Wanting good skin is definitely oil control!


Wanting good skin is definitely oil control!

According to the results of a survey, as far as Hong Kong is concerned, 2/3 of women aged 15-55 are oily skin, and nearly 61% of women suffer from facial oil problems.

In the summer, oil secretion becomes very vigorous, and OLs who have been in air-conditioned rooms for a long time are even more oily and dry inside, and their skin is covered with oil.

Then comes a series of problems such as large pores, acne, acne, etc. If you want good skin, the first thing is to control the oil!

  Reasons for excessive facial oils An appropriate amount of facial oils has a moisturizing effect on the skin, so that the skin will not be sensitive or dry out due to dryness.

People with strong facial oils are mainly related to hormone secretion and the thickness of sebaceous glands. Thick sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, which may cause inflammation of the skin, such as acne or acne.

Basically, skin dehydration is also the culprit of facial oils, especially in the summer, the number of face washing increases, but the water and oil balance on the face is out of balance.

The latest research has also found that ultraviolet light is an important factor in stimulating oil secretion. Ultraviolet light will pass through the barrier of the epidermis and directly stimulate the adenosine of the dermis, which will increase the secretion of oil.

  Daily care: Prevent face oil Step 1: The water temperature for cleansing and controlling the face is absolutely higher than 38 ° C.

5 degrees, otherwise it will wash away the oil needed by the skin itself, causing the skin to secrete more oil.

You can learn the Japanese double cleansing method: first dissolve the makeup and sunscreen with makeup remover oil instead of wiping it off, and then thoroughly clean the pores with extremely fine foam to keep the surface truly dry.

For oily muscle cleansing, choose a foaming cleansing mousse or cleansing cream.

If you wash your face with facial cleansing cotton implant massage, it will produce more dense foam, so that dirt and old keratin are washed more thoroughly.

  Xiaobian recommends L’Occitane Olive Organic Brightening Cleansing Foam 190, which becomes a light and delicate foam with a pump. It contains olive water and olive oil, which can completely clean excess oil, and it will not wash away the skin’s hydrolipid film.Skin maintains water and oil balance.

  The second step: Oil control toner will dry the skin after cleansing, which will destroy the pH of the sebum membrane and weaken the skin’s ability to resist foreign objects. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the skin’s natural acidity with toner.

For people with oily skin, they should add some oil-controlling toners: such as witch hazel, mint, camphor, and lavender.

For oily skin, pour firming water on a cotton pad and spread the entire face. For combination skin, just apply it to the T-shaped part. Put the toner in the refrigerator in the summer to feel more refreshing.

  The editor recommends Shuizhiao Marine Clear and Cleansing Conditioner 210, a toner with oil control and moisturizing effect, which can effectively remove the surface shine and reduce the appearance of shine. The AHA component can help dissolve dead skin and dirt to improveSkin tone and texture.

  Step 3: Balance the water and oil in the morning to make the skin really no longer oily. It is necessary to take into account both oil control and hydration at the same time, replacing the moisturizing products that completely eliminate oil, and maintain water and oil balance.

Hydrating is really important for oil control, because the skin will instinctively secrete more oil because the water is not enough, and it will become oily and dry.

Most of the oil control creams specially designed for summer have moisturizing function at the same time, which can reduce the inhibition of excessive oil secretion and reduce the promotion of moisture content. In short, oil control and hydration must be performed simultaneously, which is an important step towards zero shine.

  The editor recommends Biotherm Triple Tightening Pore Essence 215, an alcohol-free formula that does not double pores and cause blackheads, effectively tightens and refines pores, making the skin texture more refined and reducing shine.

  Step 4: Evening creams that dissolve fat at night are generally moist, and most people ignore this step in the summer, but night is actually a critical time for oil control.

It turns out that the oil glands are particularly active at night, and it takes about 10-12 hours for the oil to drain from the pores to the skin surface. Therefore, the strong oil at night may not appear on the epidermis at noon, which explains why there is panning in the afternoonCase.
Therefore, oil control is also required at night. Some night-time oil control products and masks can thoroughly clean the pores at night, dissolve excess keratin, and allow the oil to be smoothly discharged. In the morning, when you cleanse your face, you can remove excess oil at one time and keep it dry all day.

