Huaxing Yuanchuang (688001): Leading domestic testing equipment supplier fully benefits industry growth

Huaxing Yuanchuang (688001): Leading domestic testing equipment supplier fully benefits industry growth

Report Summary: The company is a leading domestic supplier of testing equipment and systems.

The company’s testing products are mainly testing equipment in the field of flat panel display and integrated circuit. The flat panel display field is the company’s main source of income at this stage, and its revenue in 16-18 years is 5/13.


7 yuan, after the smooth growth of 39.

In the integrated circuit field, the revenue for the 16-18 years was 850/113/385 million yuan, with a compound growth rate of 110%. In the 18 years, the automotive electronics field achieved 11.08 million yuan in revenue, which was the revenue of the new field.

The company has been cultivating in the field of detection for many years, has core technology in the field of detection signals and image algorithms, and has both design and manufacturing capabilities of supporting precision components. It is a leading domestic supplier of detection equipment and systems.

  The flat-panel display sector benefiting from the capital expenditure of downstream panel companies will still maintain a high growth rate.

According to the statistics of the commencement of production of our downstream production lines, the investment amount of high-generation LCD and OLED production lines in 18 years was 197.5 billion yuan, the investment amount in 19 years was 2258 trillion, and the corresponding testing equipment space was 132/154 trillion for 14 years.


High-generation LCD production lines, especially the new OLED production lines, are more stringent in their production processes, achieve 南京夜生活网 high-yield production defects, and benefit excellent equipment manufacturers with rich detection technology reserves and strong product strength.

  Broad market space in semiconductor testing.

From the perspective of the semiconductor industry market size, the overall development of the global market has become stable, while the corresponding Chinese semiconductor industry market size has shown an explosive growth trend, which will bring a broad market space to the equipment side.

According to statistics, the number of global semiconductor equipment reached USD 64.5 billion in 2018, of which domestic semiconductor equipment was set at USD 13.1 billion, occupying 20% of the global market space.

The company actively researches and develops detection technology in the field of integrated circuits, and some products have 重庆耍耍网 been sold in batches. It is expected to seize the opportunity of domestic equipment demand explosion and bring long-term development to the company.

  Earnings forecast: We expect the company to achieve operating revenues of 12 in 19-21.



6.3 billion yuan; net profit attributable to mothers is 2.



1.6 billion, based on total shares after issuance 4.

Measured at 01 billion shares, EPS is 0.

73 yuan, 0.

97 yuan and 1.

29 yuan, at the issue price of 24.

Calculated at 26 yuan, the corresponding PE is 33X, 25X and 19X.

Covered for the first time and given a “Recommended” rating.

  Risk warning: the competition in the testing equipment market is intensifying, and the progress of semiconductor equipment exceeds expectations.

Hualan Biological (002007) Third Quarterly Review: Q3 Vaccine Surpasses Expected Blood Product Contribution to Continuous Improvement

Hualan Biological (002007) Third Quarterly Review: Q3 Vaccine Surpasses Expected Blood Product Contribution to Continuous Improvement

I. Overview of the event The company’s third quarter report for 2019 released by the company achieved revenue in the first three quarters of 201926.

3.8 billion (+29.

6%), net profit attributable to mother 9.

6.3 billion (+26.

9%), net profit of non-attributed mother 8.

9 ‰ (+ 31.


Second, analysis and judgment of Q3 vaccine exceeded expectations, blood products business is stable.

Q3 single quarter revenue 12.

4 ppm, according to the current data released by the China Central Inspection and Quarantine IV and Trivalent Influenza Vaccine Batch Issuance Data, expected Q3 single quarter vaccine revenue5.

About 400 million, vaccine income exceeded expectations; blood products income of about 700 million, basically unchanged from last year.

It is estimated that the revenue of blood products in the first three quarters will be about 2.1 billion, an annual increase of 13% -14%.

The parent company report of the pure blood products business shows that the first three quarters achieved revenue10.

97 ppm (-2%), with a gross margin of 57.

1%, down 6 from the same period last year.

3pp, the gross profit margin of blood products is reduced, it is estimated that it is related to the cost confirmation method. The company’s pulping cost is currently confirmed according to the albumin injection volume. The first three quarters of the immunoglobulin and coagulation factor injection volume are less than albumin, resulting in a ton of pulp income.As a result, the gross profit margin has declined; it is also expected that the rising cost of pulp extraction will also have some impact.

The prosperity of blood products is expected to continue to improve.

Net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters.

60 yuan (+0.

6%) is less than the net profit; the increase in income scale and the significant increase in accounts receivable; mainly because the Q3 vaccine single quarter income increased significantly, the vaccine account period is longer than blood products, generally about 3-6 months.

The third quarterly report shows that the company’s inventory has further declined and the turnover rate has further improved.

According to our grassroots research, the company’s albumin is currently out of stock and the sales of static propane are in good condition. At present, the inventory of blood product manufacturers and 武汉夜网论坛 channels is at a normal low level.

