Trendy love requires a price

Trendy love requires a price

The concept of love is changing with each passing day, and the way of love has become various.

“Joint venture love”, “signed love”, “platinum combination” and other marriage models bring us new ideas, but also brought a series of reflections on love-“Joint venture love”, how much does it cost?

  In the economic society, some of the working partners become married couples, and some couples choose to start a business together. Such love is called “joint venture”.

  ”Joint venture love” can be said to be “a success is also Xiao He, a failure is also Xiao He.”

When two people are good, they think in one place, and move in one place, occupying the right place and the right place.

But once hit by the wind and grass, “common love” will become fragile and even vulnerable.

The following story illustrates this somewhat-falling in love with the boss Chen Ming is the main person in charge of a company, and Miss Bichen is his capable subordinate.

The relationship between the two is no longer a secret in the company.

Although Bi Ling pays attention everywhere, he does not let his colleagues feel that he is “deceiving others with bullies”, but every time there is a conflict, he will be the target of private discussion.

  If you change a company, you can also become the boss’s right arm with Bijie’s ability, but in this company, everyone thinks she has the “vase of kung fu” to stand out.

Female colleagues looked at her sideways, and male colleagues looked away from her.

  It wouldn’t matter if she was able to settle down on the status quo, but she is also a hardworking and strong person who wants to make achievements at work, so she is very painful about her embarrassment in the company.

She thought about changing another company, but Chen Ming tried to stay with her again, making her a dilemma.

  Suggestion: If your love partner happens to be your boss, and you don’t want to enjoy it under his umbrella, then your right choice is to switch jobs: to another unrelated department, or simply to another companyjobs.

Otherwise, such “office love” will do more harm than good to the development of career and relationship.

  Falling in love with the customer Ms. Yi Min is the backbone of a network company and is responsible for the business of several major customers.

In one or two contacts, Mr. Fang, the head of a major client, fell in love.

  After their relationship was exposed, they were also sensitive to the pressure from the company.

Originally, the relationship between the company and the customer was a two-way choice. It was also normal for the order to run.

But after knowing that Yi Min is Mr. Fang’s girlfriend, her company believes that Mr. Fang’s company has an “obligation” to purchase their products, and if something goes wrong, as long as Yi Min comes forward, everything should be resolved.

Even when the company made a mistake, he also asked Yimin to persuade Mr. Fang not to hold him accountable.

  However, when Yi Min put pressure on Mr. Fang, Mr. Fang felt very unhappy.

Once love is connected with interests, it has to make people doubt its purity.

Mr. Fang even suspected that Yimin’s interaction with him at the time was “impure”, which made Yimin furious, and the two ended up breaking up.

  Through this incident, Yi Min found that his choice of love turned his career from Yangguan Avenue to a wooden bridge.

  Suggestion: Yimin could have done this: First, have a serious dialogue with the manager of his company, and make sure that he must not confuse career with love; second, let the company’s colleagues gradually take over the business with Mr. Fang, all the detailsThe problem itself will no longer appear, so that not only can the public and private be clear and peaceful, but even if the relationship between Yi Min and Mr. Fang hits the ground in the future, it will not cause too much damage to Yi Min’s career.

     Working for her boyfriend Xu Qian’s boyfriend started a small advertising company. Xu Qian started working for her boyfriend after graduating from school.

There are not many people in the company, and a few of them are part-time, so most of the usual people in the office are Xu Qian and her boyfriend.

  Boyfriend is still in the early stages of entrepreneurship, so sometimes it is unavoidable.

After encountering setbacks, the two men frowned together, and after work they didn’t have the heart to go out to HAPPY as before.

After this first and lasting adjustment, the two broke up.

  Xu Qian concluded: “Putting love and career together will make life easier.

There is also a factor effect: when I was looking for a job again, I found that during the time I was with him, my work experience was basically blank. I did not learn how to work well in the company and how to deal with colleagues.Interpersonal relationship.

All in all, except for a failed relationship, I have nothing to gain.

“Suggestion: Don’t work for your boyfriend even if you are in love.

Leave his company and find the starting point of your career in the outside world. Don’t let the work set cover your emotional set.

  The above cases of divorce without separation are still lightweight in “joint venture” love, and the damage caused is not particularly great.

But Kaifeng and Zhang Man are different.   They were college classmates and started their own company after marriage.

Just as the business was getting smoother and smoother, the relationship between the two people had problems.

When they chose to divorce, they discovered that the company they co-founded was more problematic than their children.

  Kaifeng’s name was used for company registration.

If the two are separated, it means that Zhang Man will also leave the company.

Even if the company’s assets are evenly distributed, the company legally belongs to Kaifeng.

Zhang Man didn’t want to give up, and didn’t have the courage to start a new business. Of course, she didn’t expect the changed man to take the initiative to give back half of the company, so she could only choose a marriage in name.

