Pengding Holdings (002938) 2019 Interim Report: 5G RF Transmission Lines for Core Quality Assets in the Electronics Industry

Pengding Holdings (002938) 2019 Interim Report: 5G RF Transmission Lines for Core Quality Assets in the Electronics Industry
19H1 net profit is expected to grow 42%, exceeding market expectations of 19 H1 revenue of 93.3.9 billion, down by 1 every year.49%, net profit 6.09 million yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.60%.Gross profit margin 19.95%, ten years + 2.26 pct; net interest rate 6.52%, ten years +1.98%.Among them, 19Q2 revenue was 51.02 trillion, +11 a year.深圳桑拿网37%, net profit attributable to mother 4.24 ppm, +68 a year.88%.Gross profit margin 20.92%, a month-on-month increase of 2.1 PCT, net interest rate 8.32%.The increase in gross profit margin was mainly due to the expansion of the company’s consumer electronics business and the improvement of factory automation efficiency, which led to the company’s rapid profit growth.International A major customer orders affected the expected next trade in advance in the trade war to drive revenue growth slightly higher than expected.The higher-than-expected net profit was mainly due to the company’s IPO funds raised interest income of 0.92 trillion yuan, foreign exchange gains of 437 million, the same period of 18 years were 9.52 million and exchange losses of 0.9 billion.Excluding the impact of financial expenses, the company’s net profit was basically flat.  In terms of different business segments, the revenue of consumer electronics and computer products increased rapidly, and the revenue of communications board (mobile phone) products63.70 ppm, a decrease of 15 per year.20%, gross profit margin 19.07%, an annual increase of 1.91 points.In the first half of the year, due to the adverse effects of the trade war and the macro environment, the company’s mobile phone revenue improved, while the gross profit margin continued to increase, showing the company’s advantages in automated production and cost management.  Revenue from consumer electronics and computer boards29.62 trillion, an increase of 51 in ten years.05%, gross profit 21.81%, an annual increase of 2.17 points.The company actively explores the fields of watches, pads and wearables to achieve better results and achieve better revenue growth.  In order to welcome the release of new machines for customers, the company accelerated the construction of production capacity in major plants. The company’s construction projects increased by 28 compared with the end of last year.38%, gradually accelerating the progress of project construction, in which the construction of Qingding Huaian Phase III (flexible multilayer board) plant has been completed (construction progress 81%), and has entered the acceptance stage, and the Qinhuangdao high-end HDI project has entered the equipment installation phase (construction progress) 95%).In the construction of Shenzhen No. 2 Plant, the first-phase plant has been capped, and it is expected that the first-phase project will be completed within the year.It appears that the company is ready for the peak consumer electronics demand season in the second half of the year.  The company’s operating efficiency is good, and the debt ratio is reduced. The company’s ROE is 2 in a single quarter.39, an increase of about 1 quarter.36pct, asset-liability ratio level is 28.70%, about 5 in the initial period.91pct, accounts receivable turnover days are 87 days, about 3 days down at the end of the first quarter, and inventory turnover days are 53 days, which is equivalent to an increase of 3 days at the end of the first quarter, all at the industry’s best level.  Stable growth and profitable high-quality assets, given a “buy” ratingNet profit attributable to mothers in 202030.24/34.57 trillion, forecast yoy growth rate 9.1% / 11.5%, corresponding to 29/25 times PE of 2019-2020. As the global leader of FPC, the company enjoys a predicted premium and maintains a “buy” rating.  Risks prompt lower-than-expected downstream sales of large customers, and PCB industry demand is lower than expected

Daye Special Steel (000708): How to evaluate Daye Special Steel’s estimates?

Daye Special Steel (000708): How to evaluate Daye Special Steel’s estimates?

Review: It is estimated that the high level of the center, which maps the non-periodic positioning, and Daye Special Steel, which intends to inject the Group’s special steel assets, is expected to lead the expansion in the sector from the beginning of 2019 to now.excess income.

Nowadays, how to treat its reasonable estimate has become the focus of market attention.

The profitability of traditional cyclical stocks is unable to obtain higher returns due to economic fluctuations. Even the high-quality leader Conch Cement with stable performance has only about 11 times the PE hub since 2012.

