Zhaoyi Innovation (603986) Company Review: Changxin Storage Progress Exceeds Expectations to Expand New Growth Space

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986) Company Review: Changxin Storage Progress Exceeds Expectations to Expand New Growth Space

I. Overview of the event Recently, according to Hefei Industry Investment Group, “Anhui Daily”, recently, Changxin Storage Dynamic Random Access Memory Chip (DRAM) project was put into production; after customer verification, Changxin Storage 10nm first-generation 8Gb DDR4 DRAMProduct performance is up to standard, and customers are satisfied with the verification results.

It is expected that by the end of this year, the first chips will enter the hands of customers.

  Second, analysis and 夜来香体验网 judgment of Hefei Changxin ahead of the expected production in advance The market expects that Hefei Changxin can achieve mass production in Q4, but on September 20th, the Changxin 12-inch memory memory chip independent manufacturing project was announced for production.The first generation of 8Gb DDR4 synchronized with the international mainstream DRAM products has been verified by large domestic and foreign customers and officially delivered by the end of this year.

  Changxin will become the main storage foundry in China. Changxin ‘s 12-inch wafer processing and manufacturing base project has a total investment of 1,500 trillion yuan. It will be carried out in three phases./month.

DRAM accounts for 56% of the memory market share, and the US $ 100 billion market. China is the world’s largest market, but 95% is replaced by Samsung, Hynix, and Micron. The commissioning of the Changxin DRAM project marks the independent production capacity of strategic component DRAM.

  Changxin provides important assistance for the development of Zhaoyi. Hefei Changxin was jointly funded by Hefei Industry Investment and Zhaoyi Innovation. Zhu Yiming, chairman of Zhaoyi, is also the chairman and chief executive officer of Hefei Changxin.Easy Flash products formed a combination of two swords, from 2.5 billion US dollars Nor into the 100 billion US dollars DRAM market.

  Third, investment advice The company is the world’s leading supplier of memory chips and MCUs, benefiting from the independent and controllable trend of semiconductors, and is one of the national memory chip strategic platforms.

Due to NOR Flash’s funding and job hunting, the company cut into major international customers, and the domestic substitution of chips accelerated. Considering the impact of the acquisition of Shanghai Siliwei, we have revised the company’s performance. It is estimated that the EPS in 19/20/21 will be 2 respectively.



21 yuan, corresponding PE is 74X / 49X / 39X.

The reference SW semiconductor industry PE is estimated to be 179 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

  4. Risk warnings: 1. Price fluctuations of raw materials such as wafers; 2. Price reduction of memory chips; 3. DRAM capacity climbs less than expected.

Huadian International (600027): Coal price center drops, repairs profitability, capacity continues to expand, and performance improves

Huadian International (600027): Coal price center drops, repairs profitability, capacity continues to expand, and performance improves

The main points of the report describe the company’s disclosure of the 2019 results pre-announcement announcement: The company expects the 2019 results to increase by 15 after the 2018 restatement.

500 million to 19.

0 million yuan, an increase of about 90% -110% a year.

Incident Review Capacity expansion or damage to power generation space, electricity and revenue scale is expected to be stable.

In 2019, the growth of national power demand tended to be weak, which resulted in a sudden change in the production rhythm of power generation. From January to December, the national power generation reached 714.2 billion kWh, only an increase of 3.


Among them, due to the compression of the protected energy in the power generation space, the annual thermal power generation capacity is only 5,1654 billion kWh, a longer growth1.

9%, the growth rate is reduced by 4 every year.

1 unit.

According to the latest data, from January to November in Shandong Province, where the company’s large number of units are located, the thermal power generation capacity is alternately placed.

8% to 470.2 billion kilowatt-hours, meanwhile, the average utilization hours of thermal power in the province are reduced every 240 hours to 4041 hours.

Considering that the company will successively put into production a number of projects in Laizhou # 3, # 4 and other multi-kilowatt units in 2019, the expansion of capacity may play a positive role in the company’s electricity and revenue scale.

The central price of coal continued to fall, and profitability accelerated repair.

From the perspective of fuel cost, the central price of coal in the market will steadily move down in 2019, so that the Shandong coal price index will reach 559.

98 yuan tons, a decrease of 45 compared with the same period last year.

33 yuan / ton, a decrease of 7.

49%, a decline exceeding the national average.

Among them, in the second half of the company’s intensive production of large-capacity thermal power units, the coal price index of Shandong Province continued to drop 48.

79 yuan / ton, a decrease of 8.

16%, which is conducive to the new unit to contribute more profits.