  Suggestion: The women in this case often have a very high level of knowledge and working ability. They set up a business together with their boyfriend, but find that when the relationship is in crisis, the career building is about to collapse.

  At this time, no matter how regretful it is, there is no use. All measures are to “make up for the dead sheep” and minimize the loss.

Negotiate with the other party first to fight for the best interests, at least to obtain part of the company’s assets to compensate for their hard work and time spent over the years.

  ”Platinum”, its profit breaks gold?

  Zhao Zhao, a well-known columnist and known as the “spokesman of the petty bourgeoisie”, in his book “Female White Collar Gold Husband”, openly proposed that the marriage pattern of “Female White Collar” to marry “Golden Husband” is the forefront of society todayThe most realistic and perfect marriage model.

  Zhao Zhao said that all “female white-collar workers” should marry “golden husbands”, and all “gold female husbands” should marry a “female white-collar workers” to go home as wives. This is the door of the new era.”Perfect love”.

After reaching this conclusion, Zhao Zhao also pointed out more specifically that in this new era of “door-to-house pair”, the door biology between men and women must not be the same, and the man should be higher than the woman, which is the most capableA gateway relationship that is accepted by both sexes.

  A recent survey from Guangzhou on the income and quality of life of couples seems to confirm Zhao Zhao’s point of view.

According to investigators, among couples aged 25 to 45, husbands earn twice as much as their wives, and exchanges between them are often replaced by substitutes for husbands and wives, and the quality of life also clearly overlaps.

From this, the investigator came to the conclusion that the optimal income ratio between husband and wife is 2: 1, which is the “balance point” of good marriage quality.

  The mystery of stable marriage is that the man makes twice as much money as the woman?

Is this economic external factor really the key to the quality of marriage?

In China, although women’s income is generally higher than that of their husbands (women are only about one-fifth of the total), the overall situation is similar, which indicates that the economic growth of Chinese women is relatively high.Men’s dependence also varies.

However, if the husband and wife earn twice as much money as their wives are the most stable according to the views of the scholars and scholars above, does that mean that women should not go too far in terms of economic independence?

If it is true that the wife earns half less money than the husband and the marriage is the best, as the above survey says, then if the woman wants a stable marriage, she has to consciously stand aside in her career. She cannot earn more money than her husband; If you show your talents in the workplace, if you show your skills and accidentally earn more than your husband, your marriage may be affected?

  It is undeniable that the “high male and low female” in the relationship between the sexes is a reality in reality.

However, this existence does not imply that it can be immediately contradicted: “high men and low women” will produce a harmonious and balanced gender relationship.

The evaluation of “high male and low female” is based on the inequality of men and women, and is itself a product of inequality.

If calculated according to the couple’s income of 2: 1, wouldn’t a successful woman only be able to marry a big boss who has more money than her to be happy?

If the income of the wife can only be equal to that of the husband, wouldn’t it be said that men are superior to women, and that strong men and weak women can become the best ending in a marriage?

On the surface, “Platinum Combination: Female White Collar + Golden Husband = Perfect” is an equation, but in fact, it is an inequality.

Today, the number of “female white-collar workers” is much larger than the number of “golden husbands”. If you have to follow this formula, why are there so many “golden husbands”?

  In fact, a wife earns more money than a husband, can also create a happy marriage, and even change the couple’s income ratio from 2: 1 to 1: 2.

Husband and wife are everything as long as they love each other, and money can only be used as an argument.

What determines the happiness of marriage is not whether it is a combination of “female white-collar workers” and “golden husband”, but whether the two sides are like-minded and have similar interests; whether they are striving for the same goal for the same purpose.

How did this original novel become so extreme and incomprehensible to some literati and scholars?

  ”Sign love”, what do you sign for?

  ”Signing Love” has become popular among some trendy people.

The purpose is to use a paper agreement between the two to ensure that love does not change for one or two years.

The contracting provisions include that neither party can fall in love with a third party, cannot betray the other party, and so on.

  The emergence of “signed love” precisely reflects the era of love: short, fragile, and always insecure.

This is an era of freedom full of temptation. Love may seduce away at any time. The land and the wildness and eachother cause both naive and off-beat beats.

We are unable to fight against it, so well, let us pass a paper agreement to at least guarantee the loyalty caused by this covenant.   From a certain perspective, it seems that we can see women’s maturity and independence, and their relationship with men is equal in “signing love”.

It should be noted that in the traditional concept, if the contract period has expired and the contract is no longer “renewed” or married, the woman becomes increasingly older and she is at a disadvantage in the marriage market.

And the same height hardly exists in men.

Therefore, women who dare to sign a love contract with men should be women who are independent in all aspects.

This is the positive message we see from this contract.

  But is it really an ideal choice?

In my opinion, this is still a helpless choice, but also an irrational helpless choice.

  Emotion is a psychological activity. Whether a man or woman continues to love one person and whether he loves another person is not subject to the contract.