Under the ranking, the historical PE ratio of Daye Special Steel is significantly stable, and the PE hub is estimated to be about 15 times since 2012, which is equivalent to the estimated hub of Wanhua 杭州桑拿 Chemical, a leader with both cycle and growth attributes.Special Steel is positioned as a non-traditional cyclical stock.

Traceability: Product structure upgrades, through-cycle performance Daye Special Steel’s performance in recent years has steadily increased in counter-cycles, mainly due to: (1) the production of high-quality special alloy steel rod production lines in the 1990s in the second half of 2015, and the company’s output achieved rapid expansion; (2)More importantly, the company continued to upgrade and optimize its product structure, driving the gross profit margin to steadily increase in the downward cycle.

At ordinary steel, which is higher than homogeneous steel, the special steel varieties are diversified and the high-end and low-end differentiation are obvious. This enables the company to continuously 天津夜网 upgrade its product structure, enhance the company’s overall profitability of its products, and be able to cross cycle changes.

Outlook: Jiangyin Huangshi anti-cycle + Qingdao Jingjiang high-growth special steel downstream multiple niche attributes to ensure a certain degree of hedging cycle change, high-end manufacturing upgrades in the post-industrial period to boost long-term demand for special steel, and in the supply structure, high-end special steel supply is stillReliance on imports has led to a wide demand for domestic special steel companies.

Against this background, the company plans to increase the investment in Xingcheng Special Steel to achieve the overall listing of CITIC Group’s special steel plate assets, to create the world’s largest professional steel company with the most complete product scale, and to consolidate the strong through the advanced technology management systemConstant strong alkaline.

The core logic of the company’s future is that Jiangyin and Huangshi bases will continue to upgrade and optimize product structures, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and maintain stable operations in the down cycle, with long-term counterbalance; Qingdao Special Steel has significant room for future volume growth, and port miningWith outstanding sales advantages, debt financial pressure has eased, and Jingjiang Special Steel has significantly improved its profit margins under the boom of the oil and gas industry chain, and has significantly improved the company’s medium and high growth.

Investment: It is estimated to be relatively low, and the performance commitment to build a safe margin to investment. The current consolidated caliber company is still estimated to be relatively low: (1) If it is measured based on the 2018 consolidated caliber performance, the corresponding company’s 2019 PE estimate is only 9.

62 times; (2) Even a relatively conservative nominal asset commitment performance conversion, corresponding to the company’s 2019 PE estimate of about 11.

03 times.

Under the ranking, the average and median value of Daye Special Steel since 2012 is about 15 times. Based on the long-term operation countermeasures of Jiangyin and Huangshi bases, the combined medium-term profit growth of Qingdao and Jingjiang bases will be high. After the transaction is completed, the company willBecome one of the few high-quality growth leaders in the cycle sector, and employee shareholding incentives will further improve the company’s operating efficiency.

Therefore, based on the soundness of operation and growth, the company estimates that there is still room for improvement, and the performance commitment also builds a margin of safety, and investment can go forward or backward.

Regarding the injection of assets for the time being, it is expected that the company’s EPS in 2019 and 2020 will be 1 respectively.

51 yuan, 1.

70 yuan, given a “buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

The reconstruction progress is not up to expectations; 2.

The manufacturing boom has deteriorated severely.

Jiadu Technology (600728): Deepening artificial intelligence strategy with performance in line with expectations

Jiadu Technology (600728): Deepening artificial intelligence strategy with performance in line with expectations

The company released the 2019 first quarter report and achieved revenue of 8.

50 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.

13%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

960,000 yuan, an increase of 571 in ten years.

37%; non-recurring net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 0.

1.8 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Join hands with Yangchengtong to deepen its artificial intelligence strategy.

On April 30, 2019, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Yangchengtong Co., Ltd., and jointly established a joint application center. They will use their respective advantages 都市夜网 and expertise to jointly build the core entrance of artificial intelligence, focusing on identity verification, identity recognition and transportation.Payment and other industry needs to achieve seamless connection between AI and application scenarios.