According to the data of the Chinese People’s Procuratorate, as of the end of January-September, the issuance of albumin batches decreased by -1%, corresponding to internal demand of about 8%. The termination of the issuance of static C-batch batches during January-September decreased by -3%, corresponding to the terminal 10% +There is a gap in demand, supply and demand, and the prosperity of blood products is expected to continue to improve.

Demand for the flu market remains strong, and flu vaccines are expected to continue to grow.

According to the data of the Chinese People’s Procuratorate, in the third quarter, the number of Hualan tetravalent influenza vaccines approved was 4.5 million, and the price of trivalent influenza was about 1.53 million. It is estimated that more than 杭州桑拿 8 million of the four-valent influenza vaccines were issued annually.

According to grassroots research data, the tetravalent influenza vaccine is currently in short supply and it is expected that demand will continue to be strong next year.

The company’s production capacity will be further released next year, with a capacity of 25 million. Even with new production capacity, given the strong demand for tetravalent influenza vaccine, Hualan’s tetravalent vaccine is expected to continue to grow next year.

Third, investment recommendations We expect the company’s net profit in 2019-202114.



670,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 1.



34. Corresponding to the current expected PE is 36/31/28 times, which is in the upper part of historical expectations. However, considering that the company’s blood product industry leader’s performance is stable, the blood product boom continues to improve, the company benefits significantly, and the flu market demand remains strong.The company’s flu vaccine is expected to continue to grow, and can enjoy a certain estimated premium for the first time coverage, given a “recommended” investment rating.

4. Risk warning: The product price decline fluctuates more than expected, the vaccine volume is less than expected, and safety risks.

Shentong Express (002468) Quarterly Report Review: Single Ticket Profit Improves Momentum and Transforms Interbank

Shentong Express (002468) Quarterly Report Review: Single Ticket Profit Improves 重庆耍耍网 Momentum and Transforms Interbank

Single ticket earnings improved month-on-month. Maintaining an “overweight” rating of 19Q1. STO achieved revenue of 45.

07 billion (+55.

1%), net profit attributable to mother 4.

0.6 billion (+7.

2%), lower than our UN expectations of 4.

5.7 billion, but single ticket profit improved month-on-month.

Ali’s shareholding strengthens market confidence and direct sales force. The profit growth rate in the second half of the year is expected to gradually improve. We maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 19/20/21.



39 yuan.

Compared with peers, Shentong Express is estimated to remain attractive, maintain the “overweight” level, and adjust the target price to 25.


67 yuan.

Costs have grown too fast. The quarterly report exceeded our baseline estimate 佛山桑拿网 of 1Q19, and the national express delivery business volume was 13.5 billion pieces (+22.

5%), the average price of 12 pieces.

7 yuan (-0.

9%) Shentong Express has completed 12 pieces.

7.8 billion pieces (+45.

2%), we expect the company’s volume growth rate to lead the way and reach one; market share reset 10.

5%, -0.

3pp, +1 per second.


The company realized revenue of 45.

07 billion (+55.

1%), cost 38.

4.6 billion (+60.

8%), gross margin of 14.

7% (-3pp); three expenses (sales + management + research and development) reached 1.

6.9 billion yuan (+ 108%), net profit attributable to mothers4.

0.6 billion (+7.

2%), lower than our UN expectations of 4.

5.7 billion, after deducting non-return to mother’s net profit3.

7.2 billion (+10.


In the first quarter, the company’s cost and expenses increased rapidly, which dragged down its performance.

Capital expenditures dragged down costs. Single-ticket gross profit / net profit improved year-on-year. In 2018, the company launched a direct operation of the transshipment center and trunk fleet, with capital expenditures reaching 28.
2.3 billion (+103.

7%), driving single ticket revenue upwards, but also creating cracking pressure on costs.
In the first quarter of 19, the income from the single ticket statement of Shentong was 3.

53 yuan, +6 for ten years.

8%, +3 from the previous quarter.

4%; single ticket courier service income 3.

48 yuan, -0 a year.

4%, +6 from the previous quarter.

6%; single ticket cost 3.

01 yuan, +10 for ten years.

7%, +1 MoM.

7%; single ticket gross margin 0.

52 yuan, at least -11.

4%, +14.

3%; single ticket deducts non-net profit 0.

29 yuan, at least -23.

8%, + 10% MoM.

From the overall data, the rapid growth of single ticket costs has lowered profitability; however, the cost has stabilized on a sequential basis and profitability has gradually improved.

With the strategic investment from Ali, the equity structure of Company B is worthy of attention.

76%) intends to reorganize the shares it holds into three parts: 1) Company A (De Yin De Run) holds 29 shares.

9%; 2) Company B holds 16.

1%; 3) Directly held shares 7.


Alibaba obtained 49% shares of Company A through equity transfer, which indirectly obtained Shentong14.

65% of the shares, paying a consideration of 46.

65 trillion, corresponding to Shentong Express estimated about 318 trillion, or 20.

8 yuan / share.

Neither Shentong Express’s senior management team nor its franchisees held company shares.

De Yin Investment directly holds 16.