Is it an inhumane imprisonment if you love something else in the contract and cannot love it, or you no longer love this person but cannot leave?

Is it different from our ideals on gender relations?

Is it different from the humanistic and free beat of this era?

In this way, the significance of the signing is questionable.

Feelings are gone, what are the constraints of a contract?

  With this, we might as well not want this contract, but just sign an agreement in our heart: if there is no love, you can leave at any time!

You are well-prepared for thinking, and you will be better able to cope when things change.

  If he (she) is leaving, let him go!

There is always someone in front of you.

Without the agreement on paper, maybe we can make this relationship easier.

Four yoga moves to relieve retinal discomfort

Four yoga moves to relieve retinal discomfort

Office workers and students account for a very large proportion of social groups, and most of these people are sedentary.

Slowly, the spine deforms and pressure on the lower back muscles causes back pain.

Many studies have shown that yoga is the most effective way to relieve muscle tension. The following editors will take everyone to learn a few ways to relieve back pain.

  First, the cat contraction style: This posture helps to improve the flexibility of the spine.


After the knees and thighs kneel at 90 degrees, the front bow of the upper body is parallel to the ground, and both hands are vertical enough on the ground, then one hand is lifted and stretched to be as high as the shoulder.


Inhale, raise your head as much as possible, and straighten your spine.


Expand the abdomen as much as possible, supplementally absorb sufficient air into the lungs, and hold your breath for 6 seconds.


Exhale, lower your head (not too low), arch your body upwards, wedge the spine, and hold for 6 seconds.

  Second, the part lifting type: This action can eliminate the stiffness of the shoulders and upper and lower ends.


Merge your feet with your tips, or split your feet half wide. Cross your hands in front of your body and relax.


Inhale for 3 seconds, raise your arms upwards and keep your hands crossed.

Tilt your head back slightly, look up and stop for 6 seconds.

(It is not required to hold your breath).


Expand the United Nations to the same height, and stop for 6 seconds.


Inhale for 3 seconds to resume the hands with your head crossed and stop for 3 seconds.


Exhale for 3 seconds and lower your arm to return to the starting position.

Repeat 5 times.

  Third, the iceberg style: This action can fracture the entire spine and relax the hip muscles.


Keep your upper body straight and sit down cross-legged.


Inhale for 3 seconds, while straightening straight to the left and right, palms up, lifting from the side to the top of the head.


Exhale for 3 seconds, rotate your upper body 90 degrees to the right, and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

Then inhale for 3 seconds and turn the upper body back to its original position.


Exhale for 2 seconds with your palms down and your arms from your head to your sides.

  Note: People with severe heart problems cannot do this.

  Fourth, the hare style: This action can stretch the hip muscles and open the joints of each spine, so as to reduce the pressure on the spine.
Knees and thighs sit at a 90-degree knee, with the upper body straight, raise the bar upwards while inhaling, then bend forward, raise hips, keep arms, head and torso in a straight line until the hands can lie flat on the ground, Forehead touched the ground.


After a few seconds, the forehead is slightly lifted and held for a few minutes.

Seven ways to relieve fatigue for white-collar workers

Seven ways to relieve fatigue for white-collar workers

The weather is sweltering, whether you stay in an air-conditioned room or a shady corner, you will doze off unconsciously, especially in the afternoon.

Of course, the best solution is to take a nap, but the boss ca n’t allow you to “spend your money to sleep” during work hours. How can I boost my spirit and avoid the drowsy peak?

  I often doze off unconsciously in the afternoon, because the blood is concentrated in the digestive organs, or because of poor air conditioning, high temperature, etc., and the oxygen supply in the brain is insufficient, so even if you try to cheer in every way, you still nod your head involuntarily.

  No matter what causes your drowsiness, you can try to relax or relax by the following methods.


Fist release The fist that releases the fatigued bones, hold it tightly, place it diagonally behind your ears, near the center of the skull, close your eyes, tilt your head back, and feel that the fist supports the strength of the head, there will be a certain sense of relaxation and releaseTiredness.


Tap with a flick to drive away the tiredness (1) When dizzy, tap (tap) on the head with the tip of your finger, which is a good refreshing method.

First tap the top of the head, then divide the back of the head into the left and right areas, and pat gently.

There is no specific technique, but the strength should be gentle, otherwise it will become more and more faint.

  (2) The golden triangle thymus can be drawn from the top down to the nipple. You can tap this area with your fingers to relieve the breath of chest tightness and depression, and the chest is wide and smooth, full of spirit.


Hot stone massage is feasible and comfortable. Select a warm and smooth stone, preferably with a flat surface. Put it in hot water to fill the stone with warm heat, and slide the stone slowly along the shoulder and neck line to allow the heat to be transmitted.To the neck and neck, warm and comfortable, sweep away fatigue.


The benefits of sniffing essential oils are refreshing and stimulate the brain.