This emerging strategic cooperation is the company’s continued deepening of its artificial intelligence strategy, which will further strengthen and strengthen the three main businesses of smart rail transportation, smart city transportation, and smart city.

Orbital Jiatong’s business is leading in China.

The company has initially formed a nationwide layout in rail transit, smart cities, and ICT services, and has gained dominant market share in multiple regions.

Among them, the intelligent rail transit business has gradually covered 20 cities such as Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Xiamen, and is leading the country.

Smart city business has gradually covered 16 provinces including Guangdong, Xinjiang, Shandong, and Guizhou.

The core foundation of the company’s smart rail transportation, smart city transportation, and smart city is artificial intelligence.

From the company’s equity participation in cloud in 2015 from technology to the launch of new applications of AI + police, 2016-2017 joint research and development of pilot products with Guangdong public security, 2018 police video cloud full commercial use, successively landed in Guangdong, Shandong, Xinjiang and Guizhou and other places.

The company always focuses on artificial intelligence as the core of the company’s development, and the current development situation is good.

Investment suggestion: Through the long-term cultivation of rail transit business, the company’s artificial intelligence technology is extended to smart city business.

The EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 0.

28, 0.

38 yuan, buy-A rating, 6-month target price of 15 yuan.

Risk warning: the acquisition company 南京桑拿网 cannot complete performance gambling; industry competition is intensifying.

China Construction Group (603018): The main business income continued to increase and the restructuring was better than expected

China Construction Group (603018): The main business income continued to increase and the restructuring was better than expected

The profit growth rate was in line with expectations. The company maintaining the “Buy” rating released the third quarter report of 19, and achieved 19 revenue in 19Q1-3.

50,000 yuan, +4.

1%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

920,000 yuan, +20 compared with the same period last year.

5%, Q1-3 company deducted non-attributed net profit +16 year-on-year.

3%, in line with market expectations.

In general, we believe that the company’s Q3 operation is stable. Under the circumstances that the industry is affected by factors such as land, environmental protection, and the release of orders and the slowdown of revenue recognition, the company’s ability to resist cycles is better than market expectations.

The EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.



51 yuan, corresponding to the target price of 13.


45. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Core core business maintained steady growth, operating cash flow expectations and profitability remained better. The company ‘s Q1-3 revenue was + 4% year-on-year, and we judged that it was mainly due to the decrease in EPC business income.(Early) Many), we expect the growth rate of survey and design income to remain relatively stable with H1, and Q1-3 gross profit margins will rise again.

77pct, we believe that it is also mainly due to the change in business structure, and the gross profit margin of the survey and design business is expected to remain basically the same.

The company’s Q3 net profit attributable to its mother increased by 1西安耍耍网4% in the single quarter, but Q3’s financial management income decreased by 3.16 million, impairment losses increased by 3 million, research and development expenses increased by 5 million, but government subsidies increased by only 1 million.After the addition of projects, we expect the company’s net profit growth attributable to its mother in a single quarter to try to pick up to about 20%.

We believe that the company has demonstrated strong resistance to the consequences of the overall downward trend in the industry.

The cash flow in the single quarter improved significantly, and the company maintained steady growth in the new quarter. The net inflow of the company’s CFO in the third quarter was Q1.

07 ppm, the score has improved significantly in the same period of 15-18 years, and is expected to reach a better match 重庆耍耍网 between the expected CFO net and profit.

The first three quarters of management and marketing expense ratios have improved compared with H1. We judge that this is mainly due to changes in business structure.

We expect the company’s newly signed contracts for survey and design in the first three quarters to maintain a growth rate of about 10%, with effective contracts in hand exceeding US $ 6 billion, and continue to maintain a leading position in the industry.

We believe that since 19 years, the core contradiction that has hindered the release of new orders in the design industry and the recognition of revenue from old orders is shifting from owners’ fund-raising measures to land, environmental protection and other approval conflicts. If the relevant policy scale can be introduced within the 13th Five-Year Plan, 2020The industry and company fundamentals may be better than expected in the market.

