Orient Securities (600958): Enlarging asset management capabilities Β Advantages Wealth management Enhance Α capabilities

Orient Securities (600958): Enlarging asset management capabilities Β Advantages Wealth management Enhance Α capabilities

Positive feedback fermentation, and overall business growth.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company realized a net profit of 1.3 billion (YoY + 191%), operating income of 4.1 billion (YoY + 109%), and EPS 0.

18 yuan / share, ROE 2.

41% (+ 1% year-on-year.

58pt), adjusted leverage ratio 2.

85 times.

Orient Securities has an investment transaction and asset management expertise. In Q1, where capital efficiency has been greatly improved, the company seized the positive feedback from fully expanding the market to achieve double growth in profits and revenue.

2019Q1 Orient Securities investment income, asset management business, brokerage business, investment banking business, revenue income contributed 39% (+8 points YoY) / 10% 杭州桑拿 (32 points YoY) / 9% (11 Points YoY) / 7% ((YoY)-6pt) / 5% (YoY + 28pt).

Investment elasticity amplifies the results of the bull market.

In 2018, Oriental Securities’ proprietary trading business accounted for 38% of total assets, a year-on-year increase of + 6pt; however, the stock + fund accounted for only 8%, YoY-13pt, the high flexibility of equity ratio, and the high proportion of proprietary businessRatio, which gives Orient Securities a high beta.

Since this year, market sentiment has heated up. In the first quarter of 2019, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 24%, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index rose 37%, and the GEM Index rose 35%.

Orient Securities seized business opportunities and estimated a total investment income of 1.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of + 159%.

Thoroughly, the company steadily promoted the innovative transformation of the FICC business, rapidly developed the commodity business, actively carried out foreign exchange business, and constantly improved the business model of sales transactions.

With the bottom of the economy, financial supply-side reforms being promoted, and the long-term rights and interests being created, Oriental Securities will continue to give play to its investment advantages and expand positive market feedback.

The credit business continued to adjust its structure, and interest margins helped increase net income.

Benefiting from market sentiment, the company’s dual-finance business rapidly improved, and the amount of capital raised was 121 trillion at the end of the reporting period, an increase of 18% earlier.

However, the stock pledge business is still cautious. Wind data show that the company’s new stock pledge in the first quarter of 2019 was 24.24 million yuan, -99% year-on-year; at the same time, the accrual of credit impairment losses increased.

Based on the above, the company’s interest income of 1.5 billion yuan, after restatement -4% per year.

However, benefiting from quality control and rising interest margin, the company’s net interest income reached 1.

700 million per year after restatement + 17%.

The institutional client structure is stable, and the brokerage and asset management business is slightly shortened.

The brokerage business is dominated by institutional clients (77% of the brokerage agency clients in 2018), the transaction flexibility is small, and the commission confirmation time is different, so the brokerage business income was 400 million US dollars, a slight decrease of 6%.

The asset management business cooled down and realized a net income of 400 million US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 52%; considering the long-term advantages of the company’s asset management business, it is committed to achieving repair and growth in the later stage.

Improve the institutional business chain and acquire all equity of Oriental Citi.

The company is currently pursuing the acquisition of Oriental Citi 33, held by Citi Asia.

33% equity, the company will wholly-owned Oriental Citi after the completion of the acquisition.

It is reported that Oriental Citi achieved 1 billion IPOs in 2019Q1 (0 in 2018Q1), refinancing 7 billion (YoY + 134%), and debt financing of 15.2 billion (YoY + 833%).

After a wholly-owned holding of Oriental Citi, it will improve and optimize the company’s operating structure, improve operating efficiency and performance stability.

Enjoy β increase α, maintain “Recommended” rating.

As an outstanding leader in the transformation of big asset management, as a trading partner with investment flexibility, Orient Securities will benefit from the β market in the long bull market; at the same time, the company will actively deploy wealth management, enhance the advantages of investment banks, and further improve its operational stabilityAlpha returns.

The company is expected to have PB1 in 2019.

5 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk Warning: The policy advances less than expected, and the market fluctuates greatly.

Fang Xinghai’s A-share reform ideas promote the implementation of the science and technology board and the pilot registration system as soon as possible

Fang Xinghai’s A-share reform ideas promote the implementation of the science and technology board and the pilot registration system as soon as possible

On January 12, Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, delivered a speech while attending the Twenty-third China Capital Market Forum in Beijing, explaining in detail the statement of the Central Economic Work Conference on capital market reform, which aroused great market attention.

  ”The market-oriented reform of the capital market is urgently required, but it cannot be rushed.

We are glad that from the speeches of the leaders of relevant supervisors, we can perceive that the senior management has a clear idea of capital market reform, considers the long-term, and is steadily advancing.

When an executive of a securities firm was interviewed by a reporter from the International Financial News, it was difficult to hide the opposition and expectations in his heart.

  A person in charge of the Beijing Sales Department of a futures company said: “The leaders of the Securities Regulatory Commission pointed out in the speech that stock index futures and thought that the current liberalization of stock index futures trading measures was not enough, and that it would be further liberalized, and suggested that the limit of daily limit for new stocks be lifted.
These are the performance tools of market transaction volume and transaction activity, and they all point to the market-oriented reform of the capital market.

“So, what are the specific requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference on capital market reform?