Because the air is dull and the mind is drowsy, when you are unclear, you may choose the essential oils of leaves such as lemongrass scent or camphor with cold smell and rosemary essential oil to make the surrounding air fresh.

  In addition, lemon and grapefruit can improve the work efficiency by more than 50%. The smell of lemon, verbena, citrus, grapefruit and so on can make people full of energy and have a stronger refreshing effect.


Drying your body to refresh your body and your mind is faint and unconscious. Don’t be afraid. Work your hands to help boost your spirit.

Brush the location of lymphatic drainage with your hand, 10 strokes each from the end of the limb to the heart (remember to rotate the arm, the entire arm must be brushed).

  The legs are divided into two areas, (1) step on the feet to align, and (2) the thighs to the hips, the method is similar to the above, 10 times in each area, first (1) and then (2), and then change legs.

If there is no monitoring by the boss, it will not prevent you from standing up and moving your body, by the way, removing waste from your body, and it will also promote your metabolism.

In addition to both hands, you can also use a scraper or a commercially available exfoliating glove. The effect is just as good.


People use hot peppermint to refresh their brains in the summer and get rid of heat. Too many people use peppermint oil or mint sticks to paint. In addition to the short-term cooling sensation, they can also refresh people, and the mint aroma is full of refreshing feelings, and it can cool downheat.


Coarse salt soaks the feet and restores the spirit. Sometimes it is exhausted even at work. Sometimes, when I go home from work, my whole body becomes weak and feels weak and completely weak.

Please add 2 to the bowl?
3 tablespoons sea or rock salt and 3?
Mix 4 drops of your favorite essential oil, and then add it to the washbasin that has been filled with warm water to soak your feet. The hot water temperature can overcome the fatigue of your feet and relax your body.

The water temperature should be higher than the body temperature.

If you do not know what essential oil to choose, it is recommended to use lemon or lemongrass in summer.

Winter skin favorite moisturizer recommended

Winter skin favorite moisturizer recommended

Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder and drier.

In the cold winter, a rich moisturizing cream becomes an essential skin care product.

Women’s skin must not be short of water, otherwise fine lines and dry lines will find you.

Therefore, we recommend several rich moisturizing creams, so that you can be a watery woman in cold winter days.

  Jurlique moisturizing cream 420 yuan / 40ml product effect: a variety of natural extracts such as rosehip oil, shea butter, green tea and daisy, for dry skin and cold seasons, comprehensively calm and repair and resist oxidation, keeping the skin smooth and firm.

  Editor’s trial experience: Hose packaging ensures that the product is not easy to deteriorate and is easy to use.

The skin is very plump and mixed skin will feel slightly oily; but dry skin must not be deposited in a cold and dry environment and has a full sense of protection.

The pure soothing formula is great.

  Kosé Sekkisei Pure Cream II (Fengze type) 460 yuan / 40 grams Product effect: Traditional Chinese medicine, makes skin metabolism smoother and strengthens the skin’s natural lipid barrier, helping the skin to obtain a high degree of moisturization and smoothness, like white porcelainTexture.

  Editor’s trial experience: The particle size is fine, the texture is rich, the sulfate is a little sticky, the sensitivity of dry skin becomes low after use, and there will be no small dry lines until night, the skin feels transparent, and the skinIt is even, and the place that was easy to explode is smoothed.

  Guerlain Hydrating Youth Active Day Cream SPF10 710 yuan / 30ml Product effect: Contains desert rose compound extract, which stimulates the skin’s moisturizing potential. Even in the face of harsh environments and years, it still keeps the skin young and soft.

  Editor’s trial experience: light and thin, but very moist, but a little shiny.

The skin feels soft after use and there is no dry worry all day.

The scent is special, very seductive, and intimate with a sun protection index.

  La Prairie Rejuvenating Deep Hydro-Cream Cream 1500 yuan / 30 ml Product effect: Water-in-oil-in-water technology, the skin can get the moisturizing effect of the thick cream without any burden at the same time; Coenzyme Q10 can help the skin to evenly secrete oilStable and hydrated for 16 hours.

  Editor’s trial experience: Very rich, more suitable for dry skin, can smooth out small dry lines; increase skin brightness, fullness is also good; it will not dry at all in a day, and the durability is very good.

Normal skin has a slightly shiny finish.

  L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing All-Day Moisturizing Water Essence 110 yuan / 50ml Product effect: Instantly refreshes the skin: It is delicate and smooth, and the pleasant mile shape can instantly combine with the skin, giving the skin a fresh and vibrant feeling.

Maintains skin’s optimal moisture lock all day.

Enhance the skin’s natural defenses: Moisturizing all-day moisturizing water vitamin C **, can enhance the skin’s defenses.

  Editor’s experience: now use the third bottle, the effect is very good!

Highly recommended!

Especially suitable for skin aged 18-25!