The intention of participating in the PPP project is to obtain survey and design business, and the company that is expected to have a slight impact on the expected and future cash flow will also announce the approval of three PPP project investments in Qitaihe, Yongchuan and Tiantai. We believe that the company’s model for participating in the three PPP projects isParticipation in surveys and design fees will result in a small shareholding ratio. There is almost no possibility of reducing or consuming a large amount of cash flow. The main financing and construction tasks are borne by the consortium.

We expect that the impact of PPP / EPC projects on the company’s senior management and future cash flow will be limited, and the company’s attitude towards engineering business is still relatively cautious.

Continued steady growth and stable foundation. Maintain “Buy” rating. We expect the company’s EPS1 in 19-21.



51 yuan (previous value was 1.



70 yuan), lowering the profit forecast is mainly based on the prosperity of the internal industry and the slow expansion of the company’s EPC business, but the company’s financial quality will help maintain a high level when the EPC slows down.

The current comparable company 19 years Wind unanimously expected PE 12.

75 times. Considering that the company’s performance of stable growth is significantly better than its peers, it is recognized that it will be given a certain estimated premium and given 19-15 times PE, corresponding to a target price of 13.


45 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The decline in the annual growth rate of inventory affects the growth rate of income, and the return of EPC / PPP projects is less than expected.

Deployment of Sad aggravates political chaos

Deployment of “Sad” aggravates political chaos
China News Service, August 3. According to Yonhap News Agency, the results of a poll released by Gallup Korea on the 3rd showed 70.3% of South Koreans have given positive comments on President Moon Jae-in ‘s administration, down 3 from the previous week.7 averages.According to the analysis, Wen Zaiyin ‘s deployment of the Sade launch vehicle has led to an increase in political confusion in South Korea. The timing of summer vacations has greatly reduced support.Data Map: South Korean President Moon Jae-in visits the White House.The picture shows Wen Zaiyin giving a speech at a joint press conference.China News Agency reporter Diao Haiyang photographed Gallup Korea conducted a poll of 1,521 adults across the country from July 31 to August 2.The results showed 70.3% of experts positively evaluated Wen Zaiyin’s administration, 22.2% of the stakeholders gave a negative evaluation, 7.5% seniors have reservations.  In the survey results released last weekend, Wen Zaiyin’s approval 四川耍耍网 rate stopped falling and rebounded because of his promotion of the tax increase policy for ultra-high-income people, but this week it fell again.  On July 31, South Korean anti-Sad civic groups gathered in the rain near the presidential palace’s Qingwadai, antique anti-Sad rally, protesting the Korean government’s decision to deploy additional Sade launch vehicles.China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo Gallup Korea analysis said that after the North Korean missile launch Wen Wenyin instructed the temporary deployment of the remaining four Sadr launch vehicles and other political divisions aggravated, coupled with the appropriateness of Wen Zaiyin’s choice of vacation andRelated reports of soaring housing prices have had an axial negative effect.  In terms of the support rates of various political parties, the ruling party, the Common 都市夜网 Democratic Party, supports reform.5%, compared to 2 per week last week.1 average.Followed by the Liberal Korean Party (17.9%), the Nationalist Party (6.8%), the party (5.2%) and Justice Party (4.8%). Original Title: Deployment of “Sad” Aggravates Political Confusion, Korean President’s Support Rate Changes Smallly

Science is good for health

Science is good for health

Sedentary and less active lifestyles have become one of the top ten causes of death and disability worldwide.

Cardio-cerebrovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain cancers are all related to physical activity not meeting the requirements for their health (healthy food).

  An epoch-making report In 1996, the comprehensive report on sports and health in American surgery was an epoch-making report.

  One of the epoch-making significance is that the report clearly summarizes the main diseases that endanger human health and life, including onset, stroke, cancer and diabetes, and lack of exercise and the necessary connection.

A causal relationship between sedentary lifestyles and chronic diseases has been studied.

  Secondly, the report corrects that regular scientific exercises can greatly improve the body’s ability to resist disease.

In addition, exercise can alleviate high blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and can fully meet the needs of the human body. As a result, the overall quality of life will be miraculously improved.

The report proposes a “new concept of exercise.” Only scientific exercise is good for health.

  The report is authoritative This report was completed by the American surgical community and authoritative organizations such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for the Prevention and Health of Chronic Diseases, and the Chairman of the Sports and Health Committee.