At this point in time, we believe that the focus of thermal power performance improvement has shifted to cost improvement, and the company’s own cumulative expansion will help accelerate profit recovery: the company is expected to achieve profitability in 2019.

800 million to 36.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 90% -110%.

The Group’s asset deposits are expected, and the extension development is worth looking forward to.

As of the end of 2018, the non-listed conventional energy power generation assets of the group-controlled power generation enterprises have been put into operation: Huadian Jiangsu Energy, Huadian Xinjiang Power and other 15 internal companies or branches.

After excluding Wuchang Thermal Power, which has been injected into Huadian International on September 1, 2019, the remaining 14 companies have put into operation an installed capacity of 44.65 million kilowatts, and have approved an installed capacity of 3.5 million kilowatts.Listed companies, in the long run, the scale of assets will continue to increase.

Investment suggestions and estimates: Based on the company’s latest announcement, we adjust the company’s profit forecast: It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

35 yuan, 0.

46 yuan and 0.

56 yuan, the corresponding PE 武汉夜网论坛 is 10 respectively.

40 times, 7.

85 times and 6.

47 times.

Considering that the company’s current profitability is expected to continue to rise, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

Risk of deterioration of power supply and demand environment; 2.

Coal prices are at risk of unsustainable growth.

121 Fund Winding-up Notes: Large-scale sharp tools in a blink of an eye

121 Fund Winding-up Notes: Large-scale sharp tools in a blink of an eye

Original Title: Liquidation Notes of 121 Public Funds: Large-scale Weapons Instantly Desolate and Low-quality Products Are Cleared At the Time 21st Century Economic Herald Jiang Shi Qiang Read: Extending the end of the year, the scale war is in full swing.

At the same time that several funds were liquidated, the issuance boom in the market did not stop.

A few days ago, the amortized cost method bond fund became a dark horse at the end of the year, and at the same time, a large number of corporate bond-type products were being issued.

  Looking back on 2019, the liquidation of funds is not uncommon.

  On December 19, Chuangjinhexin Premium Growth Equity Fund released a liquidation report.

The reason for liquidation was the corresponding date three years after the effective date of the fund contract (November 2, 2019), whose net asset value of the fund was lower than double digits, which triggered the termination of the fund contract.

  21st Century Business Herald statistics show that a total of 121 public funds have been liquidated as of December 19 this year.

  Although the number of liquidations is smaller than 2018, it is still the second year.

Among them, since November 19th, there have been two-year pure bonds of Rich Nations. Huaan Ruixiang is regularly opened. Long letter Shanghai Stock Exchange, SDIC UBS Xingduodu and other 18 funds announced their liquidation.

  ”The liquidation of funds is already the norm in the industry.

“On December 19, a brokerage fundraiser told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

Although a large number of members of the public have mentioned this point in their communication with 21st Century Business Herald reporters, it seems that new changes are still emerging.

  It may be because the bond funds that were smashed by large-scale institutions last year were reduced to liquidation.

Including the two-year pure bonds of the rich countries mentioned previously, 48 bond-type funds have been liquidated on December 19 every year.

  Lonely stars?

  21st Century Business Herald reporter statistics show that of the 121 public funds that were liquidated from this year to December 19, the number of hybrid funds and bond funds was 55 and 48, accounting for 45% and 40%; In total, there are 12 stock funds, 2 currency funds, and 4 QDII funds.

  About 423 winding-up figures for the whole of last year have improved this year.

However, in terms of classification, the number of liquidation of hybrid funds last year was 246, and the number of liquidation of bond funds was 130, accounting for 58% and 31% respectively.

  In comparison, the number of liquidation of bond funds so far this year has increased compared to last year, while the number of hybrid funds has declined.

  It is worth mentioning that bond funds became the main force to replace the absorption of gold in the public offering market last year.

Especially in the issuance boom of the market at the end of the year, in November and December, the new issue 北京桑拿 of bond funds accounted for a high proportion.

  The data shows that out of the 92 funds that were subscribed in November last year, 58 were bond funds, accounting for 63%; according to the data in December of the same year, 33 of 75 funds were bond funds, accounting for 44%.
  ”At that time, institutional funds were mainly subscribing. From the perspective of subdivided product types, medium- and long-term pure debt funds accounted for the highest proportion, and were also a common type of institutional customized products.

Overlapping the A-share market at that time, it was really difficult to issue new stock-based products, so everyone was biased towards debt.

“A Beijing public fund person told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

  Judging from the market situation this year, bond funds seem to be no longer in 四川耍耍网 the situation.