How does Fang Xinghai, the vice chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission, interpret it?

  Background From December 19 to 21, 2018, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing Antiques.

The part of the communiqué on accelerating the reform of the economic system specifically mentions capital market reform: the capital market has a full-fledged role in financial operations, and it is necessary to deepen reform to create a standardized, transparent, open, and dynamic,Adequate capital markets, improve the quality of listed companies, improve the trading system, guide the entry of more medium and long-term funds, and promote the establishment of a science and technology board on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the trial registration system as soon as possible.

  1 The capital market plays a role in the financial operation.

  ”I think that reforms to restructure capital markets in the future will play a leading role in financial reforms.

The reform of the financial system is the thing of the morning glory in the capital market.

Fang Xinghai said.

  Fang Xinghai talked about his understanding from the macro and micro levels.

He believes that from a macro perspective, this means that the capital market has its most critical role in the financial system, otherwise it will not affect the whole body at the same time. In addition, from a micro perspective, it will enter the development stage and the innovation-driven stage.There must be equity investments that are more capable of absorbing risks to promote further economic growth at this stage.

Both macro and micro, there is an urgent need to develop the capital market, so that equity financing plays a more important role in the entire financial system.

  2 We must deepen reforms to create a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic, and profitable capital market.

  In this regard, Fang Xinghai further refined the detailed explanation, and also revealed the reform ideas and directions of the capital market, including the study of removing the 44% limit limit of the first day price of new shares, and stock index futures should be relaxed.

  ”Normative, transparent, we used to say that.

However, for the first time, an open, dynamic and competitive capital market was so clearly presented at a central conference.

Fang Xinghai said.
  He adjusted his understanding of the three important adjectives “open,” “vigorous,” and “controversial” in detail with examples, and an example actually corresponds to corresponding reform measures.

  Regarding “openness”, Fang Xinghai said that the net inflow of foreign countries has increased substantially. “Last year, the net inflow population reached 300 billion U.S. dollars. This year I expect the inflow of foreign exchange population to increase. 600 billion can be expected.

At the same time, Fang Xinghai also disclosed that there are now some large international investment banks with US, Japanese, and European capitals in the process of obtaining 51% equity. After three years, in fact, equity financing will reach 100%.;; Recently, Dow Jones also announced its withdrawal from A-shares, which will bring about 15 billion US dollars into A-shares; continue to open the futures market to the outside world, so that China’s futures prices have a very large global influence.

  Regarding “dynamics” and “interests”, Fang Xinghai said that capital market participants must be very full, transactions are very active, and pricing is reasonable.

Regarding “dynamic”, Fang Xinghai has two examples to illustrate: it is proposed to cancel the 44% limit limit on the first day of listing of new shares, and further relax stock index futures trading measures.

He believes that the current relevant regulations will definitely affect the trading vitality of the market.

  ”Some shocks from outside, our capital market will shake a little, rise and fall a little, but it will return to normal immediately. This is called profitable.

Fang Xinghai put forward his own understanding of the market. The most important point is that the pricing is reasonable.

  Regarding reasonable pricing, he believes that prices are not what the regulatory authorities say. There must be various means and tools to allow the market to fully play, so that the prices set are reasonable.

At present, there are very few tools, so the CSRC has stepped up the introduction of a variety of tools that can be used by both long and short sides.

  3 Improve the quality of listed companies and improve the trading system to guide more medium- and long-term funds into the market.

  ”In 2018, there was a strange phenomenon. Domestic investors were afraid to buy stocks, and foreign investors desperately bought Chinese stocks.

how to explain?

“Fang Xinghai pointed out,” It is the investment fund 武汉夜生活网 structure that has played a role.

“Because domestic investors, whether retail investors or institutions, must be regarded as profit or loss in the end, the market continues to judge whether it has reached the bottom in the downward phase of the market and is afraid to enter without reaching the bottom.

The investment period of foreign investors is 3 to 5 years, or even more. Judging from the general trend, the Chinese stock market is undervalued, and the Chinese economy is optimistic in the long run. It should not be at such an estimated level.  At the same time, Fang Xinghai said that he would do his best to continue to introduce a large amount of international long-term funds into the Chinese stock market, including entering the Chinese futures market.

  4 Promote the implementation of the science and technology board and the pilot registration system as soon as possible.

  Some brokerage professionals said that promoting the implementation of the science and technology board and the pilot registration system has become the most important thing in the capital market.

  ”Here is a keyword everyone should pay attention to, which is ‘landing as soon as possible’.

“In his speech, Fang Xinghai highlighted the word” as soon as possible “.

  Fang Xinghai finally stated that the CSRC is guiding and cooperating with the Shanghai Stock Exchange to work day and night on the basis of fully listening to market opinions and the opinions of various ministries and commissions to complete this very important and glorious task as soon as possible.

  While explaining the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference on capital market reforms, Fang Xinghai’s speech directly responded to specific requirements through actual reform measures. If these reform measures are merged one by one, it will surely inject “heart force” into the capital market.

  ”In fact, the regulatory authorities have been closely planning the continuous deepening of reforms in the capital market.

As a specific player in the market, we also call for further reform.

In my opinion, first of all I am very pleased to see that reform is just around the corner, and secondly I feel that such reform can come earlier and be transformed!

