Zoomlion (000157): Phoenix Nirvana reborn once quarterly results exceeded expectations

Zoomlion (000157): Phoenix Nirvana reborn once quarterly results exceeded expectations

Event: On April 7, 2019, the company issued a notice for the first quarter of 2019. In the first quarter of 2019, the company realized net profit attributable to mothers8.


500 million, ten years +125.


69%, the basic profit return is 0.


13 yuan.

Opinion: The company’s first-quarter performance forecast exceeds expectations.

The prosperity of the construction machinery industry in 2都市夜网 019 continues, especially the sales growth rate of post-cycle products such as cranes and concrete machinery is still relatively high. The company’s advantageous business is fully utilized, and the profit growth in the first quarter is raised. The profit forecast is raised, and it is strongly recommended.

The industry boom continued, and the company’s tower crane profits continued to be released.

In the first quarter of 2019, the prosperity of the construction machinery industry continued. The company’s construction machinery segment’s operating income increased compared with the same period of last year, especially the tower crane business. The company’s tower crane business has grown to become the first brand in the domestic industry, and its sales scale has reached the world’s firstFirst, the total output value exceeded 5 billion US dollars in 2018, creating a profit and tax of nearly 1 billion US dollars, with a market share of about 40%. We judge that the market share in 2019 is expected to reach 50%. At present, the company’s tower cranes have ample orders on hand and are still in short supply.State, and the utilization rate of ton-meters from Pangyuan leased tower cranes was verified, 71 in March.

4%, a new high of nearly 4 years, indicating better downstream construction and strong demand for tower cranes. We judge that the growth rate of tower crane revenue in the first quarter was more than 100%, and the gross profit margin was 33%?
About 35%, providing the company with performance value added, and the demand for tower cranes is expected to be sustainable.

Profitability continued to increase, and operating cash flow hit a record high.

① Profitability has been continuously enhanced.

The company’s overall gross profit margin reached 27 in 2018.

09%, ten years +5.

74pct, net interest rate is 6.

82%, ten years +1.

46pct, significantly improved profitability.

The company’s Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 gross profit margins were 25 in 2018.

33%, 25.

79%, 28.

18%, 29.

07%. In 2018, the company concentrated on the release of the second mobile phone. The gross profit margin increased significantly quarter by quarter. In the first quarter of 2019, even the market price was fiercely competitive.Will improve.

② Operating cash flow hit a record high.

The company has a strong sense of risk control, strictly controls the payment terms, and the cash flow has significantly improved. The average down payment ratio has reached 40%, and the overdue rate of new machine sales is less than 1%.

Operating cash flow reached 50 in 2018.

6.4 billion, a record high, and step into a healthy and sustainable development path.

In 2019, the company has more clearly expected growth and continues to advance4.

0 product engineering, product sales repayments have further improved, and cash flow will still be good.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother will be 31 in 2019-2021.

74, 42.

17 and 51.

4 青岛夜网billion, up 57 previously.

15%, 32.
86% and 21.

89%; corresponding to EPS 0.

41, 0.
54 and 0.

66 yuan, corresponding to PE12, 9, 8 times.

Maintaining a strong recommendation rating risk reminder: Infrastructure investment is less than expected, and downstream fixed asset investment has increased significantly.

Perfect World (002624): Performance Meets Expectations Focus on Q4 Key New Tour Online

Perfect World (002624): Performance Meets Expectations Focus on Q4 Key New Tour Online

Investment Highlights Event: The company achieved operating income in the first three quarters of 201958.

12 ppm, an increase of 5 per year.

43%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

76 ‰, an increase of 12% per year, and the net deduction of non-net profit14.

20 ppm, an increase of 28 per year.

47%, of which 21 achieved operating income in the third quarter.

56 ppm, an increase of 16 per year.

77%, net profit attributable to mothers4.

55 ‰, a year-on-year decrease of 15%, and realizing non-net profit attributable to mothers4.

47 ppm, an increase of 12 per year.


The performance was in line with expectations and was at the mid-upper level.

The company’s revenue in the first three quarters increased by 5 per year.

43%, the low growth rate was mainly due to the impact of changing the theater business in August last year, and the revenue recognition of Xinyou was different. Excluding the impact of the theater business, revenue increased in the first three quarters.