The 1% equity is converted to indirect holding through Company B, which is the remaining space for equity diversification.

It is estimated that there is room for repair, and the company’s quarterly report of maintaining the “overweight” rating exceeded expectations, but Ali’s shareholding strengthens market confidence and direct sales force. The profit growth rate in the second half of the year promotes quarterly improvement. We maintain the company’s EPS in 19/20/21The prediction is 1.



39 yuan, corresponding to the current expectations of 15.



7X PE.

Comparable courier companies have won the median expected PE of 22 in 19 years.

3 times, Shentong Express is still estimated to be lower than its peers. With unit volume and performance growth picking up, it is estimated that there is room for repair, giving the company 17-19 times PE in 19 years (76% -89% of industry estimates), and adjusting the target price range25.

67 yuan (previous value was 28.

2 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: industry growth is slower than expected, price war, social security cost shock

Gigabit (603444): The performance of the mill in the box waits for the time to fly

Gigabit (603444): The performance of the mill in the box waits for the time to fly

Core viewpoints: 1) The company’s end-game and mobile game eras have all emerged in high quality. In January 2017, the A-share 南京桑拿网 company was a well-known domestic game developer and operator.

Established in 2004, it has successively developed classic works such as “Ask for the Road”, “Award for the Road” and “Fighting Fairy”.

After the transformation of mobile games, there are representative works “Ask” mobile games, “unbelievable maze” and so on.

In January 2017, Gigabit officially listed on the A-share main board.

2) Mining segmented needs, the rise of niche types, and vertical community operations will become the new normal state of the game market. The game market has begun to enter a stable period, with high-quality products, high reputation, and expansion into a trend.The accompanying phenomenon is that the mode of large coverage of traditional application stores is gradually outdated, and the community distribution combining media attributes 四川耍耍网 is rising.

In addition, quality word of mouth began to replace a single purchase operation, and the positive correlation between high word of mouth games and high returns gradually became apparent.

3) The company has increased the advantages of some types of games and long-term operations. Subsequently, it will develop multi-category companies relying on high-quality R & D capabilities, distribution capabilities and capital capabilities formed in the mobile game era.Small ecology; the downstream end has created a high reputation for the Thunder Games platform in communities such as TapTap. At present, it has formed its own word-of-mouth effects in categories such as MMO and Roguelike.

In the future, the company is expected to gradually expand to other types such as the second dimension.

The company plans to launch a number of new works in 2019: “Roguelike”, “Roguelike”, “Guardian of the Force” and so on.

Investment suggestion: We believe that the company has demonstrated its own high-quality R & D capabilities in the end-game and mobile game era, and its long-term operation capabilities have been recognized by the market.

At present, the stability of the company’s existing game flow helps to avoid short-term regulatory adjustments and market changes, and to ensure the supply of new products through equity participation in the construction of R & D ecological benefits. We believe that the company has excellent cost control and abundant game reserves.
Realizing net profit attributable to mothers in 20207.

9.4 billion and 8.

86 trillion, a growth rate of 15.

3% and 11.

6%, corresponding to the current sustainable PE of 15 respectively.

6x and 14.

0x, which is lower than the average PE16 of comparable companies.

5 times.

Considering that the company has obtained version number products, has strong performance certainty, and reduced operating and financial risks, we give it an 18xPE estimate for 2019. The company’s reasonable value is 198 yuan / share, and the first coverage is given a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: lower than expected risk, risk of intensified market competition, and risk of policy supervision.

Baoxin Software (600845): Net profit growth attributable to mother 57.

IDC business scale continues to expand by 34%

Baoxin Software (600845): Net profit growth attributable to mother 57.

IDC business scale continues to expand by 34%

The increase in IDC’s listing rate increased the business’s gross profit margin, the expenses were well controlled, and the growth rate of net profit was in line with expectations: the company issued an announcement: (1) 2018 annual report: realized revenue 54.

71 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

56%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

69 ppm, a 57-year increase of 57.


(2) First quarter report of 2019: Revenue 13.

$ 4.4 billion, an annual increase of 32.

62%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 36武汉夜网论坛 in ten years.


According to the annual report, revenue from service outsourcing was 16.

900,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.

80%, first of all, the annualized increase in the number of racks on the IDC project in the current period. At the same time, the increase in the IDC racking rate has promoted the overall gross profit margin of the business and has continued to grow.


Software development and engineering services revenue in 2018 was 35.

2.2 billion, an annual increase of 5.

26%; system integration revenue 2.

42 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.


Expenses during 20185.

39%, a decrease of 0 from 2017.

34 expenses, good cost control, and continuous growth of each business, net profit growth in line with expectations.

  IDC’s business scale continues to expand, and the company gradually forms an IDC industry ecosystem: Baozhiyun’s new-generation information infrastructure service industry base has become China’s leading high-end neutral industrial base with an existing industry scale of nearly 20,000 cabinets.

According to reports, the 2018 annual report revealed that the company’s planned construction is advancing steadily. 重庆耍耍网Among them, the increase in investment expenditures for IDC’s fourth-phase construction project has increased the company’s construction in progress.