  Xiaobian launched Vichy Oil Conditioning Night Cream 190, which contains Zincadone cell conditioning factor. It releases vitamin E in hair follicles at night, removes excess keratinocytes, unblocks pores, and reduces oil secretion after getting up in the morning.

  Important care: Improve the facial oil too much Initial: When applying a deep cleansing mask, it is necessary to effectively suck out the oil and impurities in the deep pores to ensure that the pores are unobstructed. Be sure to apply the deep cleansing mask once or twice a week.

When applying a deep cleansing mask, the mask may not be evenly spread on the entire face, but it must be applied to slightly wet skin.

For combination skin, apply only on oily areas and avoid changing the eye area.

If you want to have a shiny face in the morning, wait 5 minutes for the mask to dry thoroughly and then wash it with warm water. For intensive care at night, apply it for 20 minutes.

  The editor recommends Biotherm Firming Pore Control Mask 220 for 5 minutes, then gently massage the T area with your fingers, then rinse with water to replace it. You can use it two to three times a week.

  Step 2: The key oil control T position is the most dense place for the facial skin oil glands. There are 900 per square centimeter. The rest of the above places are more than doubled. The T position oil content will be particularly large and prominent.Use targeted oil control products, focusing on oil control.

The key control oil essence must exclude the oil content. The thickness is light, easy to apply, and easy to absorb. The skin feels silky after use, and it can instantly receive the effect of fine pores. Long-term use can make the pore wall stronger and stronger.

  When using it, you can directly use it on the conspicuous pores of the surface, and then use daily skin care procedures and makeup.

People with severe facial oily conditions can use it sooner or later, but remember to apply a thin layer to avoid applying around the eyes.

These products are applied after the essence and before the moisturizing lotion.

  Xiao Bian launched the Clarins Refreshing and Elegant Repair Pen 190, which uses pure white natural hemp, vitamin B6, white plant tree and other natural plant extracts. It can regulate oil secretion and make the complexion matte without oil.

Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup (Autumn Medicinal Diet)

Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup Ingredients: 10g of chicken heart Zhengchuanbei, 3 pears, 100g of pork lung.

  Wash the pig lungs and cut into pieces; wash and remove the cores of Sydney, cut 4 pieces of each skin, and crush the chuanbei.

Put all the ingredients in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with wuhuo, then cook for 2 hours in a simmering pot, season and serve.

Drink soup to eat pig lungs, Sydney.

  Efficacy Application: Runfei Huatan phlegm and cough.

For hot and dry lungs, insufficient lung fluid, cough, thick phlegm, bad sputum, dry throat and thirst.

  This article is reproduced from the expert group of the old Chinese medicine health network. Please indicate the source: The old Chinese medicine health network.

How to pick a good kindergarten for your baby

How to pick a good kindergarten for your baby

To learn about a kindergarten, it is best to call or talk to the principal in person.

Of course, the principal will not reject a parent who wants to ask the child for admission.

The broader the question, the more you can understand the depth and the more you can make the right choice.

  Tip # 1: To understand the situation in a kindergarten, it is best to call or talk to the principal in person.

Of course, the principal will not reject a parent who wants to ask the child for admission.

The broader the question, the more you can understand the depth and the more you can make the right choice.

  Tip # 2: Talk to parents of children who are already studying in this kindergarten.

You can use the kindergarten late pick-up time to chat with parents who are playing with their children in the kindergarten playground to get the information you want.

  Tip three: Take the children to visit the kindergarten and ask if the children like this new school.

  In face-to-face personality, you can ask the following questions: 1. What kind of additional activities does kindergarten have?

(Some: foreign languages, music, sports, etc.) 2. How many children do a teacher take care of?

(Usually a teacher is more appropriate to take care of 7 children) 3. How often has the kindergarten staff changed in the past two years?