10%, the “Perfect World” mobile game launched in 2019H1, “Yun Meng Shi Shi Ge” uses the agency model, the revenue is only recognized as distribution revenue, and the revenue and cost amounts under the authorized operation model are reduced.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters was 65.

7% + 6 pct per year with a gross profit of 38.

180,000 yuan, an increase of 16% in ten years; the total period expense ratio is 41.

3% (decade +0.

6 points.

), Where the selling expense ratio is 14.

2% (ten years +1.


), Management expense ratio 7.

7% (one year -1 pct.

), R & D expense ratio 17.

3% (decade +0.

3 points

), Financial expense ratio 2.

0% (one year-0.

1% pct).

Expense rate during Q3 was 43.

5%, (+3 per night.


), Where the sales expense ratio is 22.

3% (+8 per night.

3 points

), Mainly due to the increase in new tourism promotion purchases, management expense ratio 6.
.3% (twice -2.

4% pct.

), R & D expense ratio 13.

6% (year -1.

7 points.

), Financial expense ratio 1.

3% per second (-0.

9 points.

The company’s first three quarters of net profit 14.

76 ppm, an increase of 12% over a ten-year period, and a non-net profit of 14

20 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.

47%, the gap between the two is mainly due to the disposal of Zulong’s equity in the third quarter of last year and the investment return on investment in the US global film.

In the first three quarters, the company’s net cash flow from operating activities was 8.

170,000 yuan, ranking -4 in the same period last year.

US $ 8.3 billion, a significant improvement, was mainly due to the increase in game flows in this period and the decrease in cash expenditures brought by the stable development of the film and television business.

The 无锡桑拿网 ranking of Q3’s head games is stable. Focus on Q4’s “My Origins” and other new masterpieces coming online. The film and television inventory is gradually digested. It is expected that after the normal schedule of playback, profits will be released.

Q3 “Perfect World” ranking slightly shifted, but still maintained a relatively high position, iOS games best-selling list ranked between 5-25 in the past three months, the “Grand Condor 2” iOS game launched on September 10The best-selling list maintained between 8-28.

Q4 is expected to launch “My Origins” (Sandbox Evolution MMO, Tencent 6-star product, 11.

12 Start pre-download, 11.

15 Open the unlimited number and no reduction file test, currently over 13 million appointments), “Dream Collection Cygnus” (existing version number), “Xiao Xiao Ao Jiang Hu” (existing version 成都桑拿网 number) and other new mobile game masterpieces,In addition, there are a lot of research projects, mobile games include “Remains of War”, “Magic Tower” and so on, and console games include “Perfect World Motherboard” and “Torch Light”.

In terms of film and television, Q3 broadcasted two episodes of “Old Tavern” and “Unknown to Shanyue” and confirmed the revenue. Due to the schedule of the previous episode, the company’s inventory pressure increased, and the inventory pressure will gradually increase after the broadcast of the normal fileReduced release.
The company’s film and television drama team is stable, and it is expected to continue to launch high-quality dramas in the long term, contributing to the increase in profits.

Earnings forecast and investment grade: We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 84.

900 million, 96.

300 million, 105.

300 million, net profit attributable to mothers was 21.

300 million, 24.

600 million, 27.

200 million, the EPS is 1.

64 yuan, 1.

90 yuan, 2.

10 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 18, 15, 14X, the company’s product matrix is gradually improved, self-research capabilities gradually continue to be verified, optimistic about the company’s development prospects, maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The pace of the game launch is less than expected; the product flow on the right continues to decrease; regulatory risks.