72%, the rack-on-rack rate continues to rise, and the IDC business scale continues to expand.

In the operation and maintenance service, the company has successfully launched the “Baoxin Data Center Operation Management System” developed to the market, completed the development plan for the national layout of the strategic business of IDC, and started the existing business expansion outside the region.

The company continues to explore and integrate the advantages of external partners’ resources to gradually form an IDC industry ecosystem.

  Benefiting from the rebound of the steel industry’s informatization demand, automation and informatization business continue to grow: through steel supply side reform, the introduction of de-capacity policies, which translates into increased demand for information construction in the steel industry.Complete solutions, making full use of years of good service and technology accumulation, successfully signed a large number of major projects in 2018, promoted the continuous growth of automation and information business, and consolidated the industry leadership pattern.

  Investment suggestion: Through the expansion of the company’s IDC business and the increasing demand for information technology in the steel industry, we are optimistic about the future growth of the company’s business.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 8 respectively.

21, 10.

02, 12.

0.6 million yuan, corresponding to 0 EPS.

94, 1.


37 yuan.Maintain the “Recommended” level.

  Risk warning: IDC business progress is less than expected, downstream steel industry information demand is less than expected, industry competition is intensifying

Two Winter Lip Care Meals

Two Winter Lip Care Meals

Cucumber and kiwi juice: Wash and remove the cucumber, peel and cut into small pieces, peel and cut the kiwi into a juicer with the cucumber, add cold water, squeeze the juice and mix it with honey.Yes the previous hour.

This vegetable and fruit juice will always moisturize the lips, but also beauty and weight loss.

  Cauliflower in tomato sauce: cut the cauliflower into small flowers and soak in salt water for 5?
10 minutes, wash with boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes; wash the celery, cut into sections, put in boiling water and simmer for a while, remove and control the moisture; wash the carrots and onions, cut into slices, and shred;Stir-fry the onion shreds, add pepper, carrot flakes and tomato sauce when it’s slightly yellow. Continue to fry until dark red. Add cauliflower and celery segments. Add the seasonings to taste and stir well.

If you eat this dish often, your lips will always be moisturized and your face will be tender and tender.

  Spleen and Lip-Lip Yam Porridge: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the spleen opens its mouth to its mouth and its lip blossoms”, which means that the temper is healthy and the lips are naturally rosy and shiny. Therefore, to prevent chapped lips, strengthening the spleen is the key.

Chinese yam is a kind of spleen food that is not dry and greasy. It can be used to make porridge with the previous spleen or glutinous rice.

The method is very simple, wash and peel the yam, cut into small dices, add soaking water for a while, prevent the rice or glutinous rice from being washed into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add the yam, red dates after the fire is boiled, and then use smallIt’s OK if the fire burns.

Wanting good skin is definitely oil control!


Wanting good skin is definitely oil control!

According to the results of a survey, as far as Hong Kong is concerned, 2/3 of women aged 15-55 are oily skin, and nearly 61% of women suffer from facial oil problems.

In the summer, oil secretion becomes very vigorous, and OLs who have been in air-conditioned rooms for a long time are even more oily and dry inside, and their skin is covered with oil.

Then comes a series of problems such as large pores, acne, acne, etc. If you want good skin, the first thing is to control the oil!

  Reasons for excessive facial oils An appropriate amount of facial oils has a moisturizing effect on the skin, so that the skin will not be sensitive or dry out due to dryness.

People with strong facial oils are mainly related to hormone secretion and the thickness of sebaceous glands. Thick sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, which may cause inflammation of the skin, such as acne or acne.

Basically, skin dehydration is also the culprit of facial oils, especially in the summer, the number of face washing increases, but the water and oil balance on the face is out of balance.

The latest research has also found that ultraviolet light is an important factor in stimulating oil secretion. Ultraviolet light will pass through the barrier of the epidermis and directly stimulate the adenosine of the dermis, which will increase the secretion of oil.

  Daily care: Prevent face oil Step 1: The water temperature for cleansing and controlling the face is absolutely higher than 38 ° C.

5 degrees, otherwise it will wash away the oil needed by the skin itself, causing the skin to secrete more oil.

You can learn the Japanese double cleansing method: first dissolve the makeup and sunscreen with makeup remover oil instead of wiping it off, and then thoroughly clean the pores with extremely fine foam to keep the surface truly dry.

For oily muscle cleansing, choose a foaming cleansing mousse or cleansing cream.

If you wash your face with facial cleansing cotton implant massage, it will produce more dense foam, so that dirt and old keratin are washed more thoroughly.

  Xiaobian recommends L’Occitane Olive Organic Brightening Cleansing Foam 190, which becomes a light and delicate foam with a pump. It contains olive water and olive oil, which can completely clean excess oil, and it will not wash away the skin’s hydrolipid film.Skin maintains water and oil balance.

  The second step: Oil control toner will dry the skin after cleansing, which will destroy the pH of the sebum membrane and weaken the skin’s ability to resist foreign objects. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the skin’s natural acidity with toner.