The executives of a medium-sized brokerage firm in Beijing referred to the reform measures pointed out in the above speech, and their excitement overflowed with words.

  (International Finance News reporter Liu Xinyu)

Babies room (603214) 2018 financial report review: store expansion speed up + category structure optimization 18-year performance growth in line with expectations

Babies room (603214) 2018 financial report review: store expansion speed up + category structure optimization 18-year performance growth in line with expectations

Announcement: The company disclosed its 2018 financial report. The revenue and net profit attributable to the parent were 21 respectively.

35 billion and 1.

20 billion, an annual increase of 18.

12% and 28.

23%, the growth rate of operating net cash flow was -3.

66%, the company plans to distribute cash dividends for every 10 shares3.

6 yuan (including tax).

  The company’s revenue and profit maintained high growth, in line with expectations: the company’s 18-year revenue and attributable profit growth rates were 18 respectively.

12% and 28.

23%, non-profit growth of 19.


Among them, Q4 revenue and profit growth were 19 respectively.

16% and 18.


The growth rate of the company’s Q4 revenue and non-deductible profits remained flat compared with the previous three quarters, maintaining a relatively high growth rate.

The gross profit margin continued to improve, and the short-term three rate improvement improved: the company’s gross profit margin for 18 years was 28.

8%, an increase of nearly 0 in a year.

4pct, mainly benefit from continuous optimization of product categories and supply chain.

During the period, the company’s three rate levels were 21.

4%, a year to raise 0.

6pct is mainly due to the rapid increase in sales expenses. The company expanded its store expansion and marketing after the listing. It is expected that the subsequent gradual scale effect will be further reflected, and the company’s three rates will be stable.

The expansion of stores has accelerated, the e-commerce platform has grown rapidly, and the omnichannel strategy has been steadily advancing: the company has 223 stores by the end of 18, a net increase of 34 (45 new openings and 11 closures), and 21 net openings in the second half of the year.Opening store expansion further accelerated; meanwhile, e-commerce business achieved high growth, with revenue and 苏州夜网论坛 growth rates of 4,534 respectively.

RMB 790,000 / year-on-year + 139%, the company’s omni-channel strategy is advancing steadily.

  Investment suggestion: The company rebuilds the East China mother and baby retail market, continuously encrypts and expands the markets of eastern provinces and cities around the country, and the endogenous + extension channels have ample space for sinking; the latest distribution incentive scheme highlights the company’s confidence in mid- and long-term development; and in-depth smart retail marketing with TencentCooperation and promotion further enhance the company’s omni-channel marketing capabilities, accelerate the integration of the three-dimensional marketing system, and improve customer consumption experience.

We are optimistic about the company’s deterministic opportunities for performance 北京桑拿洗浴保健 growth in the next few years, and it is expected that the EPS in 19-21 will be 1.

52, 1.

92 and 2.

33 yuan, corresponding to the latest PE is 28X, 22X, 18X, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: forecast of macroeconomic growth rate; intensified competition in the industry; same-store operating data decline.

A shares smell-loose-taste

A shares smell “loose” taste Mid-year loose capital makes you unexpected

A shares smelled “loose”!

Loose capital in the middle of the year makes you unexpected!

The interest rate of this variety has reached the lowest point in 10 years. At the end of June, China’s brokerage firm has arrived. Is the bank’s funding still tight?

  In June of each calendar year, the mid-year and quarter end, the liquidity situation has always attracted market attention.

In June this year, the cross-quarter funding pressure and the MPA assessment pressure of the bank coincided with the impact of other events. Is there any change in the funding situation in June?

  In fact, this week, through structural policy measures and continuous capital injection, the average interest rate of each fund showed a downward trend.

According to WIND statistics, from the week of June 14 to June 21, the net growth of the long-term open market reached 425 billion US dollars, far more than the net increase of 650 for the week of June 7 to June 14Parts per million are second only to 510 billion in the last week of May.

  Under the overall care, the face value of each fund was subdivided across the board.

On June 21, the Shanghai interbank market borrowing rate (Shibor) fell across the board, and the overnight borrowing rate fell to 1.

112%, a new low since June 2015.

The inter-bank pledged repo overnight rate (DR001) fell to 0 intraday.

9% is the lowest point in the past 10 years.

  Completely, the inter-bank deposit market financing was fully restored, and the liquidity pressure of small and 佛山桑拿网 medium-sized banks was significantly eased.

Compared with last week’s interbank deposit certificate, the net financing scale was -880.

At a scale of US $ 10 billion, this week’s large-scale interbank deposit receipts were massively expanded. The net financing scale was US $ 281 billion, and the issuance rate also increased significantly.

  Next week, the last week of June is approaching. The market generally believes that the market capital will be further protected gradually, and the inter-bank fund income may still increase.

In a word, the bank “babies”, rest assured that the New Year.

  Overnight Shibor overnight interest rates plummeted by only 1.

112%, the lowest point in four years. On the morning of June 21, the Shanghai interbank market lending rate (Shibor) fell across the board, and the overnight lending rate was 合肥夜网 quoted1.

112%, a new low since June 2015.

  Historically, Shibor’s overnight interest rate hit a stage low in June 2015. At that time, the lowest rate was 1 on June 1, 2015.

