Industrial Bank (601166): The Truth and Misunderstanding of Profit Decline

Industrial Bank (601166): The Truth and Misunderstanding of Profit Decline

杭州夜生活网This report reads: The Industrial Bank ‘s interim profit growth was higher than expected due to the increase in provisioning by leading banks in all of their loans that were overdue for more than 60 days.

If normal release of net profit growth rate is available from now 6.

6% increase by 4.

9 to 11 pieces.


Investment Highlights: Investment Recommendations: Maintain forecast for 19/20/21 net profit growth.

01% / 10.

01% / 11.

04%, corresponding to EPS 3.



74 yuan, BVPS23.



69 yuan, the current price corresponds to 5.



59 times PE, 0.



60 times PB.

Accounting adjustments do not change the value of the company, and continue to be optimistic about the investment value of Industrial Bank (the cheapest bank stock in the outstanding bank 北京养生会所 formation) with a target price of 25.

20 yuan, corresponding to 1 in 19 years.

07 times PB, 47% of current price space, increase holdings.

The trend of bad expectations seriously affects the logical context.

All loans that are overdue for more than 60 days are counted as non-performing → non-performing increase sharply → non-performing rate soaring → increase write-off → stabilize non-performing rate → increase provisioning → erosion of profits.

As a result of the increase in write-offs that would consume provisions, the increase in provisions did not lead to improvements in indicators of bad provision coverage and loan-to-loan ratios, but erosion of profits occurred.

There are two major misunderstandings in market interpretation.

The first is to explain the increase in bad generating script as a significant deterioration in the quality of real assets, but in fact the result of the bad identification policy tending to be serious; the second is that the increase in provisions does not bring a provision indicator (bad provision coverage ratio)And the loan-to-loan ratio) misunderstood as the real profit did not meet expectations, in fact, it actively managed accounting profits.

Restore the bad and profit of normal conditions.

If the original bad identification standard is maintained, the 19H1 bad production rate will return to the 1 reported.

61% down 52bp to 1.

09%, compared with the same period in 2018 1.

Basically flat, the bad generation gradually worsened; if released normally, the net profit growth rate of the interim return to the mother is comparable to the 6.

6% increase by 4.

9 to 11 pieces.
5%, compared with 11 disclosed in a quarterly report.

4% was flat.
Risk Warning: Economic Stall, Bad Outbreak

Yunhai Metal (002182) Annual Report Comments: Magnesium Price Helps Improve Profitability and Lighten Up

Yunhai Metal (002182) Annual Report Comments: Magnesium Price Helps Improve Profitability and Lighten Up

The company that issued the 18-year annual report and realized net profit growth released the 18-year annual report on March 20: the operating income in 2018 was 51.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.

54%; net profit attributable to mothers3.

30 ppm, an increase of 112 in ten years.

83%; net profit after deduction is 2.

09 million yuan, an increase of 91 in ten years.

11%, EPS is 0.

51 yuan.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, it achieved revenue of 12.

90 ppm, a decrease of 2 per year.

92%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

820,000 yuan, an increase of 356 in ten years.


The company’s performance is basically in line with our expected average level; as a leader in the domestic magnesium industry, we believe that the company is trying to continue to benefit from the development of high magnesium prices and lightening trends. It is expected that EPS in 19-21 will be zero.

52, 0.

61, 0.

67 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Increasing profits from non-recurring gains and losses, 18-year growth in magnesium prices has promoted profitability, and it is reported that Suzhou Yunhai, a subsidiary of the company, received government demolition compensation, and 18 years of 杭州桑拿网 gradual company government subsidies, asset disposal gains and benefits, etc.Is 1.

2.1 billion; the company announced in March 18, the relocation framework agreement with the management committee of Nanjing Lishui High-tech Zone, we expect to relocate in 19-21.

Benefiting from factors such as higher magnesium prices and technological transformation, the company’s gross profit margin for magnesium alloy products reached 17 in 18 years.


98%, an increase of 3 over the same period in 2017.

15 units; the company’s air conditioning flat tube business income increased by 40.

12%, gross margin reached 27.

48%, an increase of 0 every year.

99 averages.

Against the background of the booming magnesium industry, the company’s profitability continued to improve.

The supply of raw magnesium has contracted due to 都市夜网 environmental impact, and long-term lightweighting is expected to boost demand. According to statistics from the Nonferrous Metals Association, in 2018, due to environmental protection and production restrictions, domestic raw magnesium production reached 86 substitutions, a decrease of 5.

4%; average magnesium price reaches 1.

65 million / ton, 10 years later.


Domestic short-term consumption is 45 per year, an annual increase of 7%.

According to our calculations, by March 19, the company’s gross profit per ton of magnesium was relatively high in the past five years, and we expect the company’s raw magnesium output to reach more than 8 in 19 years.