  Recently, a short-term debt fund belonging to a fund company announced that its fund’s net asset value had fallen below 50 million for 50 consecutive working days.

The relevant regulations show that the fund ‘s net asset value has fallen below 50 million digits for 60 consecutive working days, and the fund contract will be terminated and fund assets will be liquidated.

  Judging from the situation of several bond funds that have gone into liquidation, liquidation is still an important reason because the fund’s net asset value is lower than the required standard.

  For example, Golden Eagle Tianfu Pure Bond, Changsheng Bimonthly Red 1-year period, and the liquidation of many products such as TEDA Manulife and Rayleigh are due to the fund ‘s net asset value falling below 50 million yuan for 60 consecutive working days or the fund ‘s net asset value on the last day of the opening periodBelow 50 million, triggers the termination clause agreed in the Fund Contract.

  There are often contradictory differences when comparing fund asset data before liquidation.

For example, the net asset value of the fund last operating before the liquidation of the two-year pure debts of the rich countries.

4.7 billion US dollars, and its requirement to trigger the termination of the fund contract is to supplement the fund ‘s net asset value with the effective purchase application amount on the day and the transfer application amount during fund conversion to replace the effective redemption application amount and the balance after transferring out the application amount during fund conversion.yuan.

  There is only 2521 the net asset size of the fund on the last operational day before the liquidation of Teda Manulife Rayleigh.

At 95 yuan, the net asset of the fund on the last operational day before the liquidation of Golden Eagle Tianfu Pure Bonds was 61.

09 million yuan and so on.

  In fact, at the same time that several funds were liquidated, the issuance boom in the market did not stop.

A few days ago, the amortized cost method bond fund became a dark horse at the end of the year, and at the same time, a large number of corporate bond-type products were being issued.  ”In fact, short- and medium-term debt funds are a good product, but if they are sold in banks, high-net-worth customers will choose to buy banks with higher returns.

The increase in the size of short-term and medium-term debt products last year was due to the release of new liquidity regulations in 2017, the expansion of the cargo base scale, liquidity transfers and the generation of income. This type of fund just met this vacancy.

“A person from a public equity fund in South China told a 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

  According to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, some inferior products should be liquidated because of their poor performance, and some funds have been unable to go up because of their “helping funds” withdrawal. They can only be liquidated.

  ”Liquidation of funds is a relatively common phenomenon. There are several possibilities. First, the fund size is relatively small when the fund is established. Later, the performance is not satisfactory or large amounts of funds are redeemed, which triggers liquidation. Second, many bond funds were previously commissioned.Foreign funds, most of which are held by large institutions, have been affected by the new rules of capital management in the past two years, and many outsourced funds have been withdrawn, resulting in an increase in mini-funds. Third, many funds will help buy funds in order to meet the establishment conditions.When the funds are withdrawn, the follow-up funds cannot be followed up, which will also trigger the liquidation of the product.

Zhang Ting, a wealth scientist, believes.

  For some fund products with relatively good returns but moving towards liquidation, a public fund fund in South China said, “From the perspective of the product types of liquidation products, some funds are historical products in stages. Although the returns have been good, butBecause of the change in the risk appetite of funds or the expected investment method, there are different choices of investment methods.

Funding needs are different, and the liquidation of funds is relatively normal.

“For the market, it is normal for the fittest to survive. The liquidation of funds is also based on natural results under certain conditions. The impact on the market is relatively limited. For investors, attention needs to be paid. Once the liquidation of the fund occurs, funds will be generated.Of occupation.

“Zhang Ting thinks.

  ”This is the performance of the market to clear out inferior products. In the past, everyone had to seek help to support the funds, maintain the scale requirements, and ensure that they cannot be liquidated. Now there are a lot of liquidation funds in the market.High again.

“A restructuring agency pointed out.

  However, judging from the current market situation, the number of liquidation funds has decreased significantly this year.

  ”An important reason is that a lot of mini-funds were saved by the innovation of science and technology board this year. At that time, the innovation of science and technology board was hot, which caused the company to maintain its scale.

“Retired public funders said.

  In fact, at the same time as inferior products continue to be cleared, especially the expected closing period at the end of the year, the industry is looking for new incremental space.

  ”We recently issued a short-term debt product, although from a sales perspective it may not be the best time to issue it now.

However, short-term debt itself is good, and its liquidity is relatively high. Under a low interest rate environment, short-term debt yields are not much worse than medium and long-term debt.

The purpose of our layout at this time is actually to enrich the product line and provide investors with different options.

“A representative of a medium-sized public fund pointed out.