Record low of 027%.

Earlier in 2009, 0.

A record low of 8008%.

  The DR001 pledged repo rate broke 0 during the session.

9%, a nearly 10-year low on June 21. From the perspective of the pledged repo rate in the interbank market, the overnight repo rate (DR001) of deposit institutions dropped by 12.

87bp, the lowest intraday fell to 0.

9000%, the lowest point since September 2009.

However, from the closing average price, it was reported at 1.

1007%, a low since December 28, 2018.

  Historically, the overnight repo rate (DR001) of deposit-taking institutions continued to run below 1% around June 2009.

  DR007, which is the highest and most fancy, also goes out of the same trend.

DR007, which is a 7-day repurchase rate pledged by inter-bank deposit institutions with interest rate debt as the pledge, is the most intuitive judgment indicator of the inter-bank funds, and is often used as a guide to observe monetary policy.

  From the perspective of DR007, the intraday low reached 1 at one time.

1058%, the lowest point since May 29, 2015.

  The inter-bank deposit certificate issue price broke through in an all-round way, and the net financing scale was significantly increased. With the full support of the transformation, the inter-bank deposit certificate market has further fully and significantly recovered this week.

According to WIND statistics, last week, the net financing scale of interbank certificates of deposit was -880.
10 billion.
Among them, the total issued amount reached 5121.

90ppm, the average issuance rate is 3.

1811%, with a maturity of 6001.

9 billion yuan.

  By this week, the net financing scale of interbank certificates of deposit was 2810.

7 billion yuan, with a release budget of 7174.

20ppm, the average issuance rate is 3.

0736%, with an expiry amount of 4363.

5 billion yuan.

  Judging from this data, the net financing scale of interbank certificates of deposits has expanded significantly, and the average issuance increase has gradually decreased.

With the recent recovery of the inter-bank certificate market, the liquidity pressure of small and medium banks has eased.

Obviously, this aspect is related to the previous protection of market liquidity, and it has also been gradually supported by the issue of interbank certificates of deposit by some small and medium banks, which has increased the recognition of interbank certificates of deposit of small and medium banks.

  Yang Ma ‘s policy tools and open operations “should be hard on both hands”. The capital has been loosened for the past month, especially since this week, gradually increasing the amount of investment in the open market, especially focusing on increasing financial support for small and medium-sized banks.At the same time, the bank launched a support plan for the head securities company to disburse funds, and the head securities firm to finance small and medium-sized non-bank institutions, so the market’s tight funding situation has been greatly eased.

  1. On June 14 every year, it is announced that 200 billion rediscounts and 100 billion SLF quotas will be added to small and medium banks.

  2. Every year on June 16, the reporter asked in the explanation of the progress of the takeover of the Mingbao contractor, mentioning that the average creditor’s compensation ratio reached 90%, eliminating market share.

  3. On June 16th, a special conference on preventing and resolving liquidity risks in the bond market was arranged to arrange large-scale securities firms and funds to provide liquidity support to small and medium-sized securities firms and funds.

  4. On June 17, documents related to the repurchase of default disposal were introduced, and the efficiency of appropriate repurchase default recovery was improved.

  5. On June 18, a meeting was held with the CSRC in advance to encourage six major banks to expand financing to small and medium-sized non-bank institutions through some of the leading brokers.

  In addition to these structural institutional arrangements mentioned above, in terms of funding, we have also made every effort in ten years.

From the week of June 14 to June 21, the intensity has increased significantly.

On June 14, the 28-day reverse repo was gradually restarted to release more long-term funds and stabilize the mid-year capital.

On June 19th, under the condition that the sequel expired at 2000 ppm MLF, it added another 40 billion yuan to small and medium banks.

  According to WIND statistics, from the week of June 14 to June 21, the net net growth of the long-term open market reached 425 billion U.S. dollars, far exceeding the net issue of the week from June 7 to June 14.650 parts per million, second only to 510 billion in the last week of May.

Enjie (002812) Third Quarterly Report Preview Comment: Overseas Proportion Increases Q3 Results, Forecasts Slightly Exceed Expectations

Enjie (002812) Third Quarterly Report Preview Comment: Overseas Proportion Increases Q3 Results, Forecasts Slightly Exceed Expectations

Q3 net profit increased 13-33% month-on-month, slightly exceeding expectations: the company announced that Q3 returns to its parent net profit 2-2.

35 billion yuan, an increase of 24-46% (19Q3 non-recurring profit and loss of about 2 million, if considering the 18Q3 pro forma, an increase of 9-28%), an increase of 13-33%.

1-3Q net profit 5.


2 billion, an increase of 83-93% (if you consider 18Q1-3 for pro forma, an increase of 39-47% over a ten-year period), the expansion of business has grown steadily from the previous quarter, and the improvement of traditional businesses is obvious: from the perspective of business expansion, we expect to increase Q1-3 netProfit 6.


3.8 billion, an increase of 50-58%, and net profit attributable to mothers5.


75 billion; net profit of traditional business 0.


4.9 billion, an average of about 20-30% over a ten-year period.

Q3 coaxial net profit 2-2.

300 million, net profit attributable to mother 1.


100 million, an increase of about 3-20% from the previous month, and an annual increase of 8-27% (considering 18Q3 for the preparation); the net profit of traditional business Q3 is 0.