According to the company’s annual report, weight loss of automobiles can reduce consumer benefits and improve safety; we believe that there is room for development in the automotive lightweight market to conduct transmission, which will help long-term demand for magnesium alloys.

Baosteel Metal successfully acquired shares, magnesium wheels and auto parts projects continued to advance. According to the company’s announcement, on December 25, 2018, by signing the “Share Transfer Agreement”, the company’s actual controller held 8% of the shares of the listed company.7.The price of RMB 02 per share was transferred to Baosteel Metal, and part of the shares were transferred.

According to the annual report, in 2018, the company increased the development of new die-casting parts, increased the production of microchannel flat tubes, and also established a new die-casting company in India to lay out the wheel industry. In terms of automotive lightweight, major products such as magnesium alloy steering wheel skeletons have been formed.

We believe that the company continues to expand in the field of magnesium material processing, and continues to expand in the areas of lightweighting and high-end manufacturing.
The direction of weight reduction is continued, and the company’s “overweight” rating is maintained due to the company’s relocation agreement with the Nanjing Municipal Government. Based on the 18-year compensation redistribution, we expect the company to still receive government relocation compensation in 19-21The company’s revenue is expected to be 53 in 19-21.
71, 60.

52, 67.

310,000 yuan, net profit to mother is 3.

38, 3.

94, 4.

34 ppm (net profit without supplement is 2).



7.8 billion), with a net increase of 27 in 19-20.

1%, 22.

7%, 18, 15, 14 times for the former PE.

With reference to the average PE of 19 times in the same industry in 19 years, it is recognized that the company is a leader in the magnesium industry, given a certain estimated premium, and given a 19-year PE estimation interval of 19-21 times, corresponding to a target price of 9.


92 yuan (7 for Ford.


99 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warnings: Low expectations for lightweight progress; low expectations for R & D and capacity release; low expectations for magnesium prices.

Cree Electromechanical (603960): 19Q1 performance achieves high growth

Cree Electromechanical (603960): 19Q1 performance 厦门夜网 achieves high growth

Core point of view: 19Q1 performance achieved high growth, operating cash flow helps to improve.

The company released the first quarter report for 2019. The company achieved operating income of 162.1 million yuan in 19Q1, an annual increase of 70.

6%; net profit attributable to mothers was 24.05 million yuan, an annual increase of 62.


1Q1 company gross margin was 30.

1% is the highest single-quarter gross profit margin of the company after the consolidation in 18Q2; the net profit margin of the company was 14 in 19Q1.

8%, single quarter net interest rate has increased and improved.

In 1Q1, the net cash flow generated by the company’s 杭州夜网论坛 operating activities was -33.87 million yuan, compared with 31.43 million yuan in the same period of the previous year. The Bosch headquarters equipment orders delivered by the company were 90% of the payment received for shipment.It is fully in production and is gradually delivered through the company’s Bosch orders. Operating cash flow is expected to return to a stable level.

The automation equipment business has developed steadily, and the order is in good condition.

According to the company’s 2018 annual report, the company’s flexible automation equipment and industrial robot system business realized revenue in 2018.

13 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

4%; net profit attributable to mother is 58.85 million yuan, an annual increase of 19.


According to the company’s annual report, the company’s automation business in 2018 has a new extension order4.

78 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.


At present, the company has a good order in hand.

As an important source of innovation in the automotive industry, particularly the rise of new energy vehicles and autonomous driving, automotive electronics has maintained rapid growth in recent years, and it will translate into a further increase in the rate of automotive electronics, and downstream demand will continue to maintain a high level of prosperity.

The company has formed the expected advantages in the field of automotive electronics and competed with foreign suppliers. The company continues to maintain new areas and the development of new technologies, which will further strengthen its core competitiveness.

Profit forecast and investment advice: EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.



07 yuan / share, corresponding to the latest closing price of PE is 40x / 30x / 25x.

It is expected that the compound growth rate of net profit in the next three years will be 42.

3%, which gives the company 42 times PE in 19 years, with a reasonable value of 28.

56 yuan / share.

The company has good growth, considering the estimated level, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: the expansion of downstream economic growth leads to increased equipment demand; increased competition in the industry; the expansion of new areas is less than expected; the order delivery schedule is uncertain; and the overseas expansion is less than expected.