  4. Do you often organize outings?

(Some: go to the zoo, museum, etc.) 5. Will some outsiders (such as the teacher of the observation group) come to visit the kindergarten, or will the children live in a relatively independent world?

  6. Will the kindergarten pay attention to healthy eating? Are there any special nutritionists?

  7. Does kindergarten often report to parents the growth of their children?

Does the kindergarten take the initiative to contact parents if the child has difficulty or other poor performance?

  8. Does kindergarten often let parents participate in some activities?

For example: Open parent days, parent associations, holiday celebrations, etc.

  9. Is this kindergarten better at children’s education?

How does it educate children?

  10. How long will the child’s adaptation period?

(Professionals recommend at least 6 days to 3 weeks)

Why do people love flowers?

Why do people love flowers?

The power of flowers is not limited to 60 seconds.


New research from Morrisbo shows that admiring the beauty of flowers and feeling its fragrance can change your brain’s chemicals and make you feel more positive.


Morris is a professor of psychology and director of the Human Emotions Laboratory at Gus University.

Here, there are the benefits of living with flowers.

  You will feel more up.

  When you’re down, finding a bunch of gerberas instead of a pint of chocolate will make you feel better.

In a study by Morris, when a girl accidentally receives flowers unexpectedly, she shows happiness and is still happy three days later.

  Your stress increases.

  Turn your home into a mecca of beautiful flowers.

In a study at Harvard Medical School, people who often placed flowers at home felt severe stress and worry.

  Let you get creative.

  For inspiration, put flowers in your office.

Researchers at the University of Texas have found that women have more innovative ideas and solutions to problems when flowers are nearby.

May wish to drink a cold drink before exercise 5 tips to stay slim

May wish to drink a cold drink before exercise 5 tips to stay slim

In addition to diet, exercise is the key to maintaining a slim figure.

And, in addition to hard training, skillful training should be added.

The latest article from the famous American fashion magazine “Metropolis” lists 5 slimming tips that are worth trying.


Have a cold drink before exercise.

  A new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Science states that drinking a large glass of smoothie before fitness can run for 10 minutes, especially under high temperatures.

Cold drinks help lower body temperature before exercise and increase exercise time.


Cleaning the room is exercise.

  Psychological hints are good for fitness.

Take stock of some daily activities and classify them all as fitness, such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects or walking the dog.

A Harvard study divided hotel employees into two, called “cleaning rooms is good exercise,” and the other group gave no information.

After 4 weeks, the weight, blood pressure, trace content, waist-hip ratio, and body mass index of the participants in the former group were significantly lower than those in the other group.

The reason is that they think they are exercising, not working hard.


Running or walking backwards.

  Reverse movements such as walking or running backwards are more laborious and costly.

Do n’t start too fast and do n’t take too long at the beginning, then gradually increase the exercise time and amount of exercise.


Drink 1-2 cups of caffeine beverage 90 minutes before exercising.

  An article published in the United States “International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism” states that caffeine in coffee, tea, cola and other beverages can inhibit fatigue-causing chemicals in the brain and extend exercise time.


Help others.

  A Harvard study found that activities such as helping strangers to pull doors, donating charity, and drinking tea for colleagues increased their willpower and endurance.

Breakthroughs, helping others, help self-discipline, can resist the temptation of unhealthy food; instead, you can encourage yourself to actively exercise and exercise harder.

Sexual troubles for young women

Sexual troubles for young women

Drink can help or fail Q: My boyfriend always likes to drink ML with me after drinking, but often encounters invasion that cannot be shot.

Every time I do it for a long time, my body will easily feel uncomfortable, and the bottom will also become dry and no longer wet, and he will also be affected by this, and then soften, “Hey” can only stop .May I ask if this is his problem or the problem of alcohol?

  Fang Gang replied: It should be mainly an alcohol problem. I think he may be drinking more.

Some men like the state of being drunk with sex, which is risky.

Trace amounts of alcohol, such as red wine, can help.