  DIOR water moisturizing moisturizing cream 550 yuan / 50ml product efficacy: moisturizing and shiny skin is the first appearance of beauty you have come to the girlfriend network.

Deep in the skin, the amount of water determines the vitality of your skin.

When you feel that your skin is dry, dehydration marks have quietly appeared, revealing your skin’s lack of vitality relentlessly!

  Editor’s experience: I bought a moisturizing type suitable for dry skin. My honey net has the best reputation for beauty products. So I usually use a layer of moisturizing essence to moisturize the whole day when it is the coldest in winter.The functional type is suitable for mm with good skin foundation.

Love story for 4-year-old son

“Love” story for 4-year-old son

One day, the whole family was having dinner. The 4-year-old son Dongdong suddenly announced to us solemnly: “Mom and dad, I like a little beauty at work.
“The sudden confession immediately shocked my husband and me: Did the 4-year-old boy know what the love was?
  So I deliberately covered up my anxiety and asked my son in a very casual tone: “Oh, is it?
What’s her name?
Do you like her simply because she looks beautiful?
“” Her name is Rong Rong. Not only does she look beautiful, but she is also good to me. She always distributes her snacks to me.
Rong Rong is also very clever and clever. Not only does she draw well, but the folded bird looks like the real one, and she is often praised by the teacher . The children in the class also said that she danced like a little fairy.Everyone likes her . “The son described his” little lover “in a frown, and then said, his emotions were gradually agitated, and in the end, he even uttered an astonishing saying” I want to marry Rong Rong “.
  After learning the secrets of my son’s feelings, I secretly laughed. It turned out that his pure appreciation for Rong Rong was not the romantic love between men and women in my imagination, so it didn’t seem to be a fuss at all.
  I thought my son’s “fascination” for Rong Rong would gradually fade away with the passage of time, but this is not the case. The son’s affection for that little girl seems to be increasing day by day.
  “爱情”风波   “六一”节那天,从幼儿园回到家的儿子跟我说:“蓉蓉不喜欢我的礼物,却和涛涛交换了一个纸灯笼,而且她还和涛涛玩了一下午.
In the face of my son who was hit by “love”, I think we should respect his lovely emotional world and help him rebuild his self-confidence.
So I said to my son, “Baby, Rong Rong doesn’t really dislike you, but when the two things of flowers and lanterns are the same, she prefers lanterns, so she exchanges gifts with Tao Tao.
Now that you know Rong Rong likes lanterns, you can give her a lantern tomorrow. Mom believes Rong Rong will play with you again.
“” Come, Mom teaches you to fold lanterns!
My son’s spirit suddenly shook, and he clapped his little hands excitedly and cheered: “Okay, Rong Rong likes green the most. I want to give her a big green lantern.”
After finishing speaking, my son hurried to find a gorgeous piece of green paper, can’t wait to ask me to teach him to fold the lantern immediately.
  I took another piece of paper and patiently demonstrated it step by step.
The son learns very seriously. Although his movements are awkward, he is meticulous in every step and strives for excellence.
  Ten minutes later, his son’s masterpiece was “already done”. Looking at the beautiful big lantern, he was excited and dancing.
  The next day the son proudly said, “Mom, Mom, I gave the lantern to Rong Rong, she likes it, and said that my lantern is much more beautiful than Tao Tao!”
Later I taught her how to fold the lantern!
”   “哦,是吗?That’s great!
”   看着已经摆脱“情感”的困扰的儿子,我如释重负地深呼了一口气……   一点启示   3~6岁的儿童正处于性朦胧的阶段,他们有时会表现出对异性的向往,说出”I love XX”, “I want to marry XX,” and other words, in fact, this is not a child’s precocity, but the growth characteristics of children of this age, because children of this age like to imitate adult behavior, So they will use this feeling to themselves and a child of the opposite sex, in fact, this is not the same as adult sex, just an imitation.
  In the face of children who have hazy feelings, parents should not ridicule and criticize them, but should respect the child’s cute and innocent emotions, and regard it as a valuable experience in the child’s life. In a natural, concise and scientific wayGuide them, let children have a correct understanding of “love” since childhood, and form a healthy mentality.