There are some minor problems to check blood sugar!These six categories are susceptible to diabetes

There are some minor problems to check blood sugar!These six categories are susceptible to diabetes
Editor’s note: “Physical health is the capital of the revolution.” However, in changing lives, everyone is often busy with work and eager to entertain, but ignores the treasure of feng shui, physical health.In fact, we usually pay attention to it and prevent it early, and health is right around us.People’s Health Network has launched the “Healthy Knowledge” column, which is designed to collect and sort out the health knowledge that you usually ignore, to be your health think tank, to work with you to the end!Some minor problems should be checked for heart disease Li Quanmin, chief physician of the endocrinology department of the Rocket Army Special Medical Center of the PLA: At the beginning of diabetes, the body will release some signals, but they will often be ignored.Itchy skin.Once the skin is dry and dehydrated in winter, many people become over-exposed, and itching of the lower limbs and back will occur to varying degrees.Most people will choose to clean the skin and nephew skin care products to deal with it.However, skin itching sometimes rarely causes skin problems, which may be caused by diabetes. About 10% of early patients will experience systemic or local skin itching, which is common in the vulva and anus.In addition, skin itching is also a manifestation of complications of diabetes.When diabetic patients have ants crawling on the skin, they may already have a neurological disease. This feeling is called ant feeling.Hypoglycemia.Most people think that diabetes is synonymous with hyperglycemia, but in fact hypoglycemia is also one of the early manifestations of diabetes.This type of hypoglycemia is common in middle-aged people, and patients often have symptoms such as drought and intolerance before meals.This is because the insulin secretion of type 2 diabetic patients is reduced, and the blood glucose changes caused by food absorption are not synchronized. When the blood glucose reaches a peak after a meal, the secretion does not reach a high peak.High peaks cause hypoglycemia and a sense of age before meals.Therefore, if the patient has pre-meal hypoglycemia repeatedly, it is recommended to do a blood glucose release test to see if there is a possibility of hyperinsulinemia. In addition, you should pay attention to eating on time to avoid obesity.diarrhea.Chronic diarrhea related to diabetes is not common in clinical practice, but many people think that stomach discomfort may be a recent complication such as “eating bad” or enteritis, which can eliminate the possibility of diabetes.Many diabetic patients have insidious and slow onset, may not have thirst, drink more, and urinate, but will see a doctor for complications such as injection tract symptoms (diarrhea).Diabetic diarrhea is more common in diabetic patients with poor glycemic control.Due to long-term hyperglycemia, vegetative nerve function in the body will be damaged, causing diarrhea.In some patients, diarrhea and constipation may appear alternately. This is mainly because long-term hyperglycemia affects the blood supply and nerve damage to the intestinal tract, resulting in disorders of its own function.Alternating manifestations are mainly diarrhea inside something, and after this period it is mainly secretive.Elderly people are prone to related symptoms, and their families need to be more vigilant.Lethargy.Relevant data surveys found that the daytime sleepiness of diabetic patients is around the normal person, especially older diabetic patients.If you can’t wake up during the day when you have plenty of sleep at night, be careful.Vision decreased significantly.Diabetes can cause retinopathy and cataracts, affecting vision.Diabetic retinopathy has the most severe effect on vision, and patients often suffer from sudden loss of vision due to retinal bleeding.Numbness in hands and feet.Middle-aged and elderly people who have numbness in their hands and feet, soreness, and inconvenience of movement, often indicate the possibility of diabetes.The wound does not heal for a long time.As diabetics often have vascular tension, which affects the blood supply to the tissues surrounding the wound, coupled with severe nutritional loss and decreased resistance, it can cause wound healing difficulties.Repeated urinary tract infection.Because of long-term high blood sugar, urine also contains a large amount of glucose, which is easy to breed bacteria.At the same time, the patient’s resistance decreased, and the phagocytosis of leukocytes was not as good as before.In particular, some of the older female sugar friends will experience symptoms such as dry urethra, endless urination, sore abdomen after urination, and even urinary incontinence.Weight control, pre-sugar reversal can be reversed by Yang Guoqing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, General Hospital of the PLA: Overweight pre-sugar patients need to be at 3?Lose 5% in 6 months?10% of body weight and long-term maintenance of ideal body weight, which has a significant effect on the prevention of diabetes.In daily life, avoid eating high-fat foods; it is better to reduce the use of non-refined, soluble vitamins, such as whole grains, whole grains, etc .; eat more fish, poultry, etc .;Swimming, etc., exercise can not only lose weight, but also consume blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.In addition, avoid or use drugs that are not good for glucose metabolism.It should be particularly reminded that pre-glycemia is the only way for diabetes to develop, and it is also very easy to ignore.Most of the patients were asymptomatic and were accidentally discovered during a physical examination.Therefore, people with high risk factors for diabetes, that is, 40?People over 45 years of age who are obese, have