But if drinking alcohol is toxic, or if you often have sex after drinking, you will fail.

Therefore, it is recommended to have sex in the most natural state.

  Desire is the best garageComfortable, sometimes it still gets rid of quickly, so sweeping “sex”.

Is saliva a good oxidant?

  Fang Gang replied: As your boyfriend said, saliva is a “natural” brake, but it is definitely not the best frequency converter.

The saliva itself is not sufficiently lubricated.

If it is necessary to use pressurization, it is still recommended to use a dedicated artificial pressurization.

But what I care about is why you do it so easily.

Theoretically, it is easy to do only when you are not excited enough and your desire is not strong.

In this way, desire is the last brake.

It is recommended that you start sex when your desire is strong and you are ready. Do not rush into battle because the man is anxious.

 The bald head is a mirror. Q: My boyfriend had a normal haircut. However, I had to change the style in the previous paragraph and shaved a big shiny bald head. As a result, every time I “hey”, I looked up and saw the shiny head, Who do you think this person is, and who am I talking to?

The sense of security was lost, the climax was absent, and I was very distressed.

Is it okay for me to match him with a wig?

  Fang Gang replied: He may not have to wear a wig, because his hair will soon grow out.

At this stage, turning off the light sex is an option, if this bald really affects you so much.

The hair that will grow naturally is the distance between the two. It is recommended that you increase communication so that he will not do things that make you uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
The bald head reflects the poor communication between you.

  Many secretions are good. Q: My boyfriend and I have a good relationship, and my sex life is very good, but there is always a problem that bothers me-almost every time I have ML, there will be a lot of liquid injection.

I ‘ve heard people say “tidal blowing”, but it ‘s not always the same, right?

Although my boyfriend doesn’t mind, I still feel weird. Is there something wrong with me?

Is there any way to improve it?

  Fang Gang replied: During sexual life, there are many vaginal secretions. First of all, it means that you were very excited at that time, and you would have such a physiological reaction.

With the secretion, there will be no pain during intercourse, and you can enter it freely.

Everyone’s situation is different, some people will be more, some will be less, but in any case this is not a “illness”, not a “strange” “problem”, there is no need to “improve”, and there is no way to changeIt is related to the individual’s physiological response.

But if it is too much and too slippery, it will affect the pleasure of a man when he pulls.

Your boyfriend has no response in this regard, which means that your situation is not too much.


 Yin asked: My boyfriend’s sex life has always been very serious: He always insists that he can only ML in the dark where he can’t see his five fingers, and can let my mouth or he be intimate with him, and never take a bath with me. Because I couldn’t stand it, he finally told me that his JJ was bent!

Excuse me, is this a serious question?

How big is the strength ML?

Is there still a rule of law?

  Fang Gang replied: Each person’s penis is different in shape, from long to short, thick and thin, and naturally curved and straight.There are not a few people with penis curvature, and the degree of curvature will also vary greatly. Maybe your boyfriend is not the most curved.

As long as the penis is curved, it does not affect sexual function, and there is no physical dysfunction such as pain. It is normal and does not require treatment.

Moreover, the initially curved penis can stimulate the clitoris when it is pulled out, which is more likely to bring sexual pleasure to women.

Please relax your boyfriend and enjoy your talents.

  What to do if my vagina is dry: My sexual life was almost interrupted for two years, but a few days ago, when I had a close relationship with my new boyfriend, I wanted to cooperate well.It has been very dry, but the whole process is very painful and unhappy.

I heard that if a woman has no sex for three months, her vagina will age. Is this really the case?

  Fang Gang replied that long-term absence of sex will indeed affect our physical and mental health.

However, it is sensational to say that it will “aging” the vagina.

Generally speaking, vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse is usually caused by women’s inadequate psychological preparation, insufficient sexual arousal, and not entering into a state of having sex, and men are eager to insert it.

For you, no sexual life for two years, and the sudden arrival of sex may also be the result of insufficient psychological preparation.