In addition, the report summarizes all previous research on sports and health in the scientific community, synthesizes the results of dozens of investigations and studies, and confirms sports and diseases from a multidisciplinary perspective. Exercise?

?The necessary causal relationship with health.
  The main points of the exercise of new ideas The main points of scientific movement The scientific movement is the core of the exercise of new ideas, the scientific connotation, and the form of practice.


For most of the week, preferably every day of the week, you should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.


Promote aerobic exercise.


Muscle strengthening exercises or activities should be planned at least twice a week.

  Pay attention to exercise as part of your daily routine, just as essential as eating and drinking.

  Exercise requires energy to be carried out, otherwise it will be difficult to benefit from it.

  The point of the above introduction to scientific exercise is to ensure that your body is active and can benefit from the bottom line of health.

  Aerobics and walking What is aerobics?

  Aerobic exercise refers to endurance exercise in which the body’s metabolism is mainly aerobic metabolism during human exercise.

  Aerobic exercises are characterized by low intensity (medium amount of exercise), rhythm, uninterruptedness and shortened duration.

  Aerobic exercise can make people absorb a few times to dozens of times more oxygen than usual, significantly increase the body’s oxygen uptake, and the intermediate metabolites produced during aerobic exercise are water and carbon dioxide, which can be easily discharged from the body through breathing.It is harmless to the human body.

  Walking (fast walking), jogging, easy play, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling, aerobics, Tai Chi, etc. are all moderate amounts of exercise.

  Walking-the best exercise After thorough research, especially from the perspective of physical health and safety and health (health food) prevention of middle-aged and elderly people, the recommendation issued to the world in 1992: the best exercise is walking.

  In fact, as early as the 1920s, American cardiologist Dr. White first proposed that: from the perspective of evolution and biomechanics, walking is the best exercise for human beings, which has special possibilities for health.

He creatively used walking as a method for the rehabilitation of heart patients and myocardial infarction with good results.

  Traditional Chinese medicine also has a brilliant diagnosis of walking. Cao Yandong, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, said in “Lao Lao Heng Yan”: “Steps are relaxed and healthy, and if you take a rest, you are full of energy and vigorous.

“Walking exercise masters” three, five, seven “” three “means walking three kilometers a day for more than 30 minutes.

  ”Five” refers to exercising more than five times a week. “Seven” refers to the heart rate (heartbeats per minute) after the exercise plus an age of about 170. This type of exercise is moderate to mild and safe.

For example, if a person is 50 years old, 170-50 = 120 beats / min, then someone’s heart rate during exercise is close to 120 beats / min, but it should not exceed 120 beats / min.

  Benefits of scientific exercise for human health Weight control Scientific exercise consumes more calories to reduce trace amounts in the body and achieve weight control.

In addition, scientific exercise can strengthen the muscles to replace the slight, additionally improve and maintain physical fitness, and is conducive to the prevention of diabetes.

The latest data suggest that 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day can control weight, and 90 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day can reduce weight.

  Improving Mental Health The scientific exercise improves mental health and has the same effect as psychotherapy and medication.
  Lowering blood pressure and adjusting cholesterol scientific exercise can effectively lower blood pressure, lower the level of good blood plasma and lower the level of bad cholesterol.

There is also information that can reduce blood viscosity.
  Reducing the prevalence of cardio-cerebral vascular disease. Data show that adherence to scientific exercise can reduce the chance of coronary heart disease by 50%, which is also effective in preventing stroke.

  Exercise that reduces the risk of diabetes has been shown to improve cells’ sensitivity to insulin.

Studies have reported that middle-aged people who walk 3 times, 4 times, and 5 times a week walk, and those who do not exercise score, the incidence of diabetes decreases by 25%, 33%, and 42%, respectively.

  Preventing colon cancer and breast cancer Many studies have shown that people who exercise regularly can reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer.

Studies in a few major populations have found that exercising consistently reduces the risk of colon cancer in women by half.

  The results of osteoporosis prevention experiments confirmed that women who walk frequently have adulterated bone content.