a family history of diabetes, and have metabolic disorders such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, etc., it is best to have a fasting blood glucose test and glucose tolerance test every six months, to detect and intervene early.First, when fasting blood glucose is at 6.1?7.0 mmol / L, blood glucose at 7 2 hours after a meal.8?11.1 mmol / L is in the pre-diabetes stage.Six types of people are susceptible to diabetes Wang Aiping, chief physician of the internal secretion department of the Eastern Theater Air Force Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army: fasting blood glucose is 5 in the long term.6mmol / L or more.The fasting blood glucose value of a normal person is 3.89?6.1mmol / L; if greater than 6.1mmol / L and less than 7.0mmol / L is impaired fasting blood glucose.In fact, the millennium is at 5 for a long time.Above 6mmol / L will damage human microvessels.With the increase of age, these people’s 武汉夜网论坛 ability to control blood glucose will inevitably weaken. If the control is not reduced, most people will reach the standard of diabetes after a few years.Fasting blood glucose is normal and postprandial blood glucose is abnormal.Normally, the blood sugar is 1 hour after a meal.7?9.4mmol / L, no more than 11.1mmol / L, which gradually decreases over time, and returns to normal 3 hours after a meal, but if the postprandial blood glucose is abnormal, it remains as it is even after 3 hours or decreases too slowly, meaning that most of the time is in a hyperglycemic state, which will increase the focus, Kidney burden.Whether there is a big belly.Patients with visceral obesity have a higher risk of developing diabetes than those with mid-body obesity. What is visceral obesity? The most common are “beer belly” and “swimming circle” people.Therefore, for people who lose weight, converting waist circumference is especially critical.Want to sleep after a meal.Studies abroad have shown that people who are prone to sleepiness after a meal mean that their blood glucose control is weak, and the risk of diabetes will increase in the future.Poor sleep quality.Too many studies have confirmed that people who sleep too short or have a circadian rhythm disorder are prone to blood glucose control disorders.Insufficient long-term sleep can cause sympathetic nerve excitement, activation of the stress system, increased secretion of “glycemic hormones” such as cortisol and epinephrine in the body, which causes resistance and raises blood sugar.The eating pattern is “two highs and one low.””Two highs and one low” refers to people who are high in fat, high in calories, and low in fiber, and often eat high-saturated trace or high-trans fatty acid foods such as big fish and meat, fried foods, and burgers, and are more likely to exceed standards and more likely to develop diabetes;In life, I often eat refined staple foods such as rice, steamed bread, noodles, and bread with low grain fiber content, which is easy to get diabetes.Why Tangyou loves aphthous ulcers? Chief physician Guan Xiaobing, Department of Mucosa, Beijing Stomatological Hospital, Capital Medical University:Unbalanced diet.In order to control blood sugar, many diabetic patients avoid taboos in their diet, which makes the absorption of nutrients in the body uneven.Such as the reduction of vegetables and fruits intake, gradually increase the body’s zinc, iron, vitamin B12, etc .; too little meat intake leads to reduced protein.These conditions may be the cause of oral ulcers.2.lack of sleep.People with diabetes generally don’t sleep well.Some are due to polyuria, abnormal blood pressure and other reasons: polyuria directly leads to decreased sleep quality; abnormal blood pressure can also cause sleep disorders and breathing disorders.Poor sleep can reduce immunity and make oral mucosa more susceptible to infection.In addition, long-term sleep deprivation can lead to neurasthenia, which makes it difficult to control blood sugar.3.In a bad mood.Some studies have used psychological evaluation methods to study the relationship between oral ulcers and psychological factors in medical students at school.The results showed that most people were mentally stressed and maladaptive. Before and after the onset, patients often experienced problems such as mood swings, anxiety, and depression. These must lead to the rupture and recurrence of oral ulcers.4.Long-term hyperglycemia.When it is chronically hyperglycemic, the saliva content is also high, which provides good conditions for bacterial growth and reproduction.If the oral hygiene is poor at this time, it is easy to have a local inflammatory response.Moreover, the repair ability of the mucosal epithelium in the mouth of diabetic patients is poor, and some oral ulcers do not heal for a long time.5. Poor oral health.Diabetic patients have slower wound healing. Therefore, some patients are worried that infections may occur when treating oral problems, and they are unwilling to treat bad teeth in the mouth in time, which leads to increased oral problems.Residual roots (rotten tooth roots), residual crowns, and some bad restorations in the mouth have a great impact on local oral health.In fact, diabetes is not a contraindication for oral treatment, as long as it is properly treated, it can be treated.(People’s Health Network Comprehensive Self-Declaration Times, Health Times) ☆ Recommended reading ☆ Healthy password on your finger10 habits to make your heart healthier snoring is not to sleep soundly!If you want to sleep well, lie down first and then lie down and develop good habits to save money for medical treatment. In the winter, the three parts of the health are so dry that the blood vessels are getting old!These 4 types are awake in the middle of the night, indicating that the body is getting old!Taking good care of the “five strengths” does not age beyond the blood clots, “moving up” exercise is the best anti-aging medicine