For people with oily skin, they should add some oil-controlling toners: such as witch hazel, mint, camphor, and lavender.

For oily skin, pour firming water on a cotton pad and spread the entire face. For combination skin, just apply it to the T-shaped part. Put the toner in the refrigerator in the summer to feel more refreshing.

  The editor recommends Shuizhiao Marine Clear and Cleansing Conditioner 210, a toner with oil control and moisturizing effect, which can effectively remove the surface shine and reduce the appearance of shine. The AHA component can help dissolve dead skin and dirt to improveSkin tone and texture.

  Step 3: Balance the water and oil in the morning to make the skin really no longer oily. It is necessary to take into account both oil control and hydration at the same time, replacing the moisturizing products that completely eliminate oil, and maintain water and oil balance.

Hydrating is really important for oil control, because the skin will instinctively secrete more oil because the water is not enough, and it will become oily and dry.

Most of the oil control creams specially designed for summer have moisturizing function at the same time, which can reduce the inhibition of excessive oil secretion and reduce the promotion of moisture content. In short, oil control and hydration must be performed simultaneously, which is an important step towards zero shine.

  The editor recommends Biotherm Triple Tightening Pore Essence 215, an alcohol-free formula that does not double pores and cause blackheads, effectively tightens and refines pores, making the skin texture more refined and reducing shine.

  Step 4: Evening creams that dissolve fat at night are generally moist, and most people ignore this step in the summer, but night is actually a critical time for oil control.

It turns out that the oil glands are particularly active at night, and it takes about 10-12 hours for the oil to drain from the pores to the skin surface. Therefore, the strong oil at night may not appear on the epidermis at noon, which explains why there is panning in the afternoonCase.
Therefore, oil control is also required at night. Some night-time oil control products and masks can thoroughly clean the pores at night, dissolve excess keratin, and allow the oil to be smoothly discharged. In the morning, when you cleanse your face, you can remove excess oil at one time and keep it dry all day.

  Xiaobian launched Vichy Oil Conditioning Night Cream 190, which contains Zincadone cell conditioning factor. It releases vitamin E in hair follicles at night, removes excess keratinocytes, unblocks pores, and reduces oil secretion after getting up in the morning.

  Important care: Improve the facial oil too much Initial: When applying a deep cleansing mask, it is necessary to effectively suck out the oil and impurities in the deep pores to ensure that the pores are unobstructed. Be sure to apply the deep cleansing mask once or twice a week.

When applying a deep cleansing mask, the mask may not be evenly spread on the entire face, but it must be applied to slightly wet skin.

For combination skin, apply only on oily areas and avoid changing the eye area.

If you want to have a shiny face in the morning, wait 5 minutes for the mask to dry thoroughly and then wash it with warm water. For intensive care at night, apply it for 20 minutes.

  The editor recommends Biotherm Firming Pore Control Mask 220 for 5 minutes, then gently massage the T area with your fingers, then rinse with water to replace it. You can use it two to three times a week.

  Step 2: The key oil control T position is the most dense place for the facial skin oil glands. There are 900 per square centimeter. The rest of the above places are more than doubled. The T position oil content will be particularly large and prominent.Use targeted oil control products, focusing on oil control.

The key control oil essence must exclude the oil content. The thickness is light, easy to apply, and easy to absorb. The skin feels silky after use, and it can instantly receive the effect of fine pores. Long-term use can make the pore wall stronger and stronger.

  When using it, you can directly use it on the conspicuous pores of the surface, and then use daily skin care procedures and makeup.

People with severe facial oily conditions can use it sooner or later, but remember to apply a thin layer to avoid applying around the eyes.

These products are applied after the essence and before the moisturizing lotion.

  Xiao Bian launched the Clarins Refreshing and Elegant Repair Pen 190, which uses pure white natural hemp, vitamin B6, white plant tree and other natural plant extracts. It can regulate oil secretion and make the complexion matte without oil.

Healthy Living Survey: Do You Have a Divorce Gene?

Healthy Living Survey: Do You Have a Divorce Gene?

A group of researchers from Boston University in the United States compared the marriage status and divorce rate of 8,000 identical male twins to fraternal twins, and found that identical twins (with the same genes) are more likely to have the same divorce pattern than fraternal twins!!

Researchers therefore suspect that divorce may be genetically affected?

  Dr. Lei Yang, the host of Boston University’s divorce and genetic relationship research, explained that the effect of genes on divorce is actually caused by certain genetic behaviors or diseases-these diseases and behaviors are more likely to cause conflicts in intimacy, such as drugsAbuse, depression and alcohol addiction!

“Almost any kind of mental illness makes marriage more difficult to maintain.

“Alcohol addicts, alcohol addicts?

  Researchers believe that people with alcohol addiction are more likely to cause marriage.

Alcoholics are four times more likely to separate or divorce than the average person.

However, the frustration of divorce can also be addicted to alcohol.

  Since the 1980s, Koroninger, a psychiatrist at the University of Washington in the United States, has doubted the relationship between genes and alcohol addiction.

