Yoga 6 style makes your calf easy to lose weight

Yoga 6 style makes your calf easy to lose weight

A beautiful woman in a beautiful costume, whose legs account for almost half of her body, often attracts people’s attention.

A pair of slim legs can actually exude feminine beauty.

There are various methods of skinny legs, how to make the calves not thick?

How effective skinny legs?

Here’s a powerful skinny leg method that keeps your calves from getting thick and your thighs immediately thin.

Want to have long legs, try thin leg yoga, so that the calf is not thick, so that your long legs will appear immediately.

  Half lotus spine twist method: 1, sit up, legs straight forward, bend the left leg on the right thigh, with the feet facing up.

  2. Exhale, extend the left arm forward, grab the toes of the right foot with your left hand, turn your upper body to the right, bring your right arm forward, and hold your right hand around the waist.

  3. Inhale, then exhale, while your head and upper body torso try to turn to the right, keep breathing naturally for 20 seconds, and change to the other side.

  Triangular rotation method: 1. In the natural world, your feet are wide apart. Inhale deeply, raise your arms parallel to the ground, straighten your knees, turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right, and your left foot 60 degrees.

  2. Exhale, turn the upper body to the left, bend the bones downward, place your right hand between your feet; the right arm and the left arm are in a vertical line, and look at the tip of the left finger with both eyes.

  3. Shrink both shoulders and scapula, keep 10?
30 seconds; inhale, retract your hands first, then your torso, and retract your last two feet.

Then change direction.

  Note: The holding time at both ends should be consistent.

  The cat bow-back method: 1. Kneel down, sit on the heels with your back, keep your upper body upright, put your hands on your legs naturally, and relax your shoulders and arms.

  2. Raise the top, knees on both knees, with both hands and shoulders wide to support the ground.

  3. Inhale, lift your head, collapse your waist, collapse your back, and tilt upwards.

Keep 5?
10 seconds.

  4, exhale, bow your head, spine is arched, arched back, keep 5?
10 seconds.

  Fish-like practice: 1. Lie on your back with your legs straight.

  2. Inhale, arch the top, lift the torso of the body off the ground, lift the chest up, lift your head, and gently let the top of the head close to the ground.

  3. Straighten up straight and form a tense shape. Lift your feet off the ground at the same time.

  Side angle tilting method: 1. Facing forward, legs should be separated as far as possible, hands should be raised sideways with shoulders high, palms facing down.

Extend the right foot 90 degrees, tilt the left foot 30 degrees again, exhale, bend the right knee, the thigh parallel to the ground, and straighten the left knee.

  2. Lower your right arm along your right leg, and place your hand on the floor.

Turn your face upwards, with your left arm extending forward from your head, and your upper arm against your temple.

  3. Keep it 30?
Breathe smoothly for 60 seconds, inhale, get up, and repeat on the other side.

  Note: Focus on tilting the back and spine; the chest is tilted upwards and backwards, and finally the chest, hips, and arms form a straight line.

  Note: Repeat 5?
10 times, relax.

  Simplify the twisting of the spine: 1. Sit up with your legs straight; place your hands flat on the ground, slightly behind the back, with your fingers crossed, move your left hand over your legs, and place it before your right hand.

  2. Place your left foot on the outside of your right knee, and extend your right palm further behind, inhale, and try to turn your head to the right, thereby twisting your spine.

  3. Hold your breath for a few seconds, hold this position for a few seconds; exhale, turn the main shaft back to its original position; change to the other side.

  Note: Do not bend the back.