Moisture is indispensable in fitness

Moisture is indispensable in fitness


Pay attention to the amount of water a healthy person should drink at least 8 a day?
10 glasses of water (2.

5 liters / day), if you exercise a lot or in a hot environment, the amount of drinking water will increase accordingly.

The formula for daily water consumption provided by the Los Angeles International Medical Research Institute in Los Angeles, California is: For people who are not exercising, they need to drink 15 ml of water per half kilogram of body weight. If they are athletes, they should add 20 ml / day for every half kilogram of body weight.


Drinking water must also pay attention to the best moments ★ After getting up in the morning: One night, the body loses about 450 ml of water, you need to replenish in time in the morning.

And getting up is the critical moment when the body starts to work on a new day. It is best to drink fasting on an empty stomach, drink 450 ml of water at a slow speed with a small mouth, and if you can walk a hundred steps slowly or do some simple exercises after drinkingIt’s better, it’s better not to sit still.

  ★ Drink water at around 10am to kill the water lost during replenishment.

  ★ Around 3 pm is the time to drink afternoon tea and drink some water to supplement your body needs.

  ★ You must drink water before going to bed, because the blood concentration will increase during sleep, drinking water can dilute the blood.


Some special moments require special supplements of water. ★ After exercise: Although we are not athletes and the amount of exercise is not that great, no matter what sports we do, we should drink water even after cleaning the room, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and not easily fatigue.It is not easy for back pain.

  ★ In an air-conditioned environment, it is especially necessary to replenish water. Replenishing water at any time can balance the amount of water consumed by the body.

  ★ It is especially necessary to drink water when losing weight. Drinking water can consume your aunt. ★ It is easy to lack water when flying, so drink plenty of water.

  Keep these points in mind for proper hydration, which will not only make you healthier and more beautiful, but also make your figure slimmer.

Is Modern Chinese Medicine Slow Langzhong?

Is Modern Chinese Medicine “Slow Langzhong”?

“One dose knows two doses already” is a description of the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine by the ancients, which means that the effect and cure are extremely fast, which is very different from the impression of traditional Chinese medicine “Slow Langzhong” in modern society.

Is it because the ancients exaggerated, or is it that the level of traditional Chinese medicine is not as good as it is today?
The author recently encountered a chronic urticaria patient with a medical history of one year. The initial use of ephedrine was ineffective. After changing the method of taking the drug, the effect was still astonishing.
  Patient Li Yongqing, male, 33 years old, from Nanjie Village, Jiexiu City.
The cause of the onset was that the water tank was cleaned in the winter of 2008. The symptoms were rash on the hands in the case of wind and cold.
Initial diagnosis on December 24, 2009, the left vein was fine, the right vein was floating, the tongue was white and the tongue was dark.
Usually sweat less, dry mouth is not bitter, want to drink hot, can not drink cold drinks, drink cold, abdominal discomfort.
It is cold inside and outside: do not want to drink cold, white fur is cold inside, dry mouth is cold drink stop, water and liquid must not be normalized.
Su Khan produced less, and invaded in winter and cold water, the table is cold and clear.
The right pulse floats as righteousness and has a tendency to resist evil. However, it suffers from insufficient strength. Due to its evidence and treatment, it is treated with ephedra fusiforme Asarum Tangyuan prescription, ephedra 9g, aconite 9g, asarum 6g, 4 servings.After opening, simmer for a long time for more than 120 minutes. Take the liquid medicine twice and take it warmly. After the medicine is warmed, the body heats up and gets slightly sweaty. It is expected to heal quickly. Do not take the remaining medicine after sweating.
At the second consultation on December 28, 2009, the patient complained of no fever, no sweat, and was invalid.
The diagnosis of the pulse syndrome was the same as before, and the treatment of Mahuang Tangyuan Fang plus Aconite Asarum was strengthened.
Ephedra 18g, Guizhi 12g, Almond 12, Licorice 6g, Aconite 9g, Asarum 6g, 5 servings.
Instructed to cook for more than 120 minutes, the first serving was divided into 3 servings, taken every two hours, warmed after the drug, and stopped after sweating.
If it is not effective, take the second dose, divided into 2 doses, and take it every other hour. If you get sweaty, stop taking it. If it is not effective, continue to shorten the medication interval. Take 2 to 3 doses a day.
One week later, on January 4, 2010, the patient made three consultations. The patient complained that the disease was more than ten out of ten, and there were two pills left.
The detailed medication situation is that the patient works during the day, takes medication at night, and takes the first medication on the first night.
The next night, from 9 pm to 1 am the next day, 2 drinks were taken within 4 hours, 4 doses were taken, the electric mattress opened at low temperature overnight, and the body sweated all night.
After getting up the next day, he found that his symptoms had been lost.
After stopping the drug observation for 5 days, there was no recurrence of the condition, and he gladly came to sue.
Symptoms are only a little chill on the back of the middle section of the fingers, and sweating is not much.
On January 13, 2010, everything was fine during the return visit, and I was instructed to take more ginger and brown sugar water in order to sweat a little.
  From the above cases, we can see that if not only the prescription of the prescription is verified in the clinical certificate, but also the method of taking the medicine is emphasized, “one dose knows two doses” is not unattainable.
In a nutshell, there are three points of enlightenment: Do not overdo it, safety first.
The great doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, said that “human life is of paramount importance, and there is precious money.”
Zhong Jingshu repeatedly emphasizes that “after taking the medicine without stopping, it is not necessary to do everything”, in order to avoid the medical injuries mentioned in many places in his book, not only can not get older, but also bring new diseases, and even hurt lives.situation.
Such as “one who is sweating, take it after stopping.
If re-served, sweating and dying of the sun, then deficiency, bad wind, irritability, and can’t sleep “(38 Daqinglong Fang Note).
After prescribing, the author will inform the patient that after taking the medicine, do not take the rest of the medicine, stop the observation, or communicate with the doctor in a timely manner. After the medicine is prescribed, tell the patient what needs to be taken after taking the medicine is a prerequisite for rapid results.
Because you want the medicine to take effect quickly, you must prescribe a powerful medicine.
The ancients said that “if you want to use its advantages, you must first know its disadvantages,” so it is important and necessary to emphasize that “after taking effect, do not take the rest of the medicine.”
In addition, Jiu Jian is also for safety. According to the research, Fang Zhongfu and Asarum can remove toxicity and retain active ingredients. Therefore, the author’s decoction methods are Han cauldron, Jiu Jian, and one-time decoction.Adverse reactions.
  Governance, to the degree of knowledge, after the service promoted.
The treatment is to get rid of the disease. Under the condition of correct diagnosis, there is no expected treatment effect and no adverse reactions. The patient feels warm and uncomfortable as if he did not take medicine.
In this case, the conventional method of taking the medicine once a day is doomed to fail to take effect quickly, and failing to take effect quickly may sometimes delay the treatment timing.
“Su Wen · Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun” said, “The evil wind is here, and the disease is like wind and rain.”
Therefore, those who are good at treating their fur, secondly to cure the skin, secondly to cure the six crests, and secondly to treat the five internal organs.
Those who treat the five internal organs are also half dead and half alive.”That is to warn future generations to seize the opportunity of treatment.