Huafu Fashion (002042): Short-term performance under pressure from Sino-US trade war and fluctuations in cotton prices drives down exports and gross profit

Huafu Fashion (002042): Short-term performance under pressure from Sino-US trade war and fluctuations in cotton prices drives down exports and gross profit

Brief performance evaluation 1H2019 achieved revenue 73.

49 trillion, ten years +8.

22%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

51 ppm, ten years -36.

36%; deducted non-attributed net profit 2.

1 trillion, -46 a year.


Affected by the escalating trade war between China and the United States, the company’s production and sales balance pressure has improved. In 1H2019, the company’s overall operating status, yarn business orders have improved, and the network chain strategy has continued to advance.

Among them, the company achieved revenue of 36 in 2019Q2.

340,000 yuan, at least -1.

12%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

79 trillion, -46 a year.

16%; deduct non-attributed net profit1.

21 trillion, -52 a year.


By business: 1H2019 company’s yarn revenue reached 36.

650,000 yuan, at least -9.

1%, gross margin ten years -0.

23pct to 14.

75%; net chain business achieved revenue of 36.

56 trillion, +41 for ten years.

35%, gross margin short-term -0.

深圳桑拿网32pct to 4.


In terms of yarns, the company gradually formed five production areas in Zhejiang, Huanghuai, Yangtze River, Xinjiang, and Vietnam, and the final output in 1H2019 reached 1.89 million spindles.

By region: 1H2019 company’s export revenue14.

79 ‰, -25% a year, gross profit margin -2 per second.

60pct to 10.

37%; domestic sales revenue 58.

70 ppm, ten years + 22%, gross margin ten years-0.

73pct to 9.


The gross profit margin and net profit margin increased in 1H2019, and the inventory turnover days increased: 1H2019 the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 9.

87%, with a net profit of 4.


Gross margin of the millennium -2.

87pct, mainly related to the decline in cotton prices in 1H2019, the average gross profit margin of the online chain business, and the increase in the proportion of the online chain business with a reduced gross profit margin.

1H2019 company selling expenses 1.61% every year -0.

31 points; management expense ratio (including R & D expenses) is 3.

78%, ten years +0.

82pct, mainly due to network chain business expansion; financial expenses1.

83%, ten years +0.

47 points, mainly due to the increase in loan size and changes in interest rate policies; the proportion of other income (government subsidies) decreased, 1H2019 was 1.

74%, -0 per year.


Overall, the net interest rate is 4.

97% -3 per year.

42 points.

From an operational perspective, 1H2019’s inventory turnover days were 147.

31 days, one year + 3 days; accounts receivable turnover days are 19.

08 days, 2 days a year; account receivable turnover days is 10.

35 days, 17 days a year.

Investment recommendations look forward to the stabilization of orders for the yarn business in the second half of the year and the continued advancement of the online chain business.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers in 19-21 will be 8 respectively.

3.5 billion, 9.

3.3 billion, 10.

43 trillion, EPS is 0.

55, 0.

61, 0.

69 yuan, PE corresponding to the current market value is 12, 11, and 10 times, maintaining the level.

Risks suggest fluctuations in raw material prices, changes in government subsidies, changes in orders brought about by the China-US trade war, and changes in exchange rates.

ArcSoft Technology (688088): The world’s leading visual artificial intelligence solution provider