He studied adopted children and found that their biological parents are alcohol addicts, with a 22% chance of becoming alcohol addicts.

Later, they went further and found that certain types of alcohol addicts do have genetic defects.

  Because of an alcoholic father, many alcohol addicts have decided not to drink since childhood.

However, in the process of life growth, because I rarely learned the ability to deal with stress, I had to get mad, drink uncontrollably, and hate myself more easily when encountering things.

“Parental issues, parenting styles, and close relationships are often replicated through family influences,” said Wang Haowei, a psychiatrist.

  ”My dad is an old alcoholic. When I was young, I used to lie in bed waiting for him to come back late at night without knowing what would happen next.

During that time, I do not know how many times I fell asleep crying, hated wine and all its meaning.

However, when I was 30 years old, after studying for 10 years at the seminary and preparing to become a priest, I was admitted to Austin State Hospital for oral alcohol treatment!

“In the book” Family Will Hurt People “, the famous American psychological counselor John Bradshaw described his personal experience.

  ”Families of drug addicts and alcoholics are obviously people with low self-esteem and compulsive personality, creating immature marriages and humiliating and abandoning children.

As the children grow up, they inherit similar morbidities and continue this vicious cycle.

“John Bressha said.

  The repeated family violence marriage and family therapist Saigel believes that parents’ marital relationship is a blueprint for intimate relationships between children and adults.

A study of 300 couples’ marriages and their children’s marriages found that unpleasant or broken marital relationships continue into transformed marriages.

Because children learn how parents treat the other half.

Jealousy, emotion, irritability, or strong treatment of a spouse can have a greater impact on a child’s marriage than a bad parent-child relationship or divorce.

  According to statistics, domestic violence has been one of the most rudimentary ways women want to divorce.

Many studies are beginning to find a link between “gene defects” and aggressive violence.

The analysis found that genetic coding had problems with several enzymes needed by multiple substances between neurons in the brain.

  However, they believe that the logic of gene determinism, gene A causes behavior B, is too simple.

“Genes can modify children’s sensitivity to unfriendly environments, which is why not all abused children grow up as perpetrators, and some genes protect children from deflection,” study of King’s College London, which studies the relationship between genes and violenceTerry Maffett points out.

  Women also have “spoofing genes”. In addition to gene-related diseases that affect marriage, affair is also often mentioned in the relationship between genes and marital changes.

Some theories suggest that it is also a gene that likes to seduce flowers.

Is it really good?

Is sex addiction really uncontrollable?

  From the perspective of biological evolution, genes are a blueprint for development from the beginning, and genes will guide the development of organisms through hormones.

Males are more aggressive because they need to hunt. They want to spread as much of their genes as possible, and “seed” them everywhere-according to Yang Lianqian, a psychiatrist at Taipei Sanatorium.

  Past studies from veterans have also found that G-sterol levels and violence are directly proportional to sexual activity.

People with high G-sterones are gas-rich, maverick, aggressive, and indulgent.  It seems that men are promiscuous, and women are chaste, right?

Wrong, biological evolutionist Olivier Judson in “Dr.

The book Tatiana’s Sexual Advice to Global Creatures states that most types of women are also lascivious before wars break out between the sexes.

  Interestingly, recent British studies have pointed out that women’s “red apricots come out of the wall” are also genetically related.

A study by Professor Spike of St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, UK found that if a female twin has been unfaithful to her spouse, the other has a similar 55% chance.

Identical twins have the strongest similarity to spouse infidelity or loyalty.

  However, Director Spike does not have a single gene of infidelity, and many other genes work together, such as genes that like risky personality and so on.

What are the precautions for summer outdoor sports

What are the precautions for summer outdoor sports

1. Sun protection For coastline crossing or mountain climbing in summer, the sun is very strong. You must pay attention to sun protection.

Moreover, the team set off in the morning. It was almost noon when they arrived at the starting point. The team did not advance long, and it was noon.

  At this time, the temperature is highest, the sun is like fire, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun are particularly strong. If the skin is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, it will cause 1?
2 degree burns and heat stroke.

Ultraviolet rays can also penetrate the skin, bones, and radiation to the meninges and retinas, causing damage to the brain and eyeballs.

  Response measures: Try to avoid walking on the coastline and ridges in high temperature weather.

To participate in general activities, you must bring a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, long-sleeved shirt, and bring ten drops of water, Rendan, Huoxiangzhengqi pills, cooling oil and other heatstroke drugs.

  2. Drinking water and sweating a lot in summer outdoor sports must be replenished in time, but if the way of drinking water is wrong, it will lead to adverse consequences.

Many models in beverage advertisements often pick up a bottle of drink and drink it during exercise or at rest, which seems to quench their thirst. In fact, it is very harmful from the perspective of sports physiology.

  Drinking a lot of water during and after exercise will increase the burden on the blood circulation system, digestive system, and especially the heart, causing more fatigue.

The result of drinking a lot of water will only be more sweating, which will gradually increase the loss of salt, cause tremors and cramps.

  Countermeasures: Drink a small amount of water several times, drink only a few mouthfuls of water each time, the number of times of drinking water continues to increase, do not rely on the feeling of thirst as a basis for rehydration, when you are not thirsty, you should also replenish water so that it can be replenished in a balanced manner.

Do not drink a lot of water at one time, but it is not to control the rehydration. If a large amount of water is not replenished, severe kidney failure can be caused.

Time, a day of activities around Shenzhen in the summer (5-8 hours), a flow of at least 2-3 liters is required, and even 6 liters of water are required under high temperature conditions.

  Recommended carrying amount: more than 4 bottles of 600ml bottled water, more than 550ml of sports drink (grape or good music), 50g of mustard.

You can also prepare sports drinks by yourself. The recipe: a few green tea or black tea (2 sachets in a bag), a few fruit-flavored powdered beverages such as Guozhen, a few glucose, and edible salt content (optional, medical physiological salt is best).

  3. Fever (heat exhaustion, heatstroke) participates in outdoor sports in summer. Due to high temperature and large amount of exercise, the accumulation inside the body is more than the distribution. If you do not pay attention to prevention, fever will easily occur.Heat exhaustion is severely caused by heat stroke (that is, heat stroke).

  In order to reduce the body temperature, the blood vessels of the skin will swell in order to reduce body temperature, and dehydration will occur due to excessive sweating. The blood circulating to the brain and other important parts will be reduced to abnormal levels.
  As a result, the following symptoms occur: rapid pulse, wet and cold skin, dizziness, weakness, nausea, which is heat failure.

If the temperature is not dealt with in time, the temperature in the body will accumulate and the temperature of key organs in the body will rise to a dangerous level, and emergency symptoms will occur: extremely fast pulse, weakness, headache, change of mental state (blurred or unable to cooperate, slow(Slow rhythm coma), the skin is hot and flushed, which means that heat stroke has occurred. If you do not deal with it in time, your life will be in danger.

  Countermeasure: In order to prevent sun damage and to prevent the body from being damaged by thatch and thorns during the activity, you need to wear a hat and long pants during the march, but this brings the problem of heat dissipation.

  To help your body temperature dissipate, you can soak your hat with water when walking in the sun; remove the hat when walking in a place that is not exposed to the sun; when you are resting, try to put your backpack down and unbutton the collar of the jacket;It is best to rest in a place out of the sun and ventilated.

  Pay attention to the rhythm during the march. You should not take more than an hour for a walk. Take a break of about 30 minutes under high temperature. Take a rest for 5 to 15 minutes according to the specific situation to avoid excessive pulse, high body temperature and excessive sweating.

In addition, you must pay attention to replenish water, salt and electrolytes along with sunstroke medicine.

If muscle cramps occur, find a place to rest immediately, massage on the cramps, slowly relax the muscles in the cramps, and the most important thing is to add water and electrolytes in time.

  When heat failure occurs, you must rest immediately. It is best to find a cool place, raise the patient’s feet up and lower it slightly, immediately add water and electrolytes and fluids, take ten drops of water, Rendan,Huoxiangzhengqi pills and other heatstroke prevention drugs.

  When a heat stroke (heat stroke) occurs, it must be treated immediately.

Patients may be unable to cooperate due to blurred consciousness. The patient must be held in a cool place. Use steam cooling method to spray water evenly on the patient’s body, keep the hair on, and keep blowing. (It is best to have ice cubes and use a towel.Wrap it on your head and cool your body).

When the body temperature returns to normal, there is no need to cool down.

  However, continue to observe the patient’s temperature and physical condition, because the body temperature may rise again and need to be implemented again.

If there is no problem with the patient’s vomiting reflex ability and swallowing ability, the patient can drink cold liquid objects, replenish water and electrolytes, and liquid things, and take ten drops of water, Rendan, Huoxiangzhengqi pills and other heatstroke prevention drugs.

  First of all, most patients with heat failure can continue to complete subsequent activities after treatment returns to normal.

For severe heat stroke patients, unless they recover well, it is recommended to find someone to accompany the patient to withdraw from the activity.

  4. Heat tetanus moves at high temperature in summer, the body generates heat quickly, and the capillaries of the skin expand a lot, which is good for the body to dissipate heat.

If you encounter a cold stimulus, the pores that have been opened on the body surface suddenly close, causing internal organs to become dysfunctional, and the brain’s body temperature to be abnormally regulated, leading to illness. Usually, a “hot cold”, which is a cold in summer, may even causecritical illness.

  Response: During the summer march, when sweating heavily, if there are mountain springs, streams, ponds, etc., or passing by the sea, you must not jump in for a moment to cool down and continue to take a shower.

Even after the activity is over, you need to wait for your body temperature to drop before you take a cool shower.