The first day of the second visit of the attractive patient is the same as that of the second day. There is no response on the first day, and the great effect on the second day indicates that the “promote” and “know as the degree” are importantSex.
“Taking knowledge as a degree” is found in the post-note of 247 Maziren Pills in Treatise on Febrile Diseases. Zhi means 128 pages in the Concise and Practical Dictionary of Febrile Diseases. It is interpreted as: the meaning of healing.It is more in line with what analysts mean. “Knowing as the degree” means that you don’t need to add it after taking effect, or you don’t have to take it anymore.

If the pills are not effective, it needs to be “gradually increased, and the degree of knowledge is taken.” If the decoction is not effective, it is necessary to “after take a small dose to promote it . take one dose, and if the disease is still there, take it even more .Three doses.

Wu Jutong referred to Yin Qiaosan’s service method in “Distinguishing of the Illness of the Sickness” as “for those who are seriously ill, take it at about two o’clock, take it three times a day, take it one night . for those who are sick, take it again.

“It can be said that those who are good at learning Zhongjing also.

  Warm nature.

When talking about Mahuang decoction in “Yizong Jinjian”, he said that “the quack worker does not know the system to sweat in warmth, if it does not sweat in warmth, it is not serious”, which means that if it is not warm, it will not be able to get up.Very powerful divergent effect.

In the appeal case, the patient slept in the quilt with an electric mattress after taking the medicine, which achieved excellent warm coverage, which is one of the reasons for its rapid effect.

Zhang Shanlei, a modern Chinese medical practitioner, said in Materia Medica: “Ephedra sweats, and it must be warm and warm, and it will start to sweat, without warming and not sweating.

“The ephedrine used in the appeal case is the prescription contained in” Treatise on Febrile Diseases “, also known as Jingfang. The ancients said that the Jingfang used correctly, and there was indeed a speed of” covering the cup and getting better. “Not fast, often because we haven’t learned enough.

This requires us to study both the typhoid and the scientific connotations of the typhoon theory and the methods of using it.

Promote sleep?

Choose your curtains carefully

Promote sleep?
Choose your curtains carefully

The curtains are in an eye-catching position in the room, so in a sense it determines the expression of a room, and also reflects the life taste and taste of the host.

In fact, in addition to the decorative functions, the material, function and comfort of curtains are also closely related to our health.

  In terms of materials, curtains are made of cotton, hemp, gauze, satin, flocking, bamboo, man-made fibers and so on.