ArcSoft Technology (688088): The world’s leading visual artificial intelligence solution provider
Key points of investment: The company has positioned itself as the world’s leading visual artificial intelligence solution provider. Since its establishment in 2003, Hongsoft has been committed to the development and application of visual artificial intelligence technology.Its predecessor ArcSoft launched the image editing software PhotoStudio as early as 1995. In 2004, the company predicted that the mobile phone photography market has great potential. After that, it can use digital imaging and computer vision research and development capabilities and rich experience in the traditional digital field to gain a leading position on the mobile end.At present, the company has provided one-stop visual artificial intelligence solutions for smartphones, smart cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc. worldwide. The third wave of artificial intelligence ushers in China’s vast market for visual AI. Artificial intelligence was officially proposed at the Dartmouth Conference in 1956. The transformation has experienced 武汉夜生活网 two ups and downs today. Today, deep learning algorithms lead the computing power and data breakthrough, Artificial intelligence ushered in the third wave. In 2006, Hinton proposed a training algorithm that can use unsupervised learning based on deep placement network to make breakthroughs in artificial intelligence performance. In 2015, in the ImageNet Challenge, through the concept of deep learning, the ResNet algorithm improved by 3.57% recognition error rate surpassed 5 of human vision for the first time.1%, and to date, the accuracy of speech recognition and face recognition is still increasing, and has exceeded 98% and 99%, respectively.With reference to the prospectus, the Research Report on China ‘s Computer Vision Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities 2018-2023 by the China Commercial Industry Research Institute shows that the size of China ‘s visual artificial intelligence market in 2017 was 41.0ppm, an increase of 259 over 2016.6%, through the gradual maturity of visual artificial intelligence technology and the gradual expansion of application fields, it is expected that the market size will further increase to 755 in 2020.500 million US dollars, can be described as huge space. Supported by smart phone solutions, the company actively expanded smart driving and other IoT fields. In 2018, the company achieved revenue4.USD 5.8 billion, an annual increase of 32.42%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.5.8 billion, an annual increase of 82.49%, of which the company’s gross profit margin was 94.29%, the period expense rate is 58.56%, net interest rate 34.39%.In Q1 2019, the company achieved revenue 1.2.6 billion, an annual increase of 29.27%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 0.3 billion, a decline of 16 per year.32%, of which the company’s gross profit margin is 93.94%, 68% during the period.62%, net interest rate 24.13%.The company’s first-quarter performance growth was mainly due to the increase in R & D personnel. In order to deploy intelligent driving and other IoT fields, the company expanded its R & D personnel in the second half of 2018. The average number of people in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 169, or 43.34%, resulting in a substantial increase in bonuses and bonuses.According to the announcement, the company expects to achieve operating income in 2019H12.76-2.860,000 yuan, an increase of about 38 in ten years.69% -43.72%, the estimated net profit after deduction is 0.9-1.0 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.88% -17.65%. At present, the company’s revenue mainly breaks through its smart phone business, and realized revenue from 2016 to 20181.7.4 billion, 3.1.4 billion, 4.3.9 billion, accounting for 67% of total revenue.93%, 91.27% and 96.57%.Mobile phone manufacturers using the company’s algorithm include Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Meizu, Sony, ZTE, Transsion, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, ASUS, etc. It can be said that among the top five mobile phone brands in the world by volume, except AppleIn addition to fully adopting self-developed algorithms, the main mid-to-high-end models of the other Android camps are equipped with Arcsoft’s smart phone vision solution.At the same time, the company is also one of the few companies that can charge software technology license fees based on the piece-rate model. The 2016-2018 piece-rate model revenue was 0.8.9 billion yuan, 1.3.2 billion, 2.20 ppm, accounting for 36% of software licensing revenue.85%, 40.29%, 49.05%, showing a trend of increasing the amount and proportion, it also shows that the company’s technical capabilities are widely recognized in the market. In the future, the company will rely on the smart phone business, actively expand smart driving and other IOT fields, and gradually expand the market ceiling. In terms of smartphones: In recent years, the photography effect has become an important selling point for major new products. Although the global smartphone investment volume has shifted slightly in 2017 and 2018, it can be converted to 5G business to stimulate a new wave of phone replacements, or it will promote mobile phones.Expansion volume rebounded, according to IDC forecast, the global smartphone expansion volume will advance from 14 in 2018.0.5 billion units will grow to 16 in 2022.5.4 billion units.At the same time, the consumer ‘s pursuit of the aesthetics of pictures and images, dual-camera, multi-camera, depth camera and other solutions have a clear increase in penetration. According to TSR data, the global smartphone camera volume in 2016-2018 was 35.20 billion, 39.0.3 billion, 41.4.7 billion pieces, continued to grow. In 2018, the company’s piece counting mode has single, dual (multi), single / dual (multi), and depth camera modes. The loading times of the solutions are 41.696 million, 63.92 million, 720,000, and 1.33 million.The multi-camera module penetrates from the high-end paradigm to the low-mid end, and the company’s higher value content of the dual / multi-camera algorithm promotes its performance to continue to improve. Intelligent driving and other IOT aspects: From 2016, through the rise of smart car IoT smart devices, the company gradually turned to the application of visual artificial intelligence in intelligent driving and other IOT fields. The number of related R & D technicians increased from 6 in 2016 to 12 in 2017.To 66 people in 2018, the company now has many solutions in the field of intelligent driving, such as safe driving warning in the car, driver identification, in-car safety assistance, assisted driving warning, and automatic parking.Light and high contrast shooting, anti-shake and other image and video enhancement algorithm technology, even in poor light in the car, face angle changes, vehicle shake and other special circumstances, can also achieve the surrounding environment of the vehicle, personnel monitoring in the car and other functions.In other IOT fields, the company also proposes solutions for a variety of smart devices such as smart refrigerators, smart unmanned retail and smart insurance, and gradually opens the market ceiling. The high R & D investment ratio helps the company to continuously improve its core competitiveness. From 2016 to 2018, the company’s R & D investment was 0.900,000 yuan, 1.0.9 million yuan, 1.49 trillion, accounting for 34 of the current revenue.59%, 31.43%, 32.42%, helping the company to continuously improve its core competitiveness. Until the end of December 2018, the company has obtained 129 patents (including 126 invention patents, and note that 105 of the 129 patents are registered in the United States) and 73 software copyrights.The investment funds raised are mainly used to enhance the capabilities of AI vision solutions for smartphones, the industrialization of AI vision solutions in the IoT field, the development and industrialization of fingerprint solutions under optical screens, and the construction of four major R & D centers, all around the company’s development strategy, And gradually further upgrade related technologies in the field of vision to expand application scenarios and improve service capabilities. Earnings forecast and forecast The company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 is 2 respectively.07, 2.63, 3.41 billion US dollars, with reference to comparable company estimates, PE valuation method scenario: We believe that ArcSoft’s reasonable PE in 2019 is 50-60 times, corresponding to a market value of 103-124 ppm; PEG estimation method scenario: We believe that Arcsoft’s reasonable PEG estimate is1.6-1.8 times, corresponding to a market value of 97-109 billion yuan.In summary, we judge the company’s reasonable market value of 97-124 trillion to 4 after issuance.Calculated by the total share capital of 0.6 billion yuan, the corresponding coverage range is 24-31 yuan. Risks indicate threats to technology upgrades, new business expansion is less than expected, loss of core technical staff, risk of exchange loss gains, and market systemic risks.