  ?It is possible to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise improves the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain; it can improve cognitive function, reaction speed and memory speed; it can help the elderly to improve the quality of sleep (sleep food) and improve mood.

Therefore, some experts believe that scientific exercise can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

  Choosing the best time to exercise During the day, the most dangerous time for the human body is that the physiological and biochemical functions of the human body have a biological clock effect in the early morning. In the early morning, the biological clock in most people is at the lowest tide.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, early morning deaths worldwide account for 60% of the total deaths in a day.

Early morning is always the peak of a heart attack, and it is also the most common of sudden cardiac deaths.

Therefore, some people think that exercising in the morning, especially middle-aged and elderly people, is not the best time.

Winter or the early morning of the climate change season is the time of the lowest temperature of the day, which is not conducive to the exercise of middle-aged or frail people.

  The worst time of the day is the early morning meteorological experts said that it is an illusion to give people a feeling of fresh air in the early morning. The relevant departments have made measurements in this regard. In the early morning, the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air is higher than in the afternoon and at nightHigh, early morning air quality is the worst of the day.

  Exercise should be late but not early Some people think that afternoon or evening is the best time to exercise for three reasons. One is that the body’s biological clock is at its climax in the afternoon and its physiological functions are in the best state.

The second is the best air quality in the afternoon.

Third, afternoon exercise is most conducive to sleep at night.

Some older people are used to exercising in the morning, and that’s best after 9 am.

  It is important for exercisers to understand their physical condition, the physical condition they choose, the exercise method and amount of exercise you choose, and the observation of exercise effects.

It is best to do a more comprehensive physical examination to understand your blood pressure, lipids, blood sugar, heart function, cervical spine, brain blood supply, joint muscles and other conditions.

  Warm up before drinking and stretch your body before drinking water. Stretch and stretch your body, vitalize your muscles and muscles, promote muscle and whole body blood circulation, which is good for physical exercise.

Sports medical experts remind everyone to drink some water half an hour before exercise to prepare for the consumption of water in the body.

  Exercise in the foggy day is easy to hurt the body. The foggy day will aggravate air pollution. High air pressure and high humidity in the foggy day are not conducive to skin heat dissipation and gas exchange in the alveoli.

Therefore, it is best not to exercise outdoors in foggy weather.

Workplace Abnormal: Life Is Work

Workplace Abnormal: Life Is Work

Workplace abnormal sketch one: work ecstasy, I do not know that enjoying a high salary is not for nothing.

Behind the rich material income is the crazy overpayment of white-collar workers.

Because high-paid white-collar workers are all very good, develop a good habit of hard work, and grow up from the praise of teachers and parents since childhood, so naturally they also want to be recognized by their boss after work.

They seem to be “good” at work, willing to endure the company’s ruthless “exploitation”-willingly accepting double the workload without additional compensation, repeatedly extending the working hours, and being highly selective and paying high returnsThey did go smoothly in the workplace.

  However, they seem to have no intention of enjoying the “return”.

Unlike ordinary white-collar workers in bright clothes and elegant manners, they don’t care about their appearance.

In dress, they are all simple, do not pay attention to the taste of life, and even a bit sloppy, the man’s beard is sloppy, his face is vicissitudes; the woman often does not change his coat for a few days, and has no beauty.

Although not focusing on the quality of life, although it is detrimental to personal image, it is also free and easy.

The problem with BT white-collar workers is that once they don’t work, they lose their direction of life, they are restless, do nothing, and are depressed and irritable, they are simply uninteresting.

  Everyone says: Work is for life; but the motto of the BT people is: Life is for work!

  Workplace Abnormal Sketch II: Selfish BT white-collar workers seem to have only themselves.

In fact, they are not intriguing, calculating their personal interests, but they are too concerned about their own feelings, so they ignore the feelings of others.

At work, they consider their task to be the most important, and go all out to complete it. If a colleague asks him to help with something, he will be rejected categorically; for a long time, don’t expect him to make up for a good relationship.When a member celebrates a colleague’s birthday, he is always “independent”, preferring to read a book in a cafe alone rather than get together with everyone to do something “meaningless”.