Among them, cotton and linen are common materials for curtains, easy to wash and replace, and are suitable for bedrooms; decorative alternatives for yarn curtains can enhance the depth of the room, good light transmission, suitable for use in living rooms and balcony; satin, flockingThe curtains are delicate in size, luxurious and gorgeous, and have good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is relatively high; the bamboo curtain has clear texture, good lighting effect, and is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-fading, suitable for living room and balcony;Hard, easy to wash, durable, and good shading; shutters are currently popular. When choosing, you can first touch whether the leaves are smooth and have no burrs, and then hang the curtains flat to try and see if they can be flexible. Finally, turn the adjustment lever.Check whether the blades are tilted freely. In addition, some wooden curtains will use adhesives, which may easily cause indoor pollution. If you have children at home, the elderly or pregnant women should be carefully replaced.

  When people buy curtains, they usually think about its decoration. In fact, they should pay more attention to the following aspects.



Research shows that when the continuous voice pollution in a room reaches 30 decibels, it will interfere with normal sleep.

Therefore, it is better to choose a curtain size with sound absorption effect. The size is flocking, cotton and linen.

At least, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. Good-sized curtains can reduce external noise by 10% -20%.



If you want to have a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a curtain with blackout effect for the bedroom, the best is cotton or flocking fabric.

In the study, the interior of the restaurant generally does not require too much light. You can replace the shutters and brake the light.


Keep warm.

In winter, the curtains need to consider the issue of thermal insulation. The flocked curtain fabrics are thick and have better thermal insulation.

According to research by Japanese interior designers, crimson is the warmest of all colors and suitable for winter use.


Regulate mood.

If the color of the curtains is too deep, it will be accompanied by depression for a long time; if the colors are too bright, it is not good. Some newlyweds like to choose brightly colored curtains, but over time, it will cause visual fatigue and irritability.

In fact, you can go for simplicity, choose natural, fresh colors such as light green and light blue, which can make people feel happy; people who are prone to insomnia can try to replace red and black curtains to help them fall asleep as soon as possible.

  Finally, I remind you not to choose curtains that are too low in price, because some cheap curtains are flammable in the event of fire, and good quality curtains usually have fire resistance, and family safety is guaranteed.

Yoga six poses cause annoying excess meat

Yoga six poses cause annoying excess meat

It’s time for physical recovery.

In the sunny and sunny weather, let’s fully stretch the lazy bones of the winter, and make yourself “excess meat” in the most gentle way, showing your graceful figure!

  Triangular method: 1. Extend the distance of three shoulders between the legs, open the rib cage flat and parallel, lift the entire pelvis to avoid collapse of the waist, and maintain natural breathing.

  2. Extend the right foot by 90 degrees, keeping the heel and the left foot in a straight line.

  3. The entire pelvis moves to the left as you inhale, your body moves to the upper right, tilts your body as you exhale, and your right hand rests on your foot.


The left arm is tilted directly upwards, and the eyes look upwards, keeping 7?
9 breaths, return to the original position, and do the other side.

Note: Do not force the contraction beyond its own limit, see if there is discomfort at the top of the head, look at the instep of the lower foot.

Efficacy: Eliminate the stiffness of the legs and tibia, adjust the shape of the legs, can reset the legs, fatigue and soreness during placement.

  Eagle approach: 1. Close your legs, support your waist with both hands, bend your legs, lift your left leg and coil the bent right leg, try to hook your left leg with your right leg.

  2. After keeping the body balanced, stretch your elbows flat, with your arms crossed in front, and bend and coil until the palms are opposite.

  3. Push the elbows forward as far as possible, away from the thorax, and keep your eyes steady on the forearms.

Keep 7?
9 breaths.

  4. Release your arm and put it on your waist, then release your legs, and do the other side in the same way.

  Note: Do not force your legs to coil, it is very important to sink your weight and bend your legs.

Efficacy: Strengthen the leg muscles and stretch the shin; relieve the muscles from the outside of the forearm to the middle back and eliminate shoulder and neck fatigue.

  Boat-style approach: 1. Sit on the ground with your legs closed, your back straight, and your hands on your thighs.

  2. Slightly tilt your body backwards, raise your legs to 45 degrees, and extend your arms parallel to the ground.

Keep 5?
7 breaths.

  Note: For women with weak abdomen, it is necessary to start step by step. You can start by bending your legs and putting your hands behind your body with a little support. Avoid practicing during menstruation.

Efficacy: Eliminate lumbar and abdominal diarrhea, stimulate peristalsis in the body, strengthen kidneys and internal organs in the abdomen.

  Bridge method: 1. Lie on your back, bend your legs, separate your feet and shoulder width, try to stretch your arms to touch the heel.

  2. As you inhale, push the pelvis and lower hips next to each other in turn.

  3. Bend both arms, the tiger’s mouth is extended to support the hips, keep 7?
9 breaths.

  4. When restoring, first fall back to the arm, and then return to the body from top to bottom to relax and breathe.

  Note: Do not open your feet into an “eight” shape; do not leave the heel and shoulders off the ground; let the thoracic cage look for the chin instead of the chin up or excessive depression, keep relaxed; keep the thigh parallel to the ground;Avoid practicing when you are.