These seven smelly methods are very damaging

These seven “smelly” methods are very damaging

Aromatherapy, nightlife, vegetarian food, etc. Do you think your life is of high quality?
Actually not, these habits will hurt your body!
The following is a list of common white-collar lifestyle habits. These habits may be what you admire, or may you desire, but these habits are not desirable.
  1. Aromatherapy life: It will also “disgrace” the body. In the relaxed and gentle music, the aroma and intoxication space will be completely liberated.
In addition to relaxing and invigorating the aroma, different types of aromatherapy also have a variety of beauty, beauty, preventive and health care effects.
  The concentration of aromatherapy is 70 times that of Chinese herbal medicine. If you are not careful, the aromatherapy will “destroy” your body.
Under long-term fragrance, it is easy to lack oxygen, cause skin sensitization, and even cause fire.
Do not spend too much time in the scented environment, let alone fall asleep.
Some aromas are collided, mixed together and even poisonous, so be careful when choosing aromas, and it is best to consult professionals about matters such as the timing of aromas and the mix of aromas.
 2, body shaping underwear: internal organ injuries were not discussed. The slogan of body shaping underwear is to have a good body without effort. Who can say that you can resist such temptations?
As the slimming clothes tightly wrap the abdomen, the kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, intestines and other organs in the abdominal cavity are oppressed, which causes the internal organs and their nervous system to be in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in weakened digestive system functions and constipation.
In addition, slimming underwear can cause a hypoxic reaction, causing breast swelling and pain.
Slimming underwear should not be worn for a long time, especially when sleeping at night.
  3. Nightlife: It causes headaches. One year is spring, summer is long, autumn is harvest, and winter is Tibetan. If these four seasons are put in one day, the night is the winter Tibetan period.
Dong Zang means that people need to build energy.
The dirty air and noise in bars and karaoke rooms are not a good place for energy retention. People stay inside for a long time and easily fall into a state of hypoxia, causing dizziness and headache.
It is absolutely a good habit to go to bed early and get up early. Occasionally you can relax and experience the fun, but if you often run outside at midnight, over time, it will cause great damage to your health.
  4, network life: easy to cause visual fatigue sitting in front of a computer, holding the mouse lightly, remote office, online shopping, online communication, online entertainment, work, love, entertainment is not wrong, the computer has become the core of many people’s lives.
More and more people are sitting in front of computers and becoming “networms.”
  Long time surfing the Internet, not only causes damage to the eyes, computer radiation accumulates in the body over a long period of time, but also causes damage to the blood system. Excessive information browsing on the Internet not only easily causes visual fatigue, but also causes similar nervous systems.Illness.
Friends who like to go online must control the amount of time they spend in front of the computer every day.
Should arrange more outdoor activities to relieve nervous system stress.
 5、素食生活:易患日光性皮炎  现在,减肥成了一个热门话题,肉类食品的脂肪让人望而却步,越来越多的人开始倾向素食,一股只吃青菜不吃肉的“素食潮”It is quietly rising.
  The human body needs appropriate amounts of protein, fat, etc. Long-term vegetarian diet will lead to malnutrition. In addition, some vegetables such as celery, lettuce, rape, spinach, pakchoi, etc. contain photosensitive substances. Excessive consumption of these vegetables before going to the sun and exposing to ultraviolet rays will causeSkin inflammation such as erythema, pimples, and edema occurs, which is medically known as “vegetative solar dermatitis.”
To ensure a balanced diet, you should eat meat appropriately.
  Even vegans ca n’t just eat vegetables. Make sure that your daily diet contains protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, and zinc, which are essential nutrients for your body. The food must not be too single. It should include vegetables, fruits, beans, and cereals., Milk, etc.
In addition, a large number of vegetarian vegetarians should try to avoid exposure to the sun after meals to prevent “plant-like solar dermatitis”.
  6. Beauty Nail Life: Beware of the spread of germs. If the nail tools are not completely disinfected, the fungus-containing equipment directly contacts the skin and nails, which will infect onychomycosis, ringworm and other diseases.
In addition, after the cosmetics are opened, bacteria can easily multiply and cause deterioration. The bacteria in cosmetics can be transmitted to others through the skin or the wounds on the hands.
Many chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics can harm the skin and even the human body.
Everyone must pay more attention to beauty, manicure and hand beauty.
 7. Fitness life: There is no circulation of air in the venue. Due to the large amount of physical energy consumed during fitness, you need to breathe a lot of fresh air and emit a lot of carbon dioxide at the same time.
Without good ventilation and convection equipment in the gym, the exhaust gas will continue to circulate in a limited space.
At the same time, sweat and microorganisms on the human body surface increase correspondingly. At this time, if the air exchange is insufficient, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and carbon dioxide in the air will accumulate, which will easily induce respiratory diseases such as laryngitis and bronchitis.
Fitness requires choosing a regular and healthy fitness place.
Before choosing a fitness place, you can go to the field to see if you have natural ventilation and whether the air is pungent. In addition, for newly renovated gyms, you should pay attention to whether there are hidden dangers of pollution sources such as decorative materials and furniture paint.

Child refuses to eat-Experts have tried you

Does the child refuse to eat?

Expert tricks you

People have headaches when they refuse to eat.

  Miss Dai’s five-year-old son is smart and cute, but every time he eats, he hurts the whole family: never sit down and eat, or play and eat, only watching TV and eating.

In order for the child to eat, his grandmother had to run and feed after him every time, and it usually took nearly two hours for a meal.

How can I let my child sit down and eat well?