Remember the six factors of prenatal education success!

Remember the six factors of prenatal education success!

Preparation before pregnancy: Choose the right place and the right time to ensure good health and good sperm and eggs.

If taking contraceptive pills, you should be pregnant again after half a year of withdrawal.

  Early diagnosis of pregnancy: Avoid harmful factors such as X-rays, isotopes, pesticides, viral infections, and unintentional use of harmful drugs.

  Regular prenatal check-ups: To avoid accidents during pregnancy, if there are comorbidities (such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.) and complications (such as causing high symptoms, etc.), the corresponding health care and treatment should be performed under the supervision of a doctor.

  Actively participate in prenatal education: Prepare to enter the “Fetal University” before you want your child or as soon as you are pregnant, learn how to carry out health care during pregnancy, how to perform prenatal education, and how to become a prospective parent.

The 3-month infant health and education class should be studied during pregnancy to prevent the child from getting messy after birth.

  Safe childbirth: When giving birth to a fetus, you must actively cooperate to improve natural births, and try not to use cesarean section.

Due to too many pregnant women mistakenly believe that cesarean section is good, often due to mismatch and cause dystocia.

  Participate in early education: Have a comprehensive sensory education at the right time after birth.

  The secret to the success of prenatal education is to believe in the fetus’ ability and love and patience for fatty acids.

The various contents of the prenatal education are centered on a purpose, that is, to input benign information, to ensure that the internal and external environment for input survival is good, so that the food grows naturally and unconsciously.

All prenatal education content is suitable to be carried out when the fetus is awake, and the duck-feeding and seedling-assisting teaching will be counterproductive.

Insomnia and insomnia caused by neurasthenia have significant effects

Insomnia and insomnia caused by neurasthenia have significant effects

Click to buy Neurasthenia may cause insomnia and dreams, affecting the health of the body.

We all know how important sleep is to our body. Sleep gives a tired day torso and tight nerves a good rest adjustment.

But, what can relieve the nervous breakdown?

… Three dietary recipes improve insomnia, wheat, black beans, night cocoa soup, 45 grams of wheat, 30 grams of black beans, 10 g of night cocoa, put in the same pot, add water to cook, and discardMedicine residue drink soup.

  This is a daily dose, divided into two servings.

  This product has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidney, soothes the nerves, and is suitable for insomnia, upset and other evidence of heart and kidney incompatibility.

  Onion jujube soup 20 jujubes, with two onions and white onions.

Wash the jujubes with water and wash them with hair, wash them with onions, and cut into inch sections for later use.

  Add red dates to the pot, add the right amount of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the onion to the white and continue to simmer for 10 minutes. Eat jujube soup.

This is a one-day dose, taken in two portions.

  This product has the effect of nourishing and soothe the nerves, and is suitable for evidence of neurasthenia, insomnia, and memory loss.