Q3 improved the budget structure, improved overseas share, and improved the expected Q3 company replacement and restructuring1.

About 900 million flats, an increase of about 5% from the previous month and 36% for many years.


500 million flats, the proportion increased to about 25% (in the first half of the year, overseas revenue accounted for 15%).

In the first three quarters, the company’s budget was reduced by 5.

500 million flats, an increase of about 80% in ten years.

Q3 Danping net profit 1.


2 yuan, and after Q2 replaced the subsidy, Shan Ping’s profit was less than 0.

9 yuan.

The increase in profit is mainly due to the increase in the proportion of overseas companies. We expect the company to expand its net profit by approximately RMB 2 in overseas expansion and maintain it at zero in China.

8 yuan / flat.

Q4 peak season industry production increased, the company’s profit will continue to improve sequentially: grab Q4 equipment equipment, in October downstream battery factory scheduling increased 10-20% month-on-month, it is expected that the company’s Q4 scale is expected to reach 300 million flat, and gradually improve the amount8.

500 million flats, of which overseas expansion1.

About 400 million flats.

At present, the 南京桑拿网 company has developed Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and formed a stable supply. We expect that the final overseas expansion is expected to reach 20 million square meters per month. In 2020, the overseas substitution volume is expected to reach 400 million square meters, and the scale of expansion is 1.3 billion square meters.
It is planned to acquire Jieli, integrate the industry, and improve the competitive landscape.

The company’s proposed US $ 2 billion acquisition of 100% equity in Geli, further increases its share, and complements Geli in the consumer segment.

Year-to-date, the average price of the wet law industry has fallen by more than 30%, and small manufacturers have accelerated their withdrawal. The company’s current market share exceeds 40%, and it has a market share of more than 60% among the leading downstream 深圳桑拿网 manufacturers, with certain pricing power.

In 2020, the competition pattern of the industry will become more concentrated, and the overall pressure on price reduction will be less, and overseas demand will increase, leading the industry to benefit.

Earnings forecast and investment grade: We expect the company to return to its parent net profit for 2019-2021.

June 11, 2013.6 billion, an increase of 65% / 28% / 24% in the same period, corresponding to PE of 33x / 26x / 21x. Because the company is a wet alternative leader, the scale advantage is obvious, the customer development is smooth, 30 times PE in 2020, target price 41Yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Macroeconomic downturn, price reductions exceed expectations, sales volume is lower than expected

Job Interview overlooked 12 kinds of advanced error

Ignored job interview 12 kinds of “advanced” error

Not good at breaking the silence: At the beginning of the interview, the candidate was not good at breaking the ice (that is, breaking the silence), and waited for the interviewer to open the conversation box.
During the interview, the test taker was reluctant to speak out due to various concerns, which made the interview cold.
Even if I can barely break the silence, the tone of voice is extremely rigid, making the scene even more awkward.
In fact, whether before or during the interview, the interviewer’s active compliments and conversations will leave the interviewer with a good impression of enthusiasm and good conversation.
  ”Interacting with interviewers”: Interviewers with a certain degree of professionalism are taboo about being interviewed with candidates, because the relationship between the two parties in the interview is too casual or too nervous will affect the interviewer’s judgment.
Excessive “approach” will also objectively prevent candidates from making professional statements and skills in a short interview time.
Smart candidates can show one or two well-founded things to praise the recruiter and show your interest in the company.
  Influenced by prejudice or prejudice Sometimes, the negative evaluation about the interviewer or the recruitment unit that you know before the interview will influence the thinking in the interview.
The interviewer who was mistaken for seemingly indifferent was either severe or unsatisfactory, so he was very nervous.
At other times, the interviewer was a young lady who looked much younger than herself, and began to mutter, “How can she be qualified to interview me?
“In fact, in a special procurement relationship such as recruitment interviews, candidates as suppliers need to actively face different styles of interviewers, namely customers.
When facing a customer, a real salesperson cannot choose his attitude.
  慷慨陈词,却举不出例子  应试者大谈个人成就、特长、技能时,聪明的面试官一旦反问:“能举一两个例子吗”?Candidates are speechless.
The interviewer believes that facts speak louder than words.
In the interview, candidates should trust their people with their so-called communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, etc. There are only examples.
  缺乏积极态势  面试官常常会提出或触及一些让应试者难为情的事情。Many people are red in the face, or evasive, or lying perfunctory, not the honest answer, positive interpretation.
Let’s say the interviewer asked: Why are you five years for the three times work?
Some people might talk about how to work hard, superiors do not support, rather than telling the interviewer: Although the work is very difficult, then he thus learned a lot, but also matured a lot.
  丧失专业风采  有些应试者面试时各方面表现良好,可一旦被问及现所在公司或以前公司时,就会愤怒地抨击其老板或者公司,甚至大肆谩骂。Among the many international big companies, or the availability of professionalism in front of the interviewer, this behavior is very taboo.
  不善于提问  有些人在不该提问时提问,如面试中打断面试官谈话而提问。Some people before the interview did not have enough ready to ask questions, turn to have opportunity to ask questions Shique do not know what to say.
In fact, a good question, than the resume of numerous pen and ink, will make the interviewer admiration.
  对个人职业发展计划模糊  对个人职业发展计划,很多人只有目标,没有思路。For example, when asked “Are you in the next five years development plan how?
“When a lot of people will answer,” I hope to do the National Director of Sales within five years.
“If the interviewer then asked” why “, candidates often feel baffled.
In fact, any specific career goals without your assessment of the personal current skills and broad-brush skills development programs you need worked out for competent career goals.