Nothing, the next time I flirt more and help sex, I feel anxious to enter when I do it.

Baked oranges are good for cold and cough

Baked oranges are good for cold and cough

When people suffer from cough and cold caused by wind and cold, and sputum, roasting oranges on the fire and eating will have good antitussive, expectorant, and lung-moistening effects.

  Method: Wash the oranges and soak them in boiling water at 40 ° C-50 ° C for 3 minutes. Dry them with a cloth and bake them until they are slightly burnt. Eat one each morning, noon, and evening (with skin).

  Eating roasted oranges can relieve cough and expectorants, which is mainly the effect of orange peel. Roasted oranges can remove the irritating odor of fresh orange peel and cause a relative increase in active ingredients.

Baked oranges do not affect the taste and nutritional value, but also enhance the effect of reducing phlegm and relieving cough.

  Baked oranges have a good effect on cough caused by colds and colds. The main manifestations are: low coughing sounds, frothy sputum, cold cold limbs, runny nose, pale complexion, cold and sweatless, white fur, slippery pulse, butIt is not suitable for yin deficiency and hot cough.

16 remedies for sore throat

16 remedies for sore throat

In the autumn, after the locust bean matures, pick it off (dried or fresh beans can be used), fry in a pan and set aside.

When using, grab two bowls of water and add them to the casserole.

Add some sugar when you drink.

You can drink thirsty only once.

Drink locust bean water 2-3 times, laryngitis can be cured.

  Use both hands to lift the tip of both ears and rhythmically move 100 times. After that, drink boiled water or orange water 3 times a day, sore throat can be relieved or even disappeared.

  Green tea, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 3 pieces of fat sea, brew a little honey after brewing, and slowly drink juice.

  Take 10 walnuts daily, remove the hard shells, and eat them twice in the morning and evening. Even if you eat them for 10 days, the rupture of the throat can be improved.

  Radish and ginger sugar drink: Wash the raw radish, mash it and take 400 ml of juice and 50 ml of ginger juice and mix well, then use 50 grams of sugar, and fry it frequently after serving.

  Sydney Chuanbei Drink: One large Sydney pear, peeled and hearted, add 3 grams of Chuanbei powder, 15 grams of rock sugar, and eat after steaming.

  Fengyi Winter Honey Drink: 6 grams of phoenix clothing (ie egg film), 12 grams of Asparagus, 1 spoon of honey, put in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer after drinking.

  Olive rock candy drink: 20 pieces of raw olives, crushed, 50 grams of rock sugar, heat with appropriate amount of water, and take the juice three times.

  Radish and sugarcane drink: The ancients said that radish can “cough and cough, throat diseases”, sugarcane can “throat the throat”, Sanpin take fresh juice, cool and sweet and delicious, with clearing heat and detoxification, swelling and pain, clearing throatEfficacy, better for acute toxicity of throat.

  Loofah drink: raw loofah juice, or cut off the loofah vine, take the naturally dripping water, connect a small cup, and add rock sugar after cooking to penetrate frequently.

  20 grams of olives (also known as green ginkgo), 100 grams of fresh radishes, decoction.

Indications of wind and throat, swelling and pain, hoarseness.

  10 grams of olives, 1 fat sea, 1 spoon of honey, 10 grams of green tea.

First fry the olives for 10 minutes, then add the fat sea, green tea, honey, and drink hot.

Indications Chronic laryngitis caused by lung dryness and yin deficiency.

  15 grams of olives, 10 grams of black ginseng, 5 grams of licorice, cook well and substitute for tea.

Indication of sore throat and hoarseness.

  1500 grams of red pears, 200 grams each of ginger, honey, sesame oil, and walnut kernels.

Wrap the red pears and ginger with gauze and squeeze the red pear juice and ginger juice.

Then the walnuts are peeled and smashed, and the sesame oil and honey are poured into a casserole with a stalk or a sorghum stick to fry the paste into a sweet and delicious honey pear ginger oil.

Indications for chronic pharyngitis.

Take 1 scoop each morning and evening.