  According to experts, most of the children ‘s bad habits of eating and playing are formed because parents do not have a scientific substitute for their children. Some children are already full, but parents require their children to complete quantitative or supplementary meals; some parents do notArrange a rhythmic lifestyle for your child, and pull the child to dinner when the child is having fun; even parents never teach their children etiquette.

Experts suggest that parents can improve their children’s current situation through the following methods: * Re-exclude factors that attract children’s attention when eating, do not turn on the TV, do not give toys to children, and so on.

Among them, parents play a leading role in leading by example; * Do not aim at the child’s meals, after the child is full, do not force the child to eat again; * Help a good alternative environment, see who canDid not sit at the table, let the children go to ask their father or grandparents to eat at the table, set up the table with the children, etc. * often use lively little stories to inspire children’s interest in food, but also use simple and clear words to let childrenUnderstand that eating a certain type of food has certain health benefits; * Make changes in food preparation and cooking practices. Do not repeat the same food or a practice for several days. You can mix children’s favorite and disliked foods.Together, make the colors rich and the flavors diverse; * Increase the children’s outdoor activities and allow them to participate in physical exercise, which can promote the child’s metabolism and help digestion; * Limit the snacks of the children, one is the quantity, the other is the timeCa n’t eat within 1 hour before going to (meal)) * For parents who have a sudden reduction in meals, parents should carefully observe that the child is having an upset stomach, but also是Disgruntled issues.

Analyze the cause, and then integrate and solve it in a targeted manner.

20 minutes of dumbbell fitness every day for perfect curves

20 minutes of dumbbell fitness every day for perfect curves

The fitness exercise introduced today is dumbbell 1.

Analysis of squatting, bending, and pressing: Holding dumbbells in hand, narrowing your feet apart, standing upright, sagging toward the natural side, palms facing each other, abdomen, and balance.

Use your heels to support the weight of your body, bend your knees and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Even with legs, elbows flush with shoulders, elbows, lifting dumbbells over shoulders.

Even above, lift the dumbbells over your head and turn your arms so that your palms are facing each other.

Keep your shoulders drooping and your shoulder blades peaceful.

Back to the starting position.

  Body parts to get exercise: strengthen the buttocks, thighs, quads, biceps, shoulders and upper half of the back.


Analysis of lunge and sidestep movements: If the first movement of Action 1 points, the right foot takes a big step forward and the right knee is bent; the right knee is inserted into a line with the right foot; the left knee is bent and the heel is raised.

Bend over with your arms forward so that the dumbbells are at the ends of your right foot.

Straighten your body, put the dumbbells back on your body, put your back feet on top, straighten your front feet, and return to the original posture.

After your body is upright, do a side lift; raise the upper level to be flat with your shoulders; your elbows and wrists are slightly bent.

Drop the carbon dioxide and return to the original position.

Then repeat the full action, this time with our left foot.

  Get the body parts you exercise: Exercise your quadriceps, great tendons, hips, midsections of your legs and hips; keep your hips and belly muscles in balance.


An analysis of one-strength action: Enlarging, feet separate naturally, legs straight (do not bend), put dumbbells in front of the thighs, palms inward.

The spine is balanced, doing a hard lift, and bending forward from the front until we feel our thighs open.

Then slightly bend the contraction, bring the scapula as close as possible, bend the arms outward, bend the elbows slightly, maintain an upright flying position, and then focus on the thighs.

Tighten our tibia and return to the original position.

  Body parts to get exercise: Mainly exercise the thigh ligaments, chest, back shoulders and upper half of hips.


Analysis of lunge movements with one arm: Take a dumbbell in your right hand, zoom out, separate your feet, place your left foot in front of your right foot, and place your feet 2 feet apart.

The left leg is bent, turning the left arm into the left leg; leaning forward from the left until the upper half of the body makes a 45-degree angle with the ground (if necessary, you can hold a chair).

The right arm hangs down naturally, in line with the right shoulder, with the palm inward.

Keep your head, fractures, spine and chest in line.

 Keep the scapula as close as possible; then, contract the hip muscles, flex your right arm, and move up and down.

Even the arm and left arm do the same to complete it once.

  Body parts to get exercise: Mainly exercise the middle of the buttocks, back shoulders and some biceps.


Analysis of dumbbell push-ups: knees on a cushion, dumbbells in hand, and placed on the floor.

Keep your hands apart, wider than your shoulders, and your palms facing the floor.

Bend your arms and your body down until our forearms and upper arms are at a 90-degree angle.

Support your body and return to your original posture.

  Part of the body to get exercised: Exercise the tibia, fore buttocks, and triple muscles.

  Don’t make excuses for your laziness, get moving!

Using dumbbells to exercise our muscles, keep our bodies stable and beautiful, let us easily walk into the ranks of beautiful women.
  So, we don’t need to spend hours in the gym to maintain our body shape.
For people like us who use no time as an excuse, we have launched an exercise program that strengthens our whole body in just 20 minutes (the first two weeks), and only 30 minutes when we reach the maximum.