  假扮完美  面试官常常会问:“您性格上有什么弱点?You suffered setbacks do in your career?
“Some people will not hesitate to answer: no.
In fact, this answer is often of their own irresponsible.
Nobody no weakness, no one not suffered setbacks.
Only fully aware of their weaknesses, and only the correct understanding of their own suffered setbacks, to create truly mature personality.
  被“引君入瓮”  面试官有时会考核应试者的商业判断能力及商业道德方面的素养。For example: the interviewer after the presentation the company honest and trustworthy corporate culture or simply nothing to reports, asked: “You as a financial manager, if I (General Manager) requires you within 1 year of tax evasion of 10 million, then you how to do?”Think tax evasion scheme, or if you are on the spot Evans Quan caught the ear scratching cheek, and immediately sided out a lot of programs, have proven that you on their trap.

In fact, in almost all the large international companies, law-abiding is the most basic requirements of employee behavior.

[Page]  主动打探薪酬福利  有些应试者会在面试快要结束时主动向面试官打听该职位的薪酬福利等情况,结果是欲速则不达。具备人力资源专业素养的面试者是忌讳这种行为的。
In fact, if recruiters for some place candidate known then natural to ask their reward situation.

  I do not know how to end a lot of job candidate’s interview ended, or because of the success of excitement, or because of fear of failure, will be incoherent, helpless.

In fact, at the end of the interview, as a candidate, you may wish to express your understanding of candidate positions; passion to tell the interviewer you are interested in this position, and asked what the next step; smiling and the interviewer handshake and thank the interviewreception officer and consideration to you.

Job burnout quietly attacks office workers

Job burnout quietly attacks office workers

Symptoms: Feeling more tired after a long vacation. Mr. Qi, 29, is a teacher attached to the primary school of Jiaotong University. He has been teaching part-time outside of his own job.

In his words, he never rested on weekends and was as busy as a hurry.

But after the Spring Festival, the class was scheduled to go to the ninth day. He couldn’t lift his spirits anyway. He felt irritable and very tired. He wanted to resign and take a good rest.

Coincidentally, Ms. Li, who is the sales director in a foreign company in the high-tech zone, is in the same status as Mr. Qi.

She said that after taking a 7-day long holiday, she should be more energetic and energetic, but after taking the leave to work, she faced a large number of new work goals and tasks instead manifested as a lack of concentration, absent-mindedness, and unable to enter a normal working state.It’s just a kind of “dried up” feeling, very sad.

  Diagnosis: Ill-conditioned psychology comes from work pressure. Doctor Zhu Ying from West Electric Hospital told reporters that this is suffering from burnout and often occurs after long vacations.

This is a morbid state. Many people do not know that they have the symptoms. They often show worry, fear, depression, irritability, physical and mental fatigue at work, and some people behave abnormally, such as seeking for taste.Salty, spicy and other irritating foods, and even drinking alcohol, etc. These behaviors cannot be evaluated only on the moral level, because this is a pathological psychology.

According to her, burnout can be described as universal, but only to varying degrees or frequencies.

Generally speaking, employees in competitive industries are under pressure to work, and they are prone to burnout or occupational exhaustion, such as teachers, police, medical staff, insurance agents, high-tech researchers, journalists and other groups.

  Prescription: People who talk to people who have too much work and rest regularity often choose to change jobs when they have job burnout, hoping to get new work passion in a new work environment. Li Yusen, a professor of psychology at Chang’an University, believes that this is not rationals Choice.

He said: “It’s quite tired and lazy, and regaining work pleasure is not a job change.

Correctly adopt the right method to cope with stress. Don’t be bored if you are distressed. Increase communication with others and take the initiative to talk and communicate with others, so as to reduce the psychological pressure and fear of work.

Dr. Zhu also suggested that when symptoms of burnout occur, pay attention to meditation, relaxation, adequate rest, normal diet and regular work and restoring in 1-2 weeks.

Six methods of Chinese medicine for health and brain health_1

Six methods of Chinese medicine for health and brain health

According to Chinese medicine, “the brain is the house of the Yuanshen.

“The brain is highly convergent and superlative. The human vision, hearing, smell, feeling, thinking and memory are all due to the role of the brain.

This shows that the brain is an extremely important organ of the human body and the key to life.

Chinese medicine experts believe that brain health is the key to fitness. There are six ways to strengthen the brain.

  Qigong and strong brain training method can fully exert the subjective function of mind, and greatly stimulate the self-regulating function of strong brain and strong brain.

There are many qigong exercises, and many of them are aimed at strengthening the brain and strengthening the brain. The specific exercises are best guided by qigong masters.

  Jijing brain and brain are the sea of marrow, and kidney is the main marrow.

If the kidney is full, the sea of pulp is full, so the accumulation of sperm can strengthen the brain.

The method of accumulation is abstinence.

Zhang Jingyue, a well-known medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, said: “Those who are good at keeping good health must keep their essence.