They express their opinions without scruple and meet their needs, and they never seem to know how to aggravate their needs to take care of others-of course, they generally do not require others to sacrifice for themselves.

In their opinion, everyone should take care of themselves, and no one else is responsible for him except himself.

They believed in Nietzsche’s “strong man philosophy” and constantly demanded that they make progress. They only despised but showed no sympathy for the weak, stupid, and incompetent weak.

  Workplace Abnormal Sketch III: Lonely people are vulnerable BT white-collar workers are usually very lonely.

Although they are rich in heart and enjoy the time alone, as social animals, they are also eager to communicate with people.

But like this, they often lack life skills, and they often lack social skills, neither knowing how to approach others, or feeling uneasy about the friendliness of others.

And, although they are self-confident on the surface, because they are too demanding, they often pick themselves and feel inferior.

And because they often set too high goals for themselves, they are under tremendous pressure.

In addition, life is monotonous, there is no other way of pastimes except for work, and no close circle of friends, so this group of people is also a high-risk group of physical diseases: “overwork death”, “chronic fatigue syndrome”, “insomnia”,”Worried about depression” etc. are “friends” who often accompany them.

Have to sleep enough for a lifetime

Have to sleep enough for a lifetime

Tang Youzhi, born in Hangzhou in 1926, is a chief physician and professor of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and an expert in Chinese medicine ophthalmology.

He had done inner eye surgery for Mao Zedong.

Professor Tang Youzhi is 84 years old, but he looks only in his 60s.

  He said his health regimen, “In fact, it is mainly a normal mind and a more regular life.

” 1.

Sleep guidelines.

Professor Tang regards sleep as a “gas station” for energy, and should ensure more than 7 hours of sleep per day.

  Sometimes patients see a doctor in the middle of the night, after which he also takes time to make up for sleep.

When he gets older, he takes a half-hour or one-hour lunch break every day to ensure energy in the afternoon.


Plan your own movement.

  Professor Tang performs surgery on a patient for a few hours, and he takes this as a good opportunity to exercise.

Later, he had a problem with his heart and began to perform chest expansion exercises to keep the blood flowing.

  At the same time, it is often rotated to correct, because alignment is the center of human life, and replacement is the key part of this center.


The diet should be matched.

Professor Tang is never picky or gluttonous. He is a vegetarian, but requires a reasonable mix.

  As he gets older, he starts to control his diet and usually eats more vegetarian food.

His requirements for three meals a day are: full breakfast, good Chinese food, and less dinner.


Be human.

Professor Tang said that he has experienced the turmoil of the old society and the contradictions of life, so he is a very easy man to satisfy.

  Although he has seen a number of high-level leaders including Chairman Mao, he has never been complacent about it, but always regarded himself as an ordinary doctor.

No matter what circumstances he encounters, he will deal with it calmly, much less unpleasant than others, and much broader minded.


Study hard and use your brain.

Professor Tang believes that the human brain is like the wheel of a machine. It needs to be rotated from time to time. Although the movement will wear the wheel, once it is out of service for a long time, it is easy to “crash.”

  Although he is over 80 years old, Professor Tang still insists on going out of the clinic twice a week and deals with more than ten cases each time, which he said will keep him young forever.