Let’s face it, until the busiest of us can squeeze out 30 minutes: not watching a TV series for a long time.

The main contradiction of the psychological development of the elderly

The main contradiction of the psychological development of the elderly

The contradiction between role change and social adaptation is the contradiction brought about by the retirement of old age.

Retirement, although retiring is a normal role change, but people of different professional groups, the psychological feelings of retirement are very different.

According to a comparative survey of retired cadres and retired workers in Beijing, the psychological feelings of workers before and after retirement have changed little.

After they retire, they have spent a lot of manual labor, have more time to do housework, have fun and make friends, and have enough pensions and public medical care. Therefore, they are more satisfied, emotionally stable, and socially well-adapted.

However, the situation of retired retired cadres is very different. Before leaving retirement, these veteran cadres have a high social system and extensive social ties. Their focus is on institutions and careers. After retirement, the focus of life changes.It became a family chores, and the extensive social connections suddenly decreased, which made them feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

  Older people who have higher values and ideals for the contradictions of old age and aging are usually unwilling to relax after leaving their jobs.

They are eager to do more work for the society in their lifetimes. The so-called retreat and the old-fashioned are the true portrayal of the noble pursuit of such elderly people.

However, the health status of the elderly who have not lost many years is not ideal.

They or the body is very old, or suffer from a variety of diseases, and some are also very obvious in the decline of psychological ability such as perception, memory, and thinking.

In this way, these old people have formed contradictions between ambition and aging, and some people have been deeply and deeply troubled and worried.

  The contradiction between old-age support and inadequate economic security is based on some foreign studies, lack of independent economic sources or reliable economic security, and is an important cause of mental illness in the elderly.

Therefore, due to the lack of economic income, the size of society is not high, so usually only some of them are prone to inferiority.

Their temperament is also rather depressed, and they are careful and easy to feel sad.

If you are discriminated against or frustrated by your children, the reluctant elderly will often breed the idea of a dead person.

Therefore, the contradiction between the old and the inadequate economic security is both a social contradiction and a social psychological contradiction.

  The old age and the unexpected irritating contradictions of the elderly hope to be peaceful, happy and happy to spend their old age, and most of the elderly want longevity, but this kind of good wishes and unexpected shocks in real life, the main stimulus often forms a strongContrast and profound advantages.

For example, an old man suddenly encounters a blow of widowhood. If he lacks sufficient social support, he will quickly get rid of it and even lead to premature death.

According to statistics, the death rate of the elderly who are mourning is seven times that of the average elderly.

In addition to widowhood, couples quarrel, relatives and friends die, misunderstandings, serious illnesses and other unexpected stimuli, the psychological blow to the elderly is also very serious.

Get angry after the holiday?

Try these fire reduction tricks

Get angry after the holiday?
Try these fire reduction tricks

The fire was caused by a Chinese medicine doctor who said that the banquets during the Spring Festival were almost full of fish and meat, and the snacks continued to cause fire.

  In addition, stay up late at night for entertainment, the night should be the schedule of falling yang and rising yin to sleep quietly.

If you do not sleep from 23:00 to 3 am, the body’s yang will continue to be excited, leading to “heart fire”, mouth ulcers, mouth ulcers and other symptoms.

  There is a real fire: drinking herbal tea is a symptom of a real fire, some of which are thirsty, bad breath, constipation, red eyes, swollen gums, big temper, love to get angry, etc. The reduction of fire does not prevent drinking herbal tea, some honeysuckle + wild chrysanthemumDrink the water, the girl adds two Chinese wolfberry.

The essence of herbal tea is herbal tea, and its medicinal properties are cold.

  There is a virtual fire: Some people who develop a virtual fire due to drinking duck congee may develop acne, sore throat, mouth ulcers, insomnia, and dreams.

This kind of people drink herbal tea will cool and add cold, resulting in physical weakness.

  So how do people with virtual fire treat?

It’s easy, drink duck porridge!

Duck meat porridge is an ancient recipe in the ancient medical book “Elbow Reserve Emergency Formula”. Duck meat can nourish yin and nourish blood and clear away heat.

  No appetite: Chenpi ginger ginger eliminates food and drinks. Many people feel that they have no appetite. The doctor pointed out that this is the scourge of incontinent diet. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “injury.”— Chenpi Ginger Xiaoshi drink.

Add tangerine peel and ginger to water, cook for 20 minutes, add brown sugar, and take while hot.

  The volatile oil contained in Chenpi has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which can promote the secretion of digestive juices and eliminate gas accumulation in the intestines. Ginger can be appetizing and expelling cold, which is more beneficial to many patients who don’t think about their diet and feel cold in the abdomen.
Brown sugar contains some vitamins and electrolyte components, which can regulate the concentration of certain substances between tissues, balance the water-liquid metabolism of the cell’s internal environment, and exclude cell metabolites.