It usually heals in 1 course.

  30 grams of Fructus Evodiae, 60 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, stir-fried, powdered together, divided into 2 equal packages for use.

Take 1 pack plus a premium bottle of vinegar to make a thick paste, stir well and fry in a pan. While hot (to the degree that the individual can bear it), wrap the fried medicine in the center of your feet with a cloth.

Apply every night before bedtime, remove it when you get up the next day, follow the method and add vinegar and continue to fry before bedtime. After 1 week of continuous medication, rest for 1-2 days. Take another pack and continue to use for 1 week., Can be broken.

Indications of pharyngitis.

  10 grams each of double flower, licorice, inch winter, Yuanshen, chinese bellflower, dendrobium, 3 grams of mint and green fruit each.

The above medicines are decomposed and evenly divided into 4 bags, put in a thermos bottle, and re-bubble with boiling water for 2 hours, and then serve as tea.

Drink 1 pot a day and night, and then change the bubble the next day, usually 2 doses.

This prescription cures chronic pharyngitis.

  20 grams of double flower, 10 grams of black ginseng, 6 grams of sea, 3 grams of wood butterfly, 10 grams of raw licorice, 6 grams of bellflower.

Take 1 to 3 doses of tea in boiling water instead of tea.

Indications are dumb.  Take 18 grams of net cicada (head and foot), add some rock sugar, and replace the tea with white water, 1 dose daily, usually 2-3 doses.

  Green tea, green plum flower, acacia flower 3 grams each, 2 fat sea, brew a cup.

It is especially applicable to the symptoms of dullness, phlegm and pharyngitis.

  Snake berries 50g (fresh product 100g).

Take 1 dose daily, decoction, 1 time each morning and evening.

You can also add a small amount of lean pork to the soup.

  Tea, honey each amount.

Pack tea leaves in gauze bags, brew in boiling water with cups, and take thick juice.

When it is slightly cool, add honey and stir well.

Six methods of Chinese medicine for health and brain health_1

Six methods of Chinese medicine for health and brain health

According to Chinese medicine, “the brain is the house of the Yuanshen.

“The brain is highly convergent and superlative. The human vision, hearing, smell, feeling, thinking and memory are all due to the role of the brain.

This shows that the brain is an extremely important organ of the human body and the key to life.

Chinese medicine experts believe that brain health is the key to fitness. There are six ways to strengthen the brain.

  Qigong and strong brain training method can fully exert the subjective function of mind, and greatly stimulate the self-regulating function of strong brain and strong brain.

There are many qigong exercises, and many of them are aimed at strengthening the brain and strengthening the brain. The specific exercises are best guided by qigong masters.

  Jijing brain and brain are the sea of marrow, and kidney is the main marrow.

If the kidney is full, the sea of pulp is full, so the accumulation of sperm can strengthen the brain.

The method of accumulation is abstinence.

Zhang Jingyue, a well-known medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, said: “Those who are good at keeping good health must keep their essence.

Jingying is full of vitality, full of vitality is full of spirits, full of health is good, physical health is less sick, strong, strong and strong, all based on fine also.

According to clinical reports, at present, 10% of people over 65 years old suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and they are increasing year by year.

The study found that the aluminum deposits in patients’ brain tissues were significantly increased and often accompanied by iron deficiency anemia.

To prevent this disease, you can appropriately reduce the use of aluminum tableware, especially do not use aluminum products for long-term storage of acidic or alkaline or salty food.

  Exercise and brain are beneficial to health, but most of them are not direct.

Calligraphy, painting, and Taijiquan have the similarities of hand-brain connection and full concentration.

The hand-brain relationship is the most closely related. The previous exercise ball (that is, using two small balls to continually circle each other in the hand) helps hand-brain coordination and has a better brain function.

  Yishen raises the brain and hides the mind, and the brain is not hurt if the spirit is happy; if the spirit is tense, the mood is restless, the spirit is disordered, the brain is damaged.