  Efficacy: Stretch the muscles from chest to abdomen, improve blood circulation; reduce tibia.

  Simple rolling method: 1. Sit on the ground with your legs closed, your back straight, bend your right leg, and place your right foot against your left thigh.

  2. Turn your body to the right, support your right leg with your left hand, and your right arm up.

  3. While keeping the front of the right side away from the ground, slowly tilt it forward so that the arms are straightened and the arms are fully extended.

Keep 7?
10 breaths, do the other side after reduction.

  Note: This action is suitable for everyone. If you have the ability, you can complete the position of grasping your feet.

  Efficacy: Good for body circulation, reduce obesity, stimulate blood circulation in the spine, and relieve back pain.
  Bow-style method: 1. Prone on the mat, touch your forehead to the ground, bend your legs, straighten backwards, and hold your ankles with both hands.

  2. Try to keep your feet close together, lift your legs with inhalation, and then lift your head and chest.

Keep 3?
After 5 breaths, it returns to relaxation.

  Note: This posture is not easy to maintain for a long time, for good results, it can be done twice; people with stiff bodies can separate their legs, do not separate too much for height, otherwise it will increase the pressure on the waistWeight is placed on the abdomen near the navel; avoid exercise during menstruation.

  Efficacy: It has a contraction effect on the entire spine and promotes intra-abdominal blood circulation; it reduces the front muscles of the thighs and relieves the stiffness of the lower tibia.

How to avoid breakups in love

How to avoid breakups in love

Dealing with derailment is the biggest challenge. Whether it is love or marriage, the most fatal impact on the relationship between two people is the occurrence of derailment and extramarital affairs in some or both parties.

Derailment is the most intolerable thing for lovers. It is often understood as betrayal and deception, so it is very acceptable.

  Although it is not acceptable, it still happens frequently in reality.

Facing derailment is to challenge the lover’s ability to handle emotional relationships.

Many times the actual reason for breaking up because of derailment is for their own dignity.

It is more important to be serious or to be a lover and the future, and this needs to be judged by yourself.

Because of derailment, breakup or divorce, it is said that when he encountered a third party, he actually stood still.

  If it is derailed, then things are actually easier to handle.

If it is a derailed extramarital affairs, it is very troublesome to handle.

In either case, this is one of the great challenges in a person’s life.

Your lover is derailed, and all you have to do is make some assessments: Is he important for his future?

If it is difficult to replace, you can only bear the burden of humiliation and stick to it.

  There is one thing that cannot be done, and it is also a mistake that many people often make: treat breakups as punishment for derailing each other.

As a result, it is likely that there is no punishment to the other party, because it does not make sense to punish the other party because you are not together.

You have to believe that the other party’s derailment is mostly a stalemate of your love, as long as you can handle it.

  Blaming each other is the beginning of a vicious circle. Lovers and lovers need to be cultivated.

A good relationship or marriage manager is creating a lover of his own.

It’s the same as educating children.

Different children need to teach in different ways according to their aptitude, but one must be the same, that is, don’t complain and encourage more.

  If people complain about you, you can’t do a lot of things.

The truth is simple.

When we blame our lover, he or she will not go to the mistake of the person we blame, but instead look for the content and facts that blame you, so that we accuse each other of a vicious circle.

Only by encouraging each other can they make them feel guilty and observe their own shortcomings. This is great love!

Love is the most powerful weapon in the world.

  Do not easily say the word “breakup” quarrel or unhappy to say “breakup” and “divorce” is a fatal injury to lovers.

  Because many people say “breakup” not from the heart, but because they think they are a way of punishing and demonstrating each other.

It is indeed possible to demonstrate, but many people do not expect that it is a threat to themselves, and it is easy to let themselves have no escape route.

  The “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” states that “the soldier who humiliates without fighting” is the highest state for conquering others.

That is, don’t make a move and speak easily, let the other party to understand, at least you have a way out.

  Once the “breakup” is said, especially a lot, some days the other party thinks it is really dealt with, but makes himself very passive.

If you really want to break up, spend more time thinking about it, don’t consider the way to punish the other party, it can only be used as an option.

  Nothing is more important than being together is not normal in love and marriage.

The process of chasing happiness is a marathon, don’t give up lightly.

  When encountering derailment, extramarital affairs, and other differences, one of the most important principles must be kept in mind: that nothing is more important than being together.

  If it’s not important to be together, there is no need to fight and argue.

Many people don’t understand this reason, only to break up in the process of handling some disputes.

No matter what happens, be sure to stay together.

If arguing, arguing will lead to being unable to stay together and even hurting each other. It seems to be right, but in fact, it does not move towards the goal you want.As long as they can be together, everything can change.

  ”If you want to blow up the enemy bunker, you must lie down first.”

Maybe there is no such thing as dignity but victory.

Some people don’t even have a chance to win for the so-called dignity.