Jingying is full of vitality, full of vitality is full of spirits, full of health is good, physical health is less sick, strong, strong and strong, all based on fine also.

According to clinical reports, at present, 10% of people over 65 years old suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and they are increasing year by year.

The study found that the aluminum deposits in patients’ brain tissues were significantly increased and often accompanied by iron deficiency anemia.

To prevent this disease, you can appropriately reduce the use of aluminum tableware, especially do not use aluminum products for long-term storage of acidic or alkaline or salty food.

  Exercise and brain are beneficial to health, but most of them are not direct.

Calligraphy, painting, and Taijiquan have the similarities of hand-brain connection and full concentration.

The hand-brain relationship is the most closely related. The previous exercise ball (that is, using two small balls to continually circle each other in the hand) helps hand-brain coordination and has a better brain function.

  Yishen raises the brain and hides the mind, and the brain is not hurt if the spirit is happy; if the spirit is tense, the mood is restless, the spirit is disordered, the brain is damaged.

Yi Shen raises the brain, should focus on moral cultivation; such as generosity, calmness, lack of gains and losses, not chasing fame and fortune, leisurely, helping others, is conducive to brain training; such as narrow-minded, cares about everything, affection is easy to move, Then the viscera, qi and blood dysfunction and cause disease.

Therefore, healthy brain health, especially pay attention to this.

  Take the tonic and analyze the ancient and modern brain-preserving prescriptions, generally tonify the liver and kidney, replenish the essence and blood (such as mandarin meat, Dihuang, Shouwu, wolfberry, Cuscuta, Schisandra, Sichuan Eucommia, Achyranthes bidentata, Angelica, etc.), Yiqi, Huoxuemai(Such as astragalus, ginseng, danshen, etc.) is mainly supplemented with phlegm phlegm, and clearing techniques (such as Shichangpu, Polygala, Poria, Zexie, etc.) are supplemented. For clinical application, it should be replaced according to the principle of dialectical treatment.it is good.

In addition, such as sesame, animal brain and other food supplement or take.

Beauty must know: 18 skin care tips


Beauty must know: 18 skin care tips


Excessive skin care and skin care are not uniform enough and terrible: I have seen washing my face 6 times a day; I have seen those who do not use makeup but use makeup remover every day;

  2. The nature of cleanliness cannot be over recommended.

Many problems such as blackheads and acne are caused by insufficient cleaning.

Editor’s point: As long as you clean, skin care is 60% successful.

  3, fast-acting Dongdong should be careful: it will turn white in 3 days . In fact, the easiest way is to bleach, but the face is long, not a piece of paper that can be floated, except at the expense of health.

Whitening, removing spots, removing acne, and removing acne marks are not effective in a short time. If someone recommends you a product that will make you amazing changes overnight, just flickering your money may damage youhealth.
  4. Internal adjustment and external support are equally important.

Many people only care about external care rather than internal adjustment.

In fact, the external beauty of the skin is one of the reflections of internal health. Many problems are not a single problem that skin care products can completely solve.

Cuties, pay attention to rest, health, nutrition, which will save you a lot of money for expensive skin care products.

  5, alternating hot and cold washing face is not suitable for all people.

If your skin is well tolerated and there are no other problems (such as sensitivity, red blood, acne, inflammation), you may use this method.

However, alternating hot and cold washing of the face will increase the sensitivity of sensitive muscles and stimulate the dilation of capillaries . thus making the sensitivity and red blood capillary problems more serious.

Normally, I recommend washing your face with warm water.

People with oily skin don’t doubt 3 minutes less face time.

  6. Do you rub your blackheads with salt?


Legend has it that rubbing blackheads with salt is effective.

In fact, this uses the hardness of the salt to exfoliate, to achieve clean skin and reduce blackheads.

But the salt is very hard, and the edges and corners are sharp, which can easily make the stratum corneum too thin and cause skin sensitivity and redness.

Change it!

Once or twice a week, rub the blackhead area with Yongweitang nano pearl powder and water, and add it to the cleanser every morning and evening. The blackheads will naturally decrease until they disappear.

  7. It is dangerous to follow suit regardless of the situation!

Everyone’s skin is different, so the products and methods used are different.

Many people do n’t understand the basic principles of skin care, and they use it as they see what others use.

So, take a moment to learn the basics of skin care!

  8. Pay attention to the priority level of dealing with skin problems: if you have all these problems such as sensitivity, blackheads, acne, acne marks, dull complexion, you should deal with them first?

Remember: the one that is most closely related to the skin’s own health is the issue that should be addressed first.

The first treatment is sensitive, let the skin recover, calm, and then pay attention to cleansing, oil control, so that the acne will be much better, and then the acne marks, and finally whitening.

Because of the method of removing acne, there are often conflicts between materials and whitening. If acne is still in use and some whitening materials are used, a small amount of milk, then . acne will become worse.

  9, try not to paint too much on both ends.

Bing Han has seen some beautiful eyebrows and old acne, so they asked them about their skin care methods in detail, and found that they have seven or eight layers of things on their bodies, and they are constantly on the go.