Yi Shen raises the brain, should focus on moral cultivation; such as generosity, calmness, lack of gains and losses, not chasing fame and fortune, leisurely, helping others, is conducive to brain training; such as narrow-minded, cares about everything, affection is easy to move, Then the viscera, qi and blood dysfunction and cause disease.

Therefore, healthy brain health, especially pay attention to this.

  Take the tonic and analyze the ancient and modern brain-preserving prescriptions, generally tonify the liver and kidney, replenish the essence and blood (such as mandarin meat, Dihuang, Shouwu, wolfberry, Cuscuta, Schisandra, Sichuan Eucommia, Achyranthes bidentata, Angelica, etc.), Yiqi, Huoxuemai(Such as astragalus, ginseng, danshen, etc.) is mainly supplemented with phlegm phlegm, and clearing techniques (such as Shichangpu, Polygala, Poria, Zexie, etc.) are supplemented. For clinical application, it should be replaced according to the principle of dialectical treatment.it is good.

In addition, such as sesame, animal brain and other food supplement or take.

Workplace Abnormal: Life Is Work

Workplace Abnormal: Life Is Work

Workplace abnormal sketch one: work ecstasy, I do not know that enjoying a high salary is not for nothing.

Behind the rich material income is the crazy overpayment of white-collar workers.

Because high-paid white-collar workers are all very good, develop a good habit of hard work, and grow up from the praise of teachers and parents since childhood, so naturally they also want to be recognized by their boss after work.

They seem to be “good” at work, willing to endure the company’s ruthless “exploitation”-willingly accepting double the workload without additional compensation, repeatedly extending the working hours, and being highly selective and paying high returnsThey did go smoothly in the workplace.

  However, they seem to have no intention of enjoying the “return”.

Unlike ordinary white-collar workers in bright clothes and elegant manners, they don’t care about their appearance.

In dress, they are all simple, do not pay attention to the taste of life, and even a bit sloppy, the man’s beard is sloppy, his face is vicissitudes; the woman often does not change his coat for a few days, and has no beauty.

Although not focusing on the quality of life, although it is detrimental to personal image, it is also free and easy.

The problem with BT white-collar workers is that once they don’t work, they lose their direction of life, they are restless, do nothing, and are depressed and irritable, they are simply uninteresting.

  Everyone says: Work is for life; but the motto of the BT people is: Life is for work!

  Workplace Abnormal Sketch II: Selfish BT white-collar workers seem to have only themselves.

In fact, they are not intriguing, calculating their personal interests, but they are too concerned about their own feelings, so they ignore the feelings of others.

At work, they consider their task to be the most important, and go all out to complete it. If a colleague asks him to help with something, he will be rejected categorically; for a long time, don’t expect him to make up for a good relationship.When a member celebrates a colleague’s birthday, he is always “independent”, preferring to read a book in a cafe alone rather than get together with everyone to do something “meaningless”.

They express their opinions without scruple and meet their needs, and they never seem to know how to aggravate their needs to take care of others-of course, they generally do not require others to sacrifice for themselves.

In their opinion, everyone should take care of themselves, and no one else is responsible for him except himself.

They believed in Nietzsche’s “strong man philosophy” and constantly demanded that they make progress. They only despised but showed no sympathy for the weak, stupid, and incompetent weak.

  Workplace Abnormal Sketch III: Lonely people are vulnerable BT white-collar workers are usually very lonely.

Although they are rich in heart and enjoy the time alone, as social animals, they are also eager to communicate with people.

But like this, they often lack life skills, and they often lack social skills, neither knowing how to approach others, or feeling uneasy about the friendliness of others.

And, although they are self-confident on the surface, because they are too demanding, they often pick themselves and feel inferior.

And because they often set too high goals for themselves, they are under tremendous pressure.

In addition, life is monotonous, there is no other way of pastimes except for work, and no close circle of friends, so this group of people is also a high-risk group of physical diseases: “overwork death”, “chronic fatigue syndrome”, “insomnia”,”Worried about depression” etc. are “friends” who often accompany them.