Xiangpiaopiao (603711): Fruit juice tea with high growth rate continues to grow

Xiangpiaopiao (603711): Fruit juice tea with high growth rate continues to grow
A brief evaluation of performance The company achieved operating income in Q1 20198.3.7 billion, previously +28.26%; net profit attributable to mother 0.5.2 billion, previously +83.61%; net profit not deducted from mother is 0.50 billion, previously +195.84%; EPS 0.12 yuan / share. The company plans to publicly issue convertible bonds to raise no more than 8.700 million yuan, after deducting the issuance expenses, will be invested in the annual production of 28 sterile milk liquid tea in Chengdu, Tianjin, with an annual output of 11.2 Sterile aseptic filling liquid milk tea project. Business Analysis Q1 Juice Tea Realized Revenue1.700 million, the proportion of the ready-to-drink segment increased to 25%: The company’s first-quarter performance exceeded expectations and realized the gradual formation of the two-wheel drive business model, and it also reflected the nationalization, and the performance of multi-channel construction was outstanding.In terms of products, the company’s juice tea revenue in the first quarter1.700 million, has shown a very strong market competitiveness before the real peak season arrives, the second and third quarters are coming and the new products continue to be put into production, and the sales of fruit juice and tea are expected to continue to reach a new high; solid products achieve revenue.2.3 billion, an annual increase of 6.56%, sustained and steady growth, of which the classic and good materials series recorded revenue4.09 billion, 2.1.4 billion, +14 each year.86, -6.35%, the classic series still achieved double-digit growth under high base.In terms of different regions, all regions except East China achieved an increase of more than 30%, and the proportion of non-East China regions reached 61.6%, the company’s nationalization process has accelerated.E-commerce / export / self-employment achieved revenues of 43.08 million, 6.26 million, and 980,000 respectively. Although the volume is small, the high growth reflects the continuous improvement of the company’s multi-channel operation capabilities. Increase in profit margins and efficiency in expenses: The company’s Q1 gross margin and net profit margin were 39.16% and 6.21%, increasing by 3 each year.62 and 1.87 units.While the proportion of liquid 合肥夜网 products with a reduced gross profit margin has increased significantly, the company’s overall gross profit margin has increased, and it has benefited from the increase in the ex-factory price of the material series in May last year, reducing production efficiency.The company’s 2019Q1 sales expense ratio and management expense ratio were 24.86% / 5.70%, the sales expense ratio drops by 2 every year.With 26 units, the sales expense ratio can still fall for many years under the double demand during the peak sales season + new product launch, and the company’s expense launch efficiency and quality continue to improve.The management expense ratio increased slightly by 0.The 7 single ones are mainly due to the confirmation of share payment. Expansion of convertible bonds’ capacity increase, juice tea sales are expected to accelerate: The issuance of convertible bonds is the company’s first public financing to the capital market after listing. As of the end of the first quarter of 2019, the company’s asset-liability ratio31.96%, flow ratio 1.77, net assets 5.47 yuan / share, the assets are in good condition. The company is the founder and leader of solid milk tea. It is in a new round of growth period with excellent operating conditions. The success rate of convertible bonds is expected to be high.In order to solve the production capacity problem, the company carried out production capacity layout in four places. After the completion of the four places, the total production capacity of ready-to-drink products is expected to exceed 50 tons, which fully supports the sales of juice tea.The issuance of convertible bonds for the first time will accelerate the construction of production capacity from the capital end, help sales of juice tea, and further accelerate the company’s performance growth. Investment recommendations We expect the company’s revenues in the years 19-21 to be 40.4 billion / 48.700 million / 57.3 billion, an annual increase of 24.1% / 20.7% / 17.6%; net profit attributable to mothers is 3.700 million / 4.8 billion / 6.0 billion, an increase of 17 in ten years.3% / 29.1% / 26.4%; EPS are 0.9 yuan / 1.1 yuan / 1.4 yuan; corresponding PE is 33.8X / 26.2 times / 20.7x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks suggest liquid milk tea sales fall short of expectations, solid brewed milk tea sales gradually, raw material prices rise

Poly Real Estate (600048) May 2019 Sales Data Review: Sales Maintained a Steady Growth and Slightly Positive

Poly Real Estate (600048) May 2019 Sales Data Review: Sales Maintained a Steady Growth and Slightly Positive

Event: On June 6, Poly Real Estate announced May sales data, and the contracted amount in May was 418.

800 million, +17 a year.

2%; Achieved contracted area of 271.

60,000 square meters, +21 a year.


May build 256.

40,000 square meters, +37 per year.

8%; total land price 167.

8 ‰, +40 for ten years.


Opinion: May sales of 41.9 billion, a year + 17%, from January to May 189 billion, a year + 22%, sales continued to increase steadily. The company achieved a contracted amount of 418 in May.

800 million, +11.

9%, ten years +17.

2%, an increase of 2 over the previous month.

0pct, slightly higher than Kerr’s mainstream 50 real estate companies in May single month average ten years +17.

0%; Achieved contracted area of 271.

60,000 square meters, +6 都市夜网 chain.

5%, +21 per year.

9%, an increase of 0 from last month.

6pct, higher than our high frequency tracking 45 cities in May, the transaction area +7 multiple times.