These seven smelly methods are very damaging

These seven “smelly” methods are very damaging

Aromatherapy, nightlife, vegetarian food, etc. Do you think your life is of high quality?
Actually not, these habits will hurt your body!
The following is a list of common white-collar lifestyle habits. These habits may be what you admire, or may you desire, but these habits are not desirable.
  1. Aromatherapy life: It will also “disgrace” the body. In the relaxed and gentle music, the aroma and intoxication space will be completely liberated.
In addition to relaxing and invigorating the aroma, different types of aromatherapy also have a variety of beauty, beauty, preventive and health care effects.
  The concentration of aromatherapy is 70 times that of Chinese herbal medicine. If you are not careful, the aromatherapy will “destroy” your body.
Under long-term fragrance, it is easy to lack oxygen, cause skin sensitization, and even cause fire.
Do not spend too much time in the scented environment, let alone fall asleep.
Some aromas are collided, mixed together and even poisonous, so be careful when choosing aromas, and it is best to consult professionals about matters such as the timing of aromas and the mix of aromas.
 2, body shaping underwear: internal organ injuries were not discussed. The slogan of body shaping underwear is to have a good body without effort. Who can say that you can resist such temptations?
As the slimming clothes tightly wrap the abdomen, the kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, intestines and other organs in the abdominal cavity are oppressed, which causes the internal organs and their nervous system to be in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in weakened digestive system functions and constipation.
In addition, slimming underwear can cause a hypoxic reaction, causing breast swelling and pain.
Slimming underwear should not be worn for a long time, especially when sleeping at night.
  3. Nightlife: It causes headaches. One year is spring, summer is long, autumn is harvest, and winter is Tibetan. If these four seasons are put in one day, the night is the winter Tibetan period.
Dong Zang means that people need to build energy.
The dirty air and noise in bars and karaoke rooms are not a good place for energy retention. People stay inside for a long time and easily fall into a state of hypoxia, causing dizziness and headache.
It is absolutely a good habit to go to bed early and get up early. Occasionally you can relax and experience the fun, but if you often run outside at midnight, over time, it will cause great damage to your health.
  4, network life: easy to cause visual fatigue sitting in front of a computer, holding the mouse lightly, remote office, online shopping, online communication, online entertainment, work, love, entertainment is not wrong, the computer has become the core of many people’s lives.
More and more people are sitting in front of computers and becoming “networms.”
  Long time surfing the Internet, not only causes damage to the eyes, computer radiation accumulates in the body over a long period of time, but also causes damage to the blood system. Excessive information browsing on the Internet not only easily causes visual fatigue, but also causes similar nervous systems.Illness.
Friends who like to go online must control the amount of time they spend in front of the computer every day.
Should arrange more outdoor activities to relieve nervous system stress.
 5、素食生活:易患日光性皮炎  现在,减肥成了一个热门话题,肉类食品的脂肪让人望而却步,越来越多的人开始倾向素食,一股只吃青菜不吃肉的“素食潮”It is quietly rising.
  The human body needs appropriate amounts of protein, fat, etc. Long-term vegetarian diet will lead to malnutrition. In addition, some vegetables such as celery, lettuce, rape, spinach, pakchoi, etc. contain photosensitive substances. Excessive consumption of these vegetables before going to the sun and exposing to ultraviolet rays will causeSkin inflammation such as erythema, pimples, and edema occurs, which is medically known as “vegetative solar dermatitis.”
To ensure a balanced diet, you should eat meat appropriately.
  Even vegans ca n’t just eat vegetables. Make sure that your daily diet contains protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, and zinc, which are essential nutrients for your body. The food must not be too single. It should include vegetables, fruits, beans, and cereals., Milk, etc.
In addition, a large number of vegetarian vegetarians should try to avoid exposure to the sun after meals to prevent “plant-like solar dermatitis”.
  6. Beauty Nail Life: Beware of the spread of germs. If the nail tools are not completely disinfected, the fungus-containing equipment directly contacts the skin and nails, which will infect onychomycosis, ringworm and other diseases.
In addition, after the cosmetics are opened, bacteria can easily multiply and cause deterioration. The bacteria in cosmetics can be transmitted to others through the skin or the wounds on the hands.
Many chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics can harm the skin and even the human body.
Everyone must pay more attention to beauty, manicure and hand beauty.
 7. Fitness life: There is no circulation of air in the venue. Due to the large amount of physical energy consumed during fitness, you need to breathe a lot of fresh air and emit a lot of carbon dioxide at the same time.
Without good ventilation and convection equipment in the gym, the exhaust gas will continue to circulate in a limited space.
At the same time, sweat and microorganisms on the human body surface increase correspondingly. At this time, if the air exchange is insufficient, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and carbon dioxide in the air will accumulate, which will easily induce respiratory diseases such as laryngitis and bronchitis.
Fitness requires choosing a regular and healthy fitness place.
Before choosing a fitness place, you can go to the field to see if you have natural ventilation and whether the air is pungent. In addition, for newly renovated gyms, you should pay attention to whether there are hidden dangers of pollution sources such as decorative materials and furniture paint.