However, after applying the essence and then applying the milk, applying the cream and then applying the cream, and then applying the isolation and sun protection, there are some makeup on the outside, so that the thick layers are closed, the skin can not even ventilate.  10. Pay attention to beauty: Some beauty salons that are not far away are satisfied with them in order to let you see the effect quickly, and they use methods such as microdermabrasion, in fact, they mainly exfoliate, remove the old skin and let the new skin grow.Come out, as if under their “care” quickly have “baby tender skin”, in fact, your nightmare has just begun.

The skin was damaged and subsequent problems followed.

Therefore, don’t give the beauty salon your eagerness to become beautiful (it’s a contradiction, because many people can’t remember going to the beauty salon until this time .) 11, big names may not necessarily be good: let’s say, a BritishOne of the brand’s eye gels was passed on to the gods, but in fact it was nothing more.

There is a brand of facial cleanser that sells quite expensive and cleans well enough, but it is much more irritating than Yongweitang’s pearl facial cleanser . pay more attention to the easy-to-use and cheap domestic brands!

  12, make up or try to use less.Makeup contains a lot of artificial colors, metals, talcum powder and other harmful ingredients to the human body, too much use . . will not say.

Natural skin care, scientific beauty, this is the consistent view of Binghan.

Only by giving full play to the energy of the skin itself can the skin problems be fundamentally solved, and even the skin care will not be even better.

  13, pay attention to do allergy tests.

I have seen too many people pick up skin care products and apply directly to the top. As a result, their faces become red, itchy, rashes and even swollen.

Aiming is understandable and understandable, but safety comes first and must not be forgotten.

Since everyone may be allergic to a particular substance, it is important to pay attention to testing.

Although the skincare product is generally a few tenths of a percent, if you encounter it, it is 100% for you!

  14. Don’t believe in the specific gravity method of the legends of the lakes and lakes, the burning method and other methods to test the authenticity of cosmetics, there is no scientific basis, and some are simply fabricated.

  15. Moisturizing and moisturizing are two different things: Someone asks why the cold end face feels dry.

Ask the care method in detail before you know that after washing your face, just apply a lotion-this way everyone will do it!

Moisturizing is to add moisture to the skin, and moisturizing is to prevent these moisture from being lost. To moisturize, use milk, cream or moisturizing essence.

  16. Gene repair?

It’s Huyou: Some skin care products often use the most cutting-edge technology to affix gold to their jackets in order to sell high prices or build brand image.

Just talk about nanotechnology, and even gene repair has come out.

In the end I wrote this article (2009-12-20), gene repair is just a good wish.

Who wants to tell you that his product can repair genes, just twist the head and it’s right!

  17, do not believe in radiation protection, radiation protection is just a legend: say that many crushes buy insulation milk, want to isolate computer radiation.

Although Binghan can’t bear it, I still have to tell you: don’t believe in radiation protection, radiation protection is just a legend.

With the computer for a long time, paying attention to moisturizing and cleaning is the most important.

  18, Gu’an is in danger, because the good time has passed: between the age of 18 and the graduation of 23-year-old university, girls are the least sense of crisis, the proudest time, because the skin is watery!

But my dear, you still have a good year after graduating from college, and you will face a lot of life problems, and your skin condition will also mature after the peak-in fact mature is a euphemism, meaning notIt’s too likely to get better-so it will only get worse in the future . So before 22, you can eat whatever you want, but when you are 23, you must take care of yourself in a crisis, otherwise the decline will be very fast-noIt’s not threatening you, it’s not threatening you, it’s reminding you of friendship.

Child refuses to eat-Experts have tried you

Does the child refuse to eat?

Expert tricks you

People have headaches when they refuse to eat.

  Miss Dai’s five-year-old son is smart and cute, but every time he eats, he hurts the whole family: never sit down and eat, or play and eat, only watching TV and eating.

In order for the child to eat, his grandmother had to run and feed after him every time, and it usually took nearly two hours for a meal.

How can I let my child sit down and eat well?

  According to experts, most of the children ‘s bad habits of eating and playing are formed because parents do not have a scientific substitute for their children. Some children are already full, but parents require their children to complete quantitative or supplementary meals; some parents do notArrange a rhythmic lifestyle for your child, and pull the child to dinner when the child is having fun; even parents never teach their children etiquette.

Experts suggest that parents can improve their children’s current situation through the following methods: * Re-exclude factors that attract children’s attention when eating, do not turn on the TV, do not give toys to children, and so on.

Among them, parents play a leading role in leading by example; * Do not aim at the child’s meals, after the child is full, do not force the child to eat again; * Help a good alternative environment, see who canDid not sit at the table, let the children go to ask their father or grandparents to eat at the table, set up the table with the children, etc. * often use lively little stories to inspire children’s interest in food, but also use simple and clear words to let childrenUnderstand that eating a certain type of food has certain health benefits; * Make changes in food preparation and cooking practices. Do not repeat the same food or a practice for several days. You can mix children’s favorite and disliked foods.Together, make the colors rich and the flavors diverse; * Increase the children’s outdoor activities and allow them to participate in physical exercise, which can promote the child’s metabolism and help digestion; * Limit the snacks of the children, one is the quantity, the other is the timeCa n’t eat within 1 hour before going to (meal)) * For parents who have a sudden reduction in meals, parents should carefully observe that the child is having an upset stomach, but also是Disgruntled issues.

Analyze the cause, and then integrate and solve it in a targeted manner.