  After the event, if the vehicle for your return journey is an air-conditioned vehicle or in an air-conditioned room, you cannot turn on the air conditioner and blow it directly to your body. It is best to open the car window to cool with natural wind, and turn on the air conditioner after the body temperature drops.
  5, cold drinks to participate in outdoor activities in summer, if there is a cold drink to eat, is a very enjoyable thing, but during or after the event, you can not immediately eat a lot of cold drinks.
Cold drinks lower the temperature of the stomach, and also dilute the gastric juices, which impairs the physiological functions of the stomach, causing indigestion, diarrhea, etc., and acute gastritis in severe cases.

  Countermeasures: A small amount of cold drinks is beneficial for cooling, but it should not be excessive. It should be dealt with according to specific conditions.

Frozen drinks, etc. that everyone brings before departure, please participate in a small number of times.

After the activity, wait for the body temperature to drop significantly before drinking frozen drinks or beer.

  6, clothes sweat a lot in summer outdoor sports, clothes quickly soaked, many people arrived at the destination, often left the clothes wet, trying to rely on their body temperature to dry clothes.

It is extremely harmful in the first place and can cause diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis over time.

  Response: Before participating in the activity, bring a set of close-fitting dry clothes (especially tops) and a coat to be changed in your backpack. When you arrive at the destination, immediately change the wet clothes.

When taking a break during the activity, if the wind is strong, if you change the rest time, wear a coat in time, otherwise the wind will take away a large amount of the body, and the body’s body will alternate between cold and heat, which may easily cause disease.

  In order to facilitate sweat evaporation and heat dissipation, it is best to buy quick-drying clothing made of chemical fiber for outerwear for outdoor activities. The best is fast-drying and UV-proof clothing.

Love story for 4-year-old son

“Love” story for 4-year-old son

One day, the whole family was having dinner. The 4-year-old son Dongdong suddenly announced to us solemnly: “Mom and dad, I like a little beauty at work.
“The sudden confession immediately shocked my husband and me: Did the 4-year-old boy know what the love was?
  So I deliberately covered up my anxiety and asked my son in a very casual tone: “Oh, is it?
What’s her name?
Do you like her simply because she looks beautiful?
“” Her name is Rong Rong. Not only does she look beautiful, but she is also good to me. She always distributes her snacks to me.
Rong Rong is also very clever and clever. Not only does she draw well, but the folded bird looks like the real one, and she is often praised by the teacher . The children in the class also said that she danced like a little fairy.Everyone likes her . “The son described his” little lover “in a frown, and then said, his emotions were gradually agitated, and in the end, he even uttered an astonishing saying” I want to marry Rong Rong “.
  After learning the secrets of my son’s feelings, I secretly laughed. It turned out that his pure appreciation for Rong Rong was not the romantic love between men and women in my imagination, so it didn’t seem to be a fuss at all.
  I thought my son’s “fascination” for Rong Rong would gradually fade away with the passage of time, but this is not the case. The son’s affection for that little girl seems to be increasing day by day.
  “爱情”风波   “六一”节那天,从幼儿园回到家的儿子跟我说:“蓉蓉不喜欢我的礼物,却和涛涛交换了一个纸灯笼,而且她还和涛涛玩了一下午.
In the face of my son who was hit by “love”, I think we should respect his lovely emotional world and help him rebuild his self-confidence.
So I said to my son, “Baby, Rong Rong doesn’t really dislike you, but when the two things of flowers and lanterns are the same, she prefers lanterns, so she exchanges gifts with Tao Tao.
Now that you know Rong Rong likes lanterns, you can give her a lantern tomorrow. Mom believes Rong Rong will play with you again.
“” Come, Mom teaches you to fold lanterns!
My son’s spirit suddenly shook, and he clapped his little hands excitedly and cheered: “Okay, Rong Rong likes green the most. I want to give her a big green lantern.”
After finishing speaking, my son hurried to find a gorgeous piece of green paper, can’t wait to ask me to teach him to fold the lantern immediately.
  I took another piece of paper and patiently demonstrated it step by step.
The son learns very seriously. Although his movements are awkward, he is meticulous in every step and strives for excellence.
  Ten minutes later, his son’s masterpiece was “already done”. Looking at the beautiful big lantern, he was excited and dancing.
  The next day the son proudly said, “Mom, Mom, I gave the lantern to Rong Rong, she likes it, and said that my lantern is much more beautiful than Tao Tao!”
Later I taught her how to fold the lantern!
”   “哦,是吗?That’s great!
”   看着已经摆脱“情感”的困扰的儿子,我如释重负地深呼了一口气……   一点启示   3~6岁的儿童正处于性朦胧的阶段,他们有时会表现出对异性的向往,说出”I love XX”, “I want to marry XX,” and other words, in fact, this is not a child’s precocity, but the growth characteristics of children of this age, because children of this age like to imitate adult behavior, So they will use this feeling to themselves and a child of the opposite sex, in fact, this is not the same as adult sex, just an imitation.
  In the face of children who have hazy feelings, parents should not ridicule and criticize them, but should respect the child’s cute and innocent emotions, and regard it as a valuable experience in the child’s life. In a natural, concise and scientific wayGuide them, let children have a correct understanding of “love” since childhood, and form a healthy mentality.