the interviewreception officer and consideration to you.

Remember the six factors of prenatal education success!

Remember the six factors of prenatal education success!

Preparation before pregnancy: Choose the right place and the right time to ensure good health and good sperm and eggs.

If taking contraceptive pills, you should be pregnant again after half a year of withdrawal.

  Early diagnosis of pregnancy: Avoid harmful factors such as X-rays, isotopes, pesticides, viral infections, and unintentional use of harmful drugs.

  Regular prenatal check-ups: To avoid accidents during pregnancy, if there are comorbidities (such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.) and complications (such as causing high symptoms, etc.), the corresponding health care and treatment should be performed under the supervision of a doctor.

  Actively participate in prenatal education: Prepare to enter the “Fetal University” before you want your child or as soon as you are pregnant, learn how to carry out health care during pregnancy, how to perform prenatal education, and how to become a prospective parent.

The 3-month infant health and education class should be studied during pregnancy to prevent the child from getting messy after birth.

  Safe childbirth: When giving birth to a fetus, you must actively cooperate to improve natural births, and try not to use cesarean section.

Due to too many pregnant women mistakenly believe that cesarean section is good, often due to mismatch and cause dystocia.

  Participate in early education: Have a comprehensive sensory education at the right time after birth.

  The secret to the success of prenatal education is to believe in the fetus’ ability and love and patience for fatty acids.

The various contents of the prenatal education are centered on a purpose, that is, to input benign information, to ensure that the internal and external environment for input survival is good, so that the food grows naturally and unconsciously.

All prenatal education content is suitable to be carried out when the fetus is awake, and the duck-feeding and seedling-assisting teaching will be counterproductive.

Job burnout quietly attacks office workers

Job burnout quietly attacks office workers

Symptoms: Feeling more tired after a long vacation. Mr. Qi, 29, is a teacher attached to the primary school of Jiaotong University. He has been teaching part-time outside of his own job.

In his words, he never rested on weekends and was as busy as a hurry.

But after the Spring Festival, the class was scheduled to go to the ninth day. He couldn’t lift his spirits anyway. He felt irritable and very tired. He wanted to resign and take a good rest.

Coincidentally, Ms. Li, who is the sales director in a foreign company in the high-tech zone, is in the same status as Mr. Qi.

She said that after taking a 7-day long holiday, she should be more energetic and energetic, but after taking the leave to work, she faced a large number of new work goals and tasks instead manifested as a lack of concentration, absent-mindedness, and unable to enter a normal working state.It’s just a kind of “dried up” feeling, very sad.

  Diagnosis: Ill-conditioned psychology comes from work pressure. Doctor Zhu Ying from West Electric Hospital told reporters that this is suffering from burnout and often occurs after long vacations.

This is a morbid state. Many people do not know that they have the symptoms. They often show worry, fear, depression, irritability, physical and mental fatigue at work, and some people behave abnormally, such as seeking for taste.Salty, spicy and other irritating foods, and even drinking alcohol, etc. These behaviors cannot be evaluated only on the moral level, because this is a pathological psychology.

According to her, burnout can be described as universal, but only to varying degrees or frequencies.

Generally speaking, employees in competitive industries are under pressure to work, and they are prone to burnout or occupational exhaustion, such as teachers, police, medical staff, insurance agents, high-tech researchers, journalists and other groups.

  Prescription: People who talk to people who have too much work and rest regularity often choose to change jobs when they have job burnout, hoping to get new work passion in a new work environment. Li Yusen, a professor of psychology at Chang’an University, believes that this is not rationals Choice.

He said: “It’s quite tired and lazy, and regaining work pleasure is not a job change.

Correctly adopt the right method to cope with stress. Don’t be bored if you are distressed. Increase communication with others and take the initiative to talk and communicate with others, so as to reduce the psychological pressure and fear of work.

Dr. Zhu also suggested that when symptoms of burnout occur, pay attention to meditation, relaxation, adequate rest, normal diet and regular work and restoring in 1-2 weeks.

Breaking the lie and making heavy makeup also have good skin_1

Breaking the lie and making heavy makeup also have good skin

[Introduction]Do you also have the following questions: Why is the skin still smooth and white when others make heavy makeup?

But as soon as I put on makeup, my race is dull and my acne is crazy?

Maybe, it’s time to correct your makeup habit. The following six makeup tips will surely make you use it for life!

  Make-up abuse 1: If you use sunscreen, cream (especially products that modify skin tone), make-up products (such as lipstick, blush, eye shadow and foundation, etc.), whether your makeup is heavy or light, removeThis step is necessary, don’t just wash your face because of laziness.

  Makeup vice 2: Before buying cosmetics, we should first understand the ingredients of the cosmetics, buying and using them in a random way will ultimately only make the skin suffer.

  1. Try not to use synthetic chemicals, such as pigments and fragrances, which can irritate the skin and cause itching and neurodermatitis.

  2, oily cosmetics oils will adsorb dust in the air, causing sweat glands and hair follicles to be blocked, causing bacteria to multiply, causing folliculitis, etc., so it can not be used more.

  3, cosmetics containing heavy metals such as lead, chromium, molybdenum, cadmium will be absorbed by the skin, accumulated in the body, causing poisoning reactions.

  4. Avoid the use of light-sensitive substances in cosmetics, as it can cause the skin to cause resonance reactions in the sun.

  Make-up vice 3: Many women don’t use primer before makeup, and then apply makeup directly, but this is the main cause of makeup discoloration.

The main purpose of the primer before makeup is to make it easier for the skin to apply makeup uniformly. Since the barrier cream contains some non-grease and high fat-soluble ingredients, it helps the extension and adhesion of makeup, prevents makeup removal, and makes base makeupStays bright and fresh all day.

  Makeup vice 4: If the eyeliner brush is not cleaned properly, you may inadvertently touch the surface of the eyeball while drawing eyeliner and cause infection.

In addition, from the perspective of make-up, some girls with single eyelids draw inner eyeliners, their eyes will appear smaller, making makeup more effective.

  Make-up vice 5: Applying mascara can make your eyes look more energetic, but heavy mascara can put pressure on your lashes and make them weaker.

In fact, the eyelashes are like hair, and the surface of each one is covered with layers of hair scales. Therefore, before applying mascara, you should use a special eyelash care product to base it. This will not only help fill the voids between the scales, but also protect theIt is not damaged by external force when rubbing, the eyelashes can also maintain a beautiful arc, and the color tone will last.

  Make-up vice 6: Experts suggest that the SPF change of 15 for sunscreen makeup is the most suitable, because this value can isolate more than 90% of ultraviolet rays, and it will not bring a great burden on the skin.

If the product can be combined with anti-aging vitamins and certain moisturizing ingredients, not only can it protect the sun, but it can also give the skin more comprehensive care.