  Fresh leaf soup 15 grams of fresh leaf soup, 30 grams of red beans, two tablespoons of honey.

Wash the peanut leaves and red beans, put them into the pot, add water to cook for a soup, discard the peanut leaves, add honey, and drink soup and beans.

  This is a daily dose, divided into two servings.
  This product has the effect of nourishing and soothe the nerves, suitable for neurasthenia, insomnia and more dreams.

May wish to drink a cold drink before exercise 5 tips to stay slim

May wish to drink a cold drink before exercise 5 tips to stay slim

In addition to diet, exercise is the key to maintaining a slim figure.

And, in addition to hard training, skillful training should be added.

The latest article from the famous American fashion magazine “Metropolis” lists 5 slimming tips that are worth trying.


Have a cold drink before exercise.

  A new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Science states that drinking a large glass of smoothie before fitness can run for 10 minutes, especially under high temperatures.

Cold drinks help lower body temperature before exercise and increase exercise time.


Cleaning the room is exercise.

  Psychological hints are good for fitness.

Take stock of some daily activities and classify them all as fitness, such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects or walking the dog.

A Harvard study divided hotel employees into two, called “cleaning rooms is good exercise,” and the other group gave no information.

After 4 weeks, the weight, blood pressure, trace content, waist-hip ratio, and body mass index of the participants in the former group were significantly lower than those in the other group.

The reason is that they think they are exercising, not working hard.


Running or walking backwards.

  Reverse movements such as walking or running backwards are more laborious and costly.

Do n’t start too fast and do n’t take too long at the beginning, then gradually increase the exercise time and amount of exercise.


Drink 1-2 cups of caffeine beverage 90 minutes before exercising.

  An article published in the United States “International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism” states that caffeine in coffee, tea, cola and other beverages can inhibit fatigue-causing chemicals in the brain and extend exercise time.


Help others.

  A Harvard study found that activities such as helping strangers to pull doors, donating charity, and drinking tea for colleagues increased their willpower and endurance.

Breakthroughs, helping others, help self-discipline, can resist the temptation of unhealthy food; instead, you can encourage yourself to actively exercise and exercise harder.

Married i can’t find a job

Married i can’t find a job

Before getting married, I had a smooth job hunting, because I was young, had a diploma, a good looks, and was unmarried.

Now that I have been married for six months, the migrant workers have no time to spend their honeymoon, and are so anxious that they haven’t even set up a banquet, so they hurried to Shenzhen.

I thought it was as easy to find a job as before, but almost two hundred days have passed, and I am still at home.

     My age is no longer young among professional women in the SAR.

However, I still want to seize the tail of youth and fight again to make the family more solid. Who knows that I have tasted job hunting for more than half a year.

     Shenzhen was already in full swing in June, and I applied for some companies in the talent market, one as general manager secretary and the other as sales director.

Although I can apply for a few more, I asked his address, how many transfers to the place he rented, but did not hand in his resume.

My husband works as an engineer in an electronics factory. His salary is not much and it is unnecessary. He hopes that I can find a job closer to home, which is not a heavy burden, and it is convenient for the family.

     When interviewing the first company, the first oral test, then the written test, and a psychological test, all items passed, and finally the general manager interviewed.

After asking about the work experience in detail, the general manager pondered a bit and said, “My secretary here needs to work overtime often. I usually have some entertainment. I wonder if you can adapt?

“Until I answered, he pointed to my ID card with a clear veto, saying,” I am a little older.

“I took the ID and sadly left the company.

     When he got home, he fell sadly on the bed.

Since graduating, I have always been very happy to find a job. I never imagined that a fork will now be planted by my age.

My husband has been comforting me by the side, encouraging me to continue working hard, isn’t there another family who has not interviewed?

     When interviewing a second company, there was only one step to success.

A few people interviewed for this position. After several rounds of assessment, I have passed the test in terms of appearance, temperament, education, business level and foreign language ability.

When only me was left in the lobby, the sales manager and deputy general manager came forward for the final negotiation.

As usual, the two asked me about my previous work experience and experience, and then talked about the amount of salary.

In my experience, note that this step has been more than half successful.

  While I was immersed in joy, the vice president Leng Buding asked: “Are you married?

“I hesitated a moment, remembering the lesson of the last failure.

The vice president polished my concerns, and the uncle called: “It doesn’t matter, we just want to know your personal situation.

“Seeing him say this, he felt relieved, honestly,” This year ended.

The two leaders looked at each other and said euphemistically: “Let’s think about it, let’s inform you at that time, OK?

“But half a year has passed and that company has not yet contacted me.