6%; average selling price of 15,417 yuan / square meter, +5 chain.

1%, three years -3.


From January to May, the company has accumulated a total of 1,889 contracts.

600 million, +21 a year.

8%; signed area of 1,226 is gradually realized.

80,000 square meters, +19 per year.


The average selling price was RMB 15,402 / sqm gradually, with the average price rising by 5 in the earlier 18 years.


From January to May, the company’s sales continued to increase steadily, and Kerui ranked fourth in the industry. It believes that the company has abundant soil reserves and its layout is mainly located in first- and second-tier cities with tight supply and demand relationships. Under the current stable background of the first and second-tier markets,It is expected that sales will continue to increase steadily until 19 years ago.

In May, 16.8 billion land was acquired, more than + 38%, and the land acquisition / booking ratio was 40%. The land acquisition was slightly positive. In May, the company obtained 11 in 10 cities including Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Fuzhou, Foshan, PutianProjects, corresponding to 256 new construction surfaces.

40,000 square meters, +373 chain.

5%, +37 per year.

8%, of which newly-added equity construction accounted for 79%.

1%; corresponding to the total land price of 167.

800 million, +606.

2%, ten years +40.3%, taking 40% of the land.

1%, up 33 from last month.

7pct, the company has been actively expanding again after taking care of the land transfer in November 18, and the main city of the land is the provincial capital; the average floor price is 6,543 yuan / square meter, +49 chain.

1%, average land price +5 earlier 18 years.

0%, mainly from Hangzhou, Wuhan, Fuzhou and other provincial capitals with higher floor prices.

The company obtained 30 projects from January to April, increasing the planned area by 596.

70,000 countries, at least -47.

5%; corresponding to the land price of 353.

3 trillion, -59 a year.

8%; the average floor price is 5,921 yuan / square meter, compared with May-May 2018.

0%; the proportion of land taken is 18 for diesel.

7%, taking the average price of land to the average selling price of 38.

4%, down 4 from 18 years.


The company’s overall land acquisition from January to May has weakened, but the cost of land acquisition has been controlled. Considering that the company’s land acquisition became more active in May and fully benefited from the central government’s evaluation of financing advantages, the land acquisition flexibility will remain strong in the future.

Investment suggestion: Sales keep growing steadily, take land slightly positive, maintain “strong push” rating. The company’s active transformation began in 17 years. In terms of goals, Chairman Song Guangju proposed to return to the top three in the industry in the next three years, revealing the leading spirit of central enterprises;On the other hand, in 17 years, a vigorous follow-up investment program was launched to lead the highest level of central SOEs to eliminate the lack of incentives. In terms of resource integration, the acquisition of real estate projects owned by AVIC Group was completed, and the acquisition of equity in Poly Real Estate also made breakthrough progress, highlighting the advantages of resource integration.In 16-18, the land acquisition amount accounted for 56%, 87%, 48% of the sales amount, and actively expanded and determined; in terms of sales, 17-19Q1 increased by + 47%, + 31%, + 26%, and salesMaintain steady growth.

We maintain the company’s 10-year earnings forecast for 2019-21.

90, 2.

29, 2.

76 yuan, the current price corresponding to 19 years PE is limited to 6.

6 times, the current NAV is discounted by 37%, and the target price is maintained at 20.

62 yuan, maintaining the “strong push” level.

Risk warning: The real estate industry’s policies have tightened more than expected and industry funds have tightened more than expected.

Sweat is resistant to bacteria, God!

Sweat is resistant to bacteria, God!

When you are in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, people’s temperature regulation function will be degraded, and the sweating function may be distorted. When it is above the high temperature environment, it will not sweat, and it is easy to heatstroke.

Therefore, in order to maintain your normal temperature regulation function, you should also create the right sweat in the summer.

  Chinese medicine, you know the sweat hole called “Xuanfu” in Chinese medicine, the human sweat hole called “Xuanfu”, is the channel of communication between the body and the outside.

Under normal circumstances, when the human body encounters high temperature, Xuanfu will open, and the transformation and some metabolites will be discharged through the sweat; and once the person is cold, Xuanfu will naturally occlude, so that the cold evil can not invade the human body from the body.

Therefore, the normal closure of Xuanfu plays a role as a “barrier” to the balance of the human body.

  In the summer, when the Chinese medicine belongs to the “yang qi” season, the yang of the human body is emitted from the viscera. At this time, the proper wicking effect is not small: first, the summer is high and the sweat can regulate the body temperature because of the sweat.Evaporation can take away the toxins of the human body to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation; secondly, sweat can moisturize the skin; again, the human body sweat has a certain pH, which is beneficial to resist bacterial infection of the skin.

  Little knowledge “sweat” – one of the eight methods of Chinese medicine treatment, do you know that sweating is still a treatment method, “sweat method” is widely used as one of the eight methods of Chinese medicine treatment.

Chinese medicine believes that “evil in the body” can use the way of sweating to drive away evil.

  Common diseases that can be treated by the “sweat method” include: 1.

For the fever of patients with fever.

“If the body is charcoal, sweat out and spread.”


Eliminates edema for patients with partial edema.

Sweating makes the lungs clear, and the waterways in the human body are tuned.


It is used for pain relief in part of joint pain.

In some patients, joint pain is caused by wind-heat stagnation and can be eliminated by sweating.

How to outsmart your love rival

How to outsmart your love rival

In fact, I claimed to kill the enemy and then quickly, “cut grass and roots, destroy dead bodies”.

Oh, it sounds terrifying.

It’s just irritation. Although they hate their lovers, they should use wisdom to compete with them.

  When two women compete for a man and each woman, they may encounter lovers in their lives. At this time, you usually have only two options: to prevent confrontation and evacuation.

  Women who choose a confrontation type are usually more open-minded and can accept the ungratefulness and unfaithfulness of their lover, or they can fight well without giving up easily.

The other kind of woman is weak in character, she retreats when she finds it difficult, and she accepts it when she encounters it.

  It’s funny, women don’t blame men, but blame fox spirits. Many times, they are very forgiving of their men’s mistakes.

  Men are lascivious, derailment is a common disease.

The bird was out of control for a while, and the flight direction was wrong. Let us know, and he passed with a mouthful or a smile.

As long as it doesn’t always fly in the wrong hole.

Despite how much his girlfriend or wife didn’t want him to empathize.

  There are three types of love rivals. The first is to actively provoke love rivals: more aggressive, knowing that the other party has a girlfriend and a wife but does not mind; the second is a hatchback willingness type, which is mostly your man and her love each other for a long time, or appreciate each other.

He has a new love with her, which makes you sad and headache; the third is absolute passive, which is the result of your man’s effort and seduce the other side.

To him, you don’t have to be nostalgic, unless you are married and have children, and you are willing to tolerate other things.

  Wisely admiring our rivals reminds our sisters that if we really ca n’t leave our men and are forced to confront our rivals, we can only do so intelligently.

  Don’t make things messy like a vixen, you should hide your needles, handle them softly and calmly, and let your rivals appreciate your gentleness, in order to reflect your good quality.

You have to be wise and courageous, know yourself and know yourselves, and be prepared.

Once the decision is made, there must be no love for women.

The love field is the battlefield. When you decide to go to battle, you are the big husband. Once you take the shot, you will try your best to put it to death, and never tolerate it.

  Obviously, at home, it is best when everything has never happened, and treat the man around you as well as before, of course, but you must not let him think that you are honest and deceptive, and tolerate shame.

  Sometimes, in order to protect their legitimate rights and family happiness, our women have to “tall the way” to deal with the devil in front of them.

  In addition, for those hidden lovers, we must take precautions.

For the potential rival in front of you, you should never offer her the opportunity to get along with your man.

You can even magnify its shortcomings infinitely in front of your man.

Of course, everything should be enough, don’t mess up.

  Exhausting your own man In case your man really feels derailed, you don’t prevent using his body more and let him die on his bed.

Men’s ability to control sexual desire is far less powerful than we think.

The love of men and women on the bed must be skillful. Have you seen “Jin Ping Mei”?

In fact, sometimes a man secretly breeds in a couple’s bland sexual life, or often suffers from long-term lack of sex and the scourge of prolonged drought. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the wife to not let the man be free, and it is easy to cause trouble.

Women in their own beds don’t have to be ashamed of “sexuality”.

Thirty can also smooth the beauty problem

Thirty can also smooth the beauty problem

As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems.

The coming of summer indicates that sunscreen homework has been promoted to an urgent level, and moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging are required courses in basic care.

So, how can we keep the pink and delicate face undefeated?

The editor of Life House now provides you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the sun is no longer terrible and let you show off your white skin this summer!

  There are such a group of people who, although they are good mothers, are still pretty and they are still very young; they are in the rising stage of their careers and have a lot of expectations for their career development; their children are cute and sensible; they are more confident than young girlsAlso more tolerant.

.Also, they want to be more beautiful.

  Woman 30 handful of scum?

  But when women are in their 30s, it is also the heyday of physical development. The irresistible natural law-aging begins to patronize their bodies: only with small wrinkles, the skin becomes rough, and the face slowly loses the apple-like pink, The body appears some inconsistencies, and even slowly gain weight.

While many women are busy with their work, they also need to supervise and take care of their children. Excessive stress can easily cause excessive free radicals in the body, which are often an important cause of aging.

  Beauty problem one: Adolescent acne is back. If the symptoms of 25-year-old skin aging are not so obvious, after 30 years of age, skin aging will become more and more obvious.

Especially women who are at the pinnacle of their careers, excessive work pressure can easily cause excessive free radicals in the body, and free radicals are often an important cause of aging.

  Too many 30- and 40-year-old mothers go to the clinic because the bladder still has acne.

This age of acne does not represent youth, and may even be a response to internal secretion disorders, relatively high levels of androgens, and decreased levels of estrogen.

There are also heavy work pressures, staying up late, abnormal daily routines, irregular diets, and mood swings, which are also important causes of acne.

  Solution: Avoid high-fat, high-carb foods, eat more vitamins and high-fiber foods.

  Stay up late, drink plenty of water, and don’t touch the computer continuously.

To avoid excessive radiation.

  Do not abuse drugs. You should add mild professional skin care products, wash your face with warm water, and do not squeeze skin ulcers with your fingers.

  Beauty problem two: Women in their thirties with sagging and wrinkles have to face a reality: their skin is not as good as when they were 20 years old.

With age, the skin is oxidized by free radicals, the cell membrane will be damaged, the cell renewal will begin to slow down, the microcirculation will no longer run at full speed, the skin’s water-barrier barrier will not work properly, and the skin’s luster, moisture, and elasticity will decrease.wrinkle.

  Solution: Eat more collagen-rich foods, such as meat skin.

  Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits: Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in multivitamins and trace elements, especially vitamins E and C, which can promptly remove free radicals that cause aging.

Like broccoli, spinach, and green tea, they all have good antioxidant effects and can increase your intake in your diet.

You can also take natural vitamin E and vitamin C directly.

  Many women are anaemic, and only those with qi and blood are ruddy.

Eat red dates, Ejiao and other foods for blood.

  Pay attention to sun protection, stay up late, and get enough sleep.

  Beauty problem three: The skin color changes and ages, the metabolism function will weaken, and the blood circulation will slow down, which will cause the precipitation of pigment and the appearance of color spots.

The psychological burden caused by the increase in work pressure is too heavy, the mental stress is high, the endocrine disorders are caused, and the surface pigmentation is also formed.

  Solution: Reduce your diet and eat less food that can cause pigmentation.

Consuming more foods containing various vitamins can inhibit pigment secretion and spot formation.

  For women who have been facing the computer for a long time, it is best to apply some isolating cream and wash their face after using the computer.

  Take a bath or sauna once a week to promote blood circulation and toxin excretion.

  Replace some professional freckle products and whitening products.

Use natural vitamin E to smear on the stains, you can also freckle.
  Beauty problem four: Deformed woman in her thirties is the easiest stage for her shape.
The functions of various organs begin to decline, such as the function of the heart and the respiratory system, and the metabolism of the corresponding organs naturally declines, leading to a decrease in consumption, and the slight decrease in cumulative ridges will “live” into the abdomen, hips and thighs very accuratelyOffice.
Muscle mass and muscle fiber are gradually decreasing.

  Kate, 36, is the head of a sales company in Hangzhou and the mother of an 8-year-old son.

He has gained 10 pounds more than before he had a baby.

“I am busy with work, have a lot of entertainment, I have to go home to coach my children whenever I have time, and I have no time for fitness.

“Kate said.

Indeed, women at this time have a lot of work and housework, and often neglect their exercise.

  Solution: A balanced diet is the key to good body.

The proportion of food intake for three meals a day is: 50% for breakfast, 30% for lunch, and 20% for dinner.

If you must eat dinner, try to arrange lunch.

You must not eat after dinner.

  Every Tuesday to three times aerobic exercise, if you can, you can buy a simple treadmill at home, which can save time and expenses in the gym. However, you must mobilize family members to monitor each other and allow children to participate in sports.

  Beauty Tips The surface of the city is rich in vitamin E without any cosmetic benefits.

The identification is very simple. Look at the health function logo on the product packaging.

Vitamin E products that have improved beauty effects are labeled “beauty (remove melasma) and delay aging”, while products labeled as “vitamin E supplement” as a basic supplement are used to prevent vitamin E deficiency.But it does not have the best beauty effect.

This amount can usually be absorbed through daily diet.

Wrong skin care methods make you accelerate aging

Wrong skin care methods make you accelerate aging

The daily skin care is intended to keep youth and make the skin youthful and beautiful.

But is your skin care really done right?

The wrong skin care method may cause skin discoloration and promote aging.

Let’s take a look at five skin care habits that are misunderstood or wrong!

  Excessive exfoliation Our skin is relatively delicate. If you replace the exfoliation, it will violate the natural metabolism of the skin.

After the skin loses the protection of keratin, it is prone to contact dermatitis, and the infection of bacteria will increase relatively.

Excessive exfoliation will damage the dermis of the skin and cause skin irritation and swelling.

  Misuse of beauty props Some beauty trails do provide a lot of fun and convenience for our skin care.

However, many people do not pay attention to the specific operating rules of these small props when using them.

Can not play the excellent function of beauty props, but feel that the props have no effect, and even cause skin damage, the effect of easy aging.

  The girls who didn’t apply sunscreen would like to apply a layer of sunscreen before going out, thinking that everything is fine and can sunscreen all day, but this is actually a wrong idea.

Sunscreen can only save you from the fate of being sunburned. During this time, sweat will be smeared and rain will drip. Your sunscreen protection net will be damaged. In this case, you need to apply sunscreen in time.

  When the skin care is improved, many people use different kinds of essences to enhance the skin care effect.

However, different brands of skin care products and formulas will have different combinations, and the use of different brands of different skin care products may cause chemical control between the ingredients, causing an excessive burden on the skin, thereby promoting skin aging.

  Wrong use of tear-type mask tear-type mask in the process of improper use, resulting in enlarged pores.

However, it is difficult for the enlarged pores to make the pores smaller again.

Large pores are difficult to shrink.

The skin with large pores looks very old, and the large pores are prone to dirt, and the consequences of makeup leaving capillary pores.

Over time, skin tends to accelerate aging.

Washing babies

Washing babies


The baby’s skin is very delicate, and it is easy to cause red buttocks when it is stimulated by acidic and alkaline stools. If stools pollute the urethral opening, urinary tract infections will occur.

Therefore, the baby should wash his small butt in time after changing his urine and change the diaper.

Pay attention to the following points when washing the buttocks: 1. The temperature of the water used for washing the buttocks should be appropriate, usually about 36-37 seconds. Adults should try it by hand first, and they should not feel hot.

2. Wash the buttocks with a small, soft towel or gauze. After each wash, scrub and clean, and put them in the sun to dry.

3. When washing, wash from top to bottom, that is, first wash the urethra and then around the anus to prevent the bacteria in the rectum from contaminating the urethral opening.

This is especially important for girls because women’s urethral openings are closer to the anus and are more susceptible to infection.

There are several postures for washing the buttocks: 1. Bedside washing: In winter, babies are often wrapped tightly. Keep warm when changing diapers and washing the buttocks.

Cover the upper body with a small quilt. The movement should be light and fast. Lift the baby’s two legs with the left hand, insert the small basin under the small butt, wash with a small towel from top to bottom, and then dry.

2. “Urinary” washing: the baby after four or five months is best carried out by two adults, one person holds the child in the “urine type” posture, and the other squatting on the opposite side of the child from top to bottomwash.

3, children squat washing: relatively large, children who can already walk can use this method, only one adult to complete.

The adult sits on a small stool with their legs apart, so that the child squats between the adult’s legs. Two small hands are placed on the adult’s left leg, and the water basin is placed under the child’s buttocks.

After washing the buttocks, pay attention to check the urethral opening, the perineum and the anus. If you find redness, inflammation, etc., you should deal with it in time.

Note: Do not wash your butt with face wash and foot wash to avoid infection.