I know it is the result of “married”.

     The consecutive double rooms are so hit, how can I feel better.

The weather changed from heat to cold, and the work was still inconclusive.

Although I no longer insist on salary and work place, and my marital status is correctly avoided and concealed, almost all companies will ask, “Do you get married?”

. No, it won’t, it seems like they are quite old.

“I’m ashamed and angry, but helpless.

     In the process of looking for a job, I met many married women who were the same as me.

Although we have some understanding of the restrictions on age and marital status of enterprise recruitment, after all, young unmarried women are highly malleable, have a high degree of enthusiasm for work and are easy to accept new things.

But who can ignore the soundness, solidity, and tenacity of married women?

In this flashy city, since a woman with a marriage certificate can bear the responsibilities of continuous marriage, what else can’t she bear at work?

     Leave a door for responsible women.

If I were a business owner, I would definitely do that.

Seven ways to relieve fatigue for white-collar workers

Seven ways to relieve fatigue for white-collar workers

The weather is sweltering, whether you stay in an air-conditioned room or a shady corner, you will doze off unconsciously, especially in the afternoon.

Of course, the best solution is to take a nap, but the boss ca n’t allow you to “spend your money to sleep” during work hours. How can I boost my spirit and avoid the drowsy peak?

  I often doze off unconsciously in the afternoon, because the blood is concentrated in the digestive organs, or because of poor air conditioning, high temperature, etc., and the oxygen supply in the brain is insufficient, so even if you try to cheer in every way, you still nod your head involuntarily.

  No matter what causes your drowsiness, you can try to relax or relax by the following methods.


Fist release The fist that releases the fatigued bones, hold it tightly, place it diagonally behind your ears, near the center of the skull, close your eyes, tilt your head back, and feel that the fist supports the strength of the head, there will be a certain sense of relaxation and releaseTiredness.


Tap with a flick to drive away the tiredness (1) When dizzy, tap (tap) on the head with the tip of your finger, which is a good refreshing method.

First tap the top of the head, then divide the back of the head into the left and right areas, and pat gently.

There is no specific technique, but the strength should be gentle, otherwise it will become more and more faint.

  (2) The golden triangle thymus can be drawn from the top down to the nipple. You can tap this area with your fingers to relieve the breath of chest tightness and depression, and the chest is wide and smooth, full of spirit.


Hot stone massage is feasible and comfortable. Select a warm and smooth stone, preferably with a flat surface. Put it in hot water to fill the stone with warm heat, and slide the stone slowly along the shoulder and neck line to allow the heat to be transmitted.To the neck and neck, warm and comfortable, sweep away fatigue.


The benefits of sniffing essential oils are refreshing and stimulate the brain.

Because the air is dull and the mind is drowsy, when you are unclear, you may choose the essential oils of leaves such as lemongrass scent or camphor with cold smell and rosemary essential oil to make the surrounding air fresh.

  In addition, lemon and grapefruit can improve the work efficiency by more than 50%. The smell of lemon, verbena, citrus, grapefruit and so on can make people full of energy and have a stronger refreshing effect.


Drying your body to refresh your body and your mind is faint and unconscious. Don’t be afraid. Work your hands to help boost your spirit.

Brush the location of lymphatic drainage with your hand, 10 strokes each from the end of the limb to the heart (remember to rotate the arm, the entire arm must be brushed).

  The legs are divided into two areas, (1) step on the feet to align, and (2) the thighs to the hips, the method is similar to the above, 10 times in each area, first (1) and then (2), and then change legs.

If there is no monitoring by the boss, it will not prevent you from standing up and moving your body, by the way, removing waste from your body, and it will also promote your metabolism.

In addition to both hands, you can also use a scraper or a commercially available exfoliating glove. The effect is just as good.


People use hot peppermint to refresh their brains in the summer and get rid of heat. Too many people use peppermint oil or mint sticks to paint. In addition to the short-term cooling sensation, they can also refresh people, and the mint aroma is full of refreshing feelings, and it can cool downheat.


Coarse salt soaks the feet and restores the spirit. Sometimes it is exhausted even at work. Sometimes, when I go home from work, my whole body becomes weak and feels weak and completely weak.

Please add 2 to the bowl?
3 tablespoons sea or rock salt and 3?
Mix 4 drops of your favorite essential oil, and then add it to the washbasin that has been filled with warm water to soak your feet. The hot water temperature can overcome the fatigue of your feet and relax your body.

The water temperature should be higher than the body temperature.

If you do not know what essential oil to choose, it is recommended to use lemon or